What Happened To Competition?

March 8th, 2010

When Raheem The Dream and Mark Dominik set out to remake the Bucs last year, they were fired up about having competition at most positions.

They were feeling good about guys coming into camp battling for jobs, getting all “violent” and pushing each other for playing time.

Yet despite coming off a 3-13 record, it now seems that fierce competition for positions won’t be commonplace in 2010.

Clearly, the Bucs’ first three draft choices are going to have to see the field quickly. (Unless they’re Dexter Jacksonesque, how could they not on this team?) And given the avoidance of free agency, there’s not going to be much new blood — or quality new blood– to push last year’s starters. 

Look at linebacker, for example. The Bucs return Geno Hayes, Barrett Ruud and Quincy Black. These guys aren’t world-beaters, but it sure seems like they’re walking into safe, secure jobs.

In the secondary, with alleged wife beater Jermaine Phillips likely gone and Ronde Barber, Aqib Talib, Tanard Jackson and Sabby the Goat returning, only Sabby the Goat has to worry about what happens in the draft.

On the D-line, there will be healthy competition, especially if the Bucs nab manbeast Ndamukong Suh or Gerald McCoy.

But on the offensive side of the ball, it appears that even if the Bucs draft a couple of receivers in the second round those players will have to get plenty of action. Surely, blocking icon Michael Clayton can’t be given much of an opportunity to resurrect himself while fresh, hungry meat sits on the bench.

And if Earnest Graham is the starting fullback, which seems likely, there will be plenty of carries, for Derrick Ward and Cadillac Williams, assuming Greg Olson has figured out that he must run the ball (even more important without a legitimate No. 1 receiver).

Joe’s just not embracing the thought of all that comfort level outside of the veteran offensive line and Josh Freeman.

Raheem The Dream’s coaching and motivational ability will truly take center stage this year more than last. It’s going to be much harder to keep guys hungry in training camp and OTAs.

 This is one of many reasons Joe hoped the Bucs would make some moves in free agency, just to keep a lot of young guys looking over their shoulders. Sometimes, that’s worth the investment.

16 Responses to “What Happened To Competition?”

  1. Jake Says:

    Hey when your 3-13 your fantastic, why sign free agents! What a debacle. If ever anyone needed evidence that the Bucs are having financial issues, this past weekend should remove all doubt (other than to the mindless jellyfish that believe everything Lord Dominik spews).

  2. Eric Says:

    I hope we keep Clayton now, just so I can read Joe refer to him as “blocking icon” for the whole season.

  3. Louie Says:

    Joe, great perspective. I hadn’t even considered the competition angle. Hell, I’m just worried about having 1 adequate player at each position, much less 2.

  4. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    Competition between all horrible players breeds somewhat mediocore players…didn’t you know that???

  5. Finerdetailz Says:

    Very Sad. Radio, Joe, tv, and every caller in this town should demand the owners step from and center and answer for what is sure to be the most uneventful season to come. This is down right embarrassing. And screw looking cheap and trading out of the number 3 spot. I think to try and prove someone cares we have to take the best player available at 3. If these guys to their jobs they have to have a player valued at 3 outside of suh, McCoy. Personally since their doing nothing in fa then they better do whatever they have to, to get Suh,

  6. Eric Says:

    If you have had any success whatsoever in the NFL. you absolutely cannot be on our team. That only interferes with the “growing” process.

  7. tampa2 Says:

    When you are a Coaching icon, such as Radio, your team doesn’t need any good players. Radio will install the “The Dream” defense this year and no one will gain more than 20 yards per carry. Our team will be a vast improvement over last year’s team. Why, we are bound to win at least 4 games. And “that” is an improvement over last year. And if you are a “true” Bucs fan, you can sleep well tonight knowing that our Brilliant GM, Dumynik, is hiring the best available FA’s on the market as you slumber.

  8. BigMacAttack Says:

    The Bucs defense will never be successful until they master the fundamentals of tackling and learn how to stop Jonathan Stewart & Deangelo Williams.

  9. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Man you guys are just too tough on Raheem he Glazers and the Bucs in general. I mean look at it this way:

    Last year the team tried to be more violent and physical – what happened?

    Antonio Bryant hurt his knee and missed games
    Michael Clayton got hurt during the season and missed games
    Earnest Graham got hurt and missed games
    Torri Cox got smacked by a helmet and look how he did last year.
    The Bucs were so violent and scarey that Aaron Sears decided to stay home!

    As for working hard in the OTA’s what does that accomplish?

    All the Bucs tried and tried so hard to get Bate’s system down that they forgot to tackle.
    On offense all that zone blocking was so confusing that after Jagodzinski was given his walking papers they just couldn’t get all that info out of their minds!

    Let’s face it when you keep doing the same thing and expect different results that call crazy.

    So instead I say the Bucs skip OTA’s altogether and instead the players should go to Cancun and play beach volleyball in the sand and drink. Think of all the team building that would occur!

    That way by giving the players off the Glazers could justify their salary – hey they’re like school teachers and only work 6 months of the year…

  10. Tye Says:

    Well this regime hasn’t and isn’t showing any improvement since last off season. In fact they continue to show that they are NOT worthy of their positions in my opinion. The good side is that the chances constantly rise daily that they will not be holding those positions for very long unless the Glazer Brothers are that ignorant as to how one should be going about building a winning team. (UGH!!!)

  11. tampa2 Says:

    The one thing that you can bet on, if you are a betting person, is that Radio & Dumynik are following orders from the Glazer boys. They are “not” doing all this dismantling of the Bucs on their own. Nor are they “not” trying to get good players in here on their own. I respected their Father because he came here and spent what it took to make the Bucs Champions. But since he went into a coma these guys have done nothing but grabbed any cash, and purged our team in order to make more cash. Until our team is sold to someone like Eddie DeBartolo, who was arguably the best “owner” in football before he got out, we are simply going to be fielding 22 players of non-consequence in order to allow the Glazer boys to get the TV Revenue money. (about 100 mil.)

  12. bucfanjeff Says:

    Sign Laverneous Coles, draft Suh\McCoy, and hope the rest of the draft is kind to you.

  13. TJ Tillman Says:

    I wonder if Morris is going to have physical cause truthfully besides bad coaching like not running the ball enough, the Bucs were hurt. Key playerss were hurt. And as far as Sabi being replaced not buying it look how many chances they have given blocking Icon Clayton LOL. I hope evertything works out for Morris cause if he does not make it trhough this season he will be like Marenilli ,Tice, and Zorn a life long assisatnat will never be a head coach again

  14. Vince Says:

    Joe, why do you seem to think that the Bucs will not be able to pick up a couple veteran receivers? Aren’t there quite a few that are soon to be cut?

  15. Joe Says:

    We shall see Vince.

    Joe hopes so. New post coming very shortly indirectly dealing with this subject.

  16. Vince Says:

    Look forward to it Joe. Great site