Sabby Can’t Be Fixed

March 15th, 2010
Hi. Ill be 27 on opening day. John Lynch made the Pro Bowl when he was 26. ... I hate numbers.

"Hi. I'll be 27 on opening day. John Lynch made the Pro Bowl when he was 26. ... I hate numbers."

Goat fans might want to skip this post.

In this cut from the Radio Network, former Bucs defensive end Steve White and Joe talk about drafting a safety.

White details Sabby Piscitelli’s shortcomings and explains there’s little, if any, hope for turning him into a quality safety, despite Raheem The Dream saying he would “fix” Piscitelli this offseason.



12 Responses to “Sabby Can’t Be Fixed”

  1. TJ Tillman Says:

    Love the show and website lol continue to speak the truth. Funny stuff but so true. The play I wanted to choke him is the Saints game the 2nd one when he try to tackle the guy by climbing a back and they guy slips out but thank God the saints missed the FG

  2. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    Steve isn’t the most objective opinion on this matter, considering he has the Volunteer orange sunglasses on , and is “all in” in hoping the Bucs draft his man-crush : Eric Berry.

  3. Eric Says:

    Man there are so many holes on this team, I can’t imagine how they are going to fill them all with the pending stupendous draft plus the dream’s tutiledge.

    Fixing the goat should be a snap compared to that.

  4. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    …it also isn’t fair to compare sabby’s progress to John Lynch , who is a Hall of Famer.

    We don’t need Sabby to become John Lynch , we just need him to become Jermaine Phillips , or Dexter Jackson.

  5. sgw94 Says:


    You are definitely one of the most uninformed commenters here and I try to avoid even giving you any shine, but don’t let the smooth taste fool you. I am a helluva lot more objective than you are and my football pedigree is a damn sight better too. I like Berry because of the same reason everybody else likes him, because he can play. Whether we draft him or another team does he is going to make plays in the NFL, a lot of them. Me, Id rather he make them for us quite naturally, especially since we have a need there, but if not so be it. If you could have heard the rest of the segment you would have heard me ALSO talk about the defensive tackles and wide receivers in this draft who might be of some use to us. If you don’t like Berry, thats fine. That would make you in the absolute minority of people who really know something about football though. Of course I doubt you mind that seeing as how you already know everything there is to know about football, right?

  6. sunrisejeff Says:

    Ouch…..I felt that pimp slap from here!

  7. Troxell8t8 Says:


    Just wondering if you have any opinions on some of the other safeties that might be available in the second round like Chad Jones from LSU or Stuckey from Kansas. I like Berry also, but I really believe one of the two DTs will be available at #3 that is why I believe safety would have to be addressed later.

  8. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    Wow … apparently no one has enough “pedigree” to have an opinion when it comes to football, unless we played 6 below-average years in the league.

    Well guess what?? Sabby has 3 below-average years under his belt . 3 more and he has the same exact “pedigree” as our very own Stevie Wonder White.

    Maybe in ten years, Sabby himself will be on telling us all how much the existing players suck , and how none of the rest of us know enough to disagree with him.

    Wouldn’t that be Ironic Stevie?? Oh I’m sorry , I forgot you’re a brain-dead failed pro athlete – you probably aren’t smart enough to know what “irony” means.

  9. thomas Says:

    Sabby sat out year 1 with injury. After being a 2nd round pick he only became a starter this year due to Tanard’s suspension and then Jermain Phillips injury. Except for your delusional opinion Radio, Sabby has been universally called an embarrassment. I’ve heard that teammates are saying so off-the-record.

    Sabby as a 2nd round pick is not Phillips or D-Jack (5th and 4th round picks), he is not nfl caliber despite good size and decent speed.

    Steve White impressively played 7 years in the league, predominantly as an under-sized and over-achieving backup DE after being a 6th round draft pick. Additionally, he provides valuable analysis of the nfl.

  10. sgw94 Says:


    The funny thing is you think you can damage me by saying I played 7 years in the league. How many did you play? Where have you coached at? Why should anybody give a shit about what you think when it comes to football?


    See you can have all the opinions you want, but when you start talking about me Im going to rip your ass to shreds. Stay talking about the rest of the commenters here if you’d like, hell I could care less. But when an imbecile whose only claim to fame is a lame attempt at humor with his pseudonym tries to come at me I will unload the clip. You don’t know shit and you are proud of it and that’s fine. But don’t bring a knife to a gun fight if you are going to try to talk shit about somebody who DOES know a thing or two about football jack ass.

  11. sgw94 Says:


    I think there is one other safety in this draft who will probably start and play well from day one and that’s Earl Thomas out of Texas. I think one more may start from day one, Taylor Mays, but he won’t play well at least at first if ever in my opinion. There are some second tier guys who may develop into decent starters like Chad Jones or even USF’s Nate Allen but I don’t think those guys will be Pro Bowlers. Its really not that we can’t draft a safety other than Eric Berry, its just that other than Thomas who I expect to be off the board fairly early too, Im not sure any of the other guys are that much of an upgrade over what we already have and we need starters in the first 3 rounds this year.

    Oh and I know because we live in florida inevitably someone will throw Major Wright’s name in there but I just don’t see him as being that great. Good yes, but not a first or second rounder.

  12. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    Look, Radio. You started with hurling personal insults at Steve White and there’s really no reason for it. And it won’t be tolerated here more than once, which can be written off as someone having a bad day. Your last comment is deleted, not for anything so over line, just more insults and stupidity. Sorry dude. And Joe’s closing the comments here on this post. …For the record, Joe’s never understood the ridiculousness of those who have bashed Steve White and Jeff Carlson (who got pounded in his early days here on, for not being household names in the NFL, therefore they’re not quallified experts and somehow they’re angry ex-players who are just bitter. …It’s beyond ridiculous. True fans of the game understand what it even takes to make an NFL roster, let alone collect a paycheck in the league for a few years. In Steve’s case, he put in 7 years, which is way beyond the average and he was a starter on what will go down as one of the best defenses in the NFL. The haters need to get real.