Ridiculous Buzz About Glazers And Man. U.

March 2nd, 2010

Imagine if some rich and powerful Bucs fans rallied together some rich and powerful financial guys to raise enough cash to buy the Bucs from the Glazers.

And in the process, the rich dudes begged Bucs fans to unify and stop going to games, so the Glazers would be strong-armed into selling the team to this new conglomerate or risk going broke.

That’s what’s going on in England with Manchester United. HOWEVER, the soccer fans keep going to games, the team is  superior and the Glazers don’t want to sell. This is nothing new, except the Internet is all abuzz today with the Man. U. buyout folks getting stronger and getting some fresh ink.

It’s meaningless.

The potential buyout group hasn’t even met with the Glazers, who, of course, don’t even acknowledge their existence. 

As long as Manchester United keeps winning, nothing will happen.  

17 Responses to “Ridiculous Buzz About Glazers And Man. U.”

  1. Eric Says:

    “As long as Manchester United keeps winning, nothing will happen”.

    Too bad that doesn’t apply to the Bucs!

  2. D-Rome Says:

    Who cares about ManU(re)?

  3. Louie Says:

    ManU is winning? Did they build through the draft too?

  4. Joe Says:


    Who cares about ManU(re)?

    Personally, Joe does not. But given the fact the Glazers own both clubs and thousands of Bucs fans are convinced the Bucs’ demise began when the Glazer family bought their English kickball team, well, quite a few people care.

  5. d-money Says:

    When can we expect a JoeManUfan.com ?

  6. Joe Says:


    Don’t hold your breath.

  7. d-money Says:


  8. Eric Says:

    When does the new schedule come out so we can easily calculate how many weeks it will take before we are completely out of it?

  9. Joe Says:

    When does the new schedule come out


  10. tampa2 Says:

    While we cannot do a buy-out here, we can hold out and not purchase season tickets, or regular tickets, until the glazers get off their wallets and spend some money to make our Bucs competitive again. Only empty seats will make them understand. Hell, if enough people “don’t” buy tics, then the Glazers cannot purchase the rest of the seats and they will lose that TV Revenue money. Their intentions should be pretty clear. They retained Radio & Domminik. They got rid of our best wide receiver. And now I hear the Phillips is gone. They have made it clear that they aren’t interested in the FA market too. Lets just see what the draft brings us! I’m pretty sure the Glazers aren’t trying to pay out that 3rd pick money. I may be wrong, but I don’t think so.

  11. RastaMon Says:

    I am loyal to the Glazers….they have been impacted by the global finanical meltdown…before that that proved to be excellent stewards of the franchise

  12. Jake Says:

    Rasta..they dont deserve your loyalty. They have not been loyal to you. They lie, lie and lie and then lie some more. All little honesty about the state of the Bucs might buy them a little goodwill and patience from the fans. Nobody likes being lied to!

  13. RastaMon Says:

    and you are basing this on what you are fed by the media…..they are in a finanical bind,not greedy …..

  14. Eric Says:

    The Glazers are hardly in a financial bind. They could snap their fingers anytime and sell the Footballers club at a huge profit. Same applies to the Bucs.

    A lot of the debt sevice for Manu is to Glazer family members and to pay themselves to operate the club.

    Between Manu and the Bucs, they have at least one billion in equity.

    So, why the recent cheapness?

    Either (1) they believe the “plan” will work. (very unlikely). (2) they see this CBA bloodbath coming and Dom and Rah were convenient stooges to run things until its over. Im going with two (2).

  15. tampa2 Says:

    Joe, in your article you mentioned that the Glazers haven’t met with the potential buyers yet. They don’t have to meet with them! These buyers are going to make a take-over bid, just like the Glazers did when they got control of ManU. This “Red Shield” group consists of a group of guys with as much, or more money than the Glazers have. And they have something the Glazers don’t have. They have the backing of the fans. Those Brits have one common goal. And that is to get rid of the Glazers. And they will!
    The Glazers will probably come out ahead financially, but “out” of ManU they will be. Bet on it!

  16. Gautam Says:

    @tampa2 … they cannot launch a takeover bid like the Glazers did, Man United is a not a PLC anymore
    the debt of course is a matter of concern … but I don’t see latest gimmick going through
    too many cooks … will definitely spoil the whole thing

  17. Greg Says:

    I’m with Eric, the Glazers don’t give a shit about the Bucs or ManU , they only care about making money, and the NFL signed off on the Glazers buying ManU! So today we have the Bucs not being worth a shit while ManU is paying exorbitant prices for the pieces of shit playing for ManU!