“Nor Are They Gonna”

March 6th, 2010
No free agents? Not even a sniff. This Mark Dominik, he gets it.

"No free agents? Not even a sniff. This Mark Dominik, he gets it."

When wacky rumors of the Bucs pursuing Aaron Kampman and Willie Parker surfaced yesterday morning, Steve Duemig, the dean of Tampa Bay sports radio, made a private phone call to Mark Dominik, so Duemig explained on WDAE-AM 620 on Friday afternoon.

During that Friday broadcast, Duemig said Dominik took his phone call and Duemig read a quote from Dominik that shot down those rumors with gusto comparable to the force Bucs cheerleaders use to reject Joe’s advances.

While Joe reported yesterday the first part of Dominik’s words, as read by Duemig, “The Buccaneers have not reached out to any unrestricted free agents,” Joe needed to go back to the audio tape to get the entire Dominik quote.

And Joe hereby warns fans, the entire quote is going to upset many.

“The Buccaneers have not reached out to any unrestricted free agents. Period. Nor are they gonna,” said Dominik, as told by Duemig.

Duemig went to on to further clarify that Dominik says the Bucs will not jump into the unrestricted free agent market.

Joe can’t say that he likes this attitude by Dominik. Does it hurt to make some serious inquiries and look at players? That’s sort of in the GM job description. The Bucs might have to turn to some of these guys if the team is hit with injuries.

And does this mean Jimmy Wilkerson and Angelo Crowell are definitely goners? (Which surely wouldn’t be a horrible decision).

Joe’s just very worried right now about Josh Freeman and his lack of quality targets. Dominik surely has to be scheming a trade for a veteran receiver. And Joe is starting to feel like the Bucs might be very quick to trade out of that No. 3 pick.

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  1. Jeff Says:

    If they don’t grab a FA WR or WR by trade…expect them to trade back. You can’t have progress with targets for Freeman.

  2. tampa2 Says:

    “This just in” Glazer’s celebrate Saturday Morning over All those Pennies Saved by not Signing “any” Free Agent on Friday”. All the Glazers toasted themselves this morning over the vast sums of money left in their personal coffers and vow to save even more money in the draft by trading down, “even if Suh is still on the board”, to save that signing bonus. Wow, said Byron to Joel, just think! we spend no money now, and collect all that 100 million in TV Revenue Money this season, and we can make a good payment on the ManU team. Wow, toasts all around!

  3. gt40bear Says:

    I’ve been trying not to believe this but if they do trade back with both Suh and McCoy there after not even sniffing FA…welcome back Culverhouse! If that happens, I am hoping for 50000 empty seats at the CITS until they change or sell! Bah Hum-Bug.

  4. Eric Says:

    Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse……………………

  5. justin F Says:

    i hate the glazers with all my heart and im ashamed that they are our owners keep spending all your money on a team thats not even in our country keep hiding in your house cuz all the fans of the bucs and all the fans of manchester hate you guys with a passion great job are running 2 teams make the fanbase of both teams hate u as much a possible but at the end of the day as long as you save a couple of extra dollars thats all that really matters to you guys your dad would be ashamed

  6. Finerdetailz Says:

    Let me find someone to spin a postive out of this. That’s just ridiculous.. We need to demand the owners step forward.. If this is Dominik’s ‘plan’as many of you think, then fire his lazy ass now. If it’s the Glazers they need to own up and tell the fans what the future of this team is..

  7. Finerdetailz Says:

    As far as Deumig on 620, I have a love hate relationship with this guy.. He blasts the GM of the lightning for not helping out the lightning in their trade deadline but seems to give Dominik a pass. Why is this? He should be blasting either Dominik or the owners or both..it seems to me that whom ever gives him some air time he won’t ctitize. I.e Allen, Dominik, Raheem. But those that don’t he blasts… Gruden, Lawton..etc etc

  8. thedeej3000 Says:

    nor will they see any money from me…

  9. JDouble Says:

    I think Doms plan is to trade back for a 2nd, but stay in the top 10. Then trade back again to around #20 and get another 2nd. We could take a player like Brian Price, Brandon Graham, or Sean Weatherspoon around #20, and then have 4 2nd round picks to get two top recievers and two defensive players. That’s 5 picks that SHOULD be starters. I really think this is his plan. I just hope he finds to trade partners to make it work.

  10. bigrattler73 Says:


  11. Jake Says:

    I am so sorry I renewed my season tickets. I thought I would give the Glazers and Dominik a chance to show they were interested in seriously improving he product but they obviously are not or are not able to($$). This franchise is in a pathetic state right now and is a laughinstock nationally. Deumig is a fraud. His station is now the host of the Buccaneers Radio Network so he is sucking up and going soft where otherwise he would be on a perpetual rant against the Glazers and Dominik.

  12. justin F Says:

    the only guy on the radio who actually tells it like it is and how cheap the glazers really are is marc benarsink from 1040 am everyone else on the radio or in the papers give the glazers a pass but marc is the only one with balls i guess

  13. Louie Says:

    Here’s what I’m coming away with from all this crap:

    1) The Bucs (Glazerhouse’s) aren’t serious about winning or improving the team. It’s one thing to act this way if you’ve got a competitive team, but a LOSER like the Bucs certainly could make some strategic moves to improve the team. Look at the Lions, they are making a splash and it will be VERY interesting to see what happens when the two teams play each other this season.

    2) The “plan” is go slash costs to the barest of bones. Last season, the Bucs gave out a couple big contracts only because of the salary cap floor. Without a cap floor this year, there won’t be any big deals done this year. Just look at the Penn and Ruud RFA tenders — they did the absolute minimum just to keep those players and flat out let AB walk without compensation.

    3) It’s now crystal clear why Gruden was fired. There is NO way he would have remained quiet about what’s going on. The Glazerhouse’s had to get rid of him, at any cost, as he would have gone public with the “plan” to slash cost. The timing was good for the Glazerhouse’s. It came at a time when Gruden lost the last 4 games of 2008, so fan support for him was low. After his contract expires, I hope he goes public with the inside story — if he writes a book, I’ll buy it!

    4) The 2010 season will be just as painful as the 2009 season. The schedule is easier in 2010, but the end result will be very similar. I expect another very high draft pick next year. The 2010 draft picks will not have enough impact this season. Hell, the best anyone can say about the 2009 picks is that 3-4 of them “have potential” (Freeman, Miller, Moore, Sammy). Not to mention, the team is already weaker with the loss of AB and potentially other players that will be cut loose later in the off-season.

    5) Freeman’s development is being seriously compromised. By robbing him of a veteran #1 receiver, it is going to be more difficult for him to be successful. This is a crime as this kid could be the guy who leads this team for years to come, but they could very well be ruining him.

    6) Morris and Dominik are expendable and are willing to maintain the company line. Dominik says he has no constraints, but he clearly does. As the face of the franchise, the average fan will blame them for this disaster and they will be the fall guys.

    What’s the real reason for all this cost cutting? Man U? Economy? The CBA? I don’t know, but when will this behavior end? If I knew this was a short-term thing because of the CBA for example, I might be able to stomach it. But, we’re left to guess and have to wonder if this behavior is permanent.

  14. matt in fort meade Says:

    the bucs owners won’t say anthing, do anything, or spend any money and act like they could care less if we all get pissed off or not.
    then you got the rays owners willing to spend it all, handing out rings at the games ,and practily begging us to like them. thank god its baseball season. i’m done with the bucs

  15. Mr. Lucky Says:

    One thing I think EVERYONE has forgotten is this:

    In order for Freeman to be successful there are more pressing concerns than having a #1 WR:

    1. having TIME to throw the ball – last year the O-Line didn’t do very well in their protection of ANY QB
    2. Have a running game to keep th opposing defenses honest
    3. Have a defense that keeps opposing teams from scoring 10+ points in the first quarter so that Freeman doesn’t keep having to come from behind.

    If these items #1-3 aren’t addressed I don’t care if the Bucs signed Larry Fitzgerable, brandon Marshall and Reggie Wayne – the results in 2010 will still be dismal.

  16. Louie Says:

    JDouble, for the love of god, WAKE UP!!!

    You say 5 of the 2010 draft picks should be starters — WHEN, in 2010??? You’re on crack. How many of the 2009 draft picks were starters last year? It was a grand total of 1 and that wasn’t until the 2nd half of the season.

  17. Eric Says:

    It is a remarkable change. Remember the extensive process the Glazers went through in hiring Dungy? Then they scorched the earth to find his replacement , after Parcels declined. Ultimately they got very innovative and brought in Gruden.

    And in the area of getting players, moves like getting Rice, Pittman, Keshawn, Mcardel, Brad Johnson, etc.

    What happened to those guys? I hadn’t ever bought into the idea that Manu caused this, but something has sure as hell changed these guys approach!

  18. JDouble Says:

    Our fanbase is a joke. You guys are ridiculous. Being a fan is an OPTION in life. If the Bucs are so fuc*ing miserable and depressing, WTH do you people spend all day posting your doom and gloom? Get a life. I can’t stand to read any more of this garbage. I’ll be back after the draft.

  19. justin F Says:

    j double i think you mean the owners are a joke and not the fanbase the fanbase has every right to be upset and post as many negative articles about the bucs and owners the owners are spending what little bit of money they have left on a soccer team in another country i understand 1 or 2 years of being cheap and not spending any money on the bucs but we are on year six of being the cheapiest team in the nfl maybe thats ok for you but i pay taxes and help pay for the bucs facility so asking them to spend a litlle bit of money is not that crazy

  20. Eric Says:

    Mo Stoval is unstoppable!

  21. tampa2 Says:

    JDouble, See ya! Do you really think the Draft is going to be any Better? The Glazers “will” trade down. And Dumynik & Radio will try to make it sound reasonable! After all, they are the scapegoats in all of this. But you, if you have your season ticket already, are the “fleeced” sheep! A sheep is an animal that believes all the propaganda coming from the Glazers and still believes. “Fleeced” is a sheep that gives his money to this Circus! While the Glazers laugh all the way to the bank! If Suh is still on the board, they “will” still trade down. The only way to stop these bloodsuckers is to not buy tickets. But do as you will!

  22. Nikon Says:


    You are right, these “buc fans” are pathetic. They act like they have personal access to the Glazers finances or something. In reality, they have no clue, but they like to fancy themselves smart and informed so they will fight with you tooth and nail about imaginary situations they have created in their heads.

    These people can’t comprehend that if the Bucs win, the Glazers get more money, so it is in the Glazers interest to field a competitive team.

    These “Buc fans” should become Redskins fans so they can j*rk off to Daniel Snyder throwing around millions of dollars every off season and getting nothing out of it.

  23. Finerdetailz Says:

    I just pray that Suh or Mccoy is there so we can really see what this team is doing? If they trade down I say we hold a rally and demand the owners answer for this ridiculous approach.
    Louie I like your take and can’t disagree. Something smells to high heaven with this team. If you don’t have any superstars on your team, you should have at least a coach that is one.. That’s why I hate bernasik on 1040 too. He bashes Gruden as well which just frost my ass. 10 years from now when were still losing everyone is going to pray to god that dude comes back.

  24. Jake Says:

    Nikon/J Double: Hopefully some day soon you will be intelligent enough to connect the dots and the light bulb will go off in your head that your beloved Bucs are operating on a shoestring due to the financial decisions of its owners and that Mr. Dominik is nothing but a good soldier marching to the company line. The rest of are bright enough to figure it out.

  25. Finerdetailz Says:

    Nikon your an ass. I appreciate jdoubles takes and he doesn’t have valid points and I enjoy is positive spin on things but thes fans in here have ever right to voice their displeasure with the organization and it’s obvious change in it’s approach to field at least a competitive team we can be proud of. No one is saying we have to turn into the Fu***** Redskins and overpay everyone but for gods sake do something.. How can say your not going to do a damn thing in fa and expect the fans not be pissed. Go and check other cities that have a team not doing anything in fa and I guarantee those fans are just as mad if not more. And if Dominik is not allowed to spend money cause of the Glazers he should be a man and step down and let the world know.. Uf he’s good at what he does he will find another job. He’s not going to have one next year anyway and having two miserable seasons will make him less hirable.., IMO .,

  26. classiefreddieblassie Says:

    Well folks, it looks like another 3 win season and a top 3 draft pick in 2011 is on the way. By no means do I have the ability or the smarts to be a GM in the NFL, but I’ve watched enough sports in my life to know when a team is not concerned with putting a competitive product on the field (a la LA Clippers; Oakland Raiders; etc.). I do not live in Tampa Bay. I don’t even live in the US for that matter, but I have been a passionate Bucs fan for about the last 10 years. The main reason I started following the Bucs was the direction the franchise was going. They were fielding a consistently competitive team I enjoyed to watch. But now it seems the main drive for this franchise is to fill the pockets of some guys who probably have no idea what it’s like to wear the colors of your favorite team week in and week out, merely hoping to see their team play well.
    I count myself lucky I was able to watch the team win a Super Bowl. Don’t get me wrong, I am still a fan of the team, however my passion seems to drain a little more daily as I read about the new direction and “The Plan” this team is following. I may as well start watching College ball as all it seems I am going to see on Sundays are draft picks and guys fighting for their pro football lives.I can honestly say this is the first year in a long time I am not looking forward to watching the Bucs play.
    The guy I really feel sorry for is Raheem Morris, who in the next couple years will be the scapegoat and in 10 years an afterthought to the history of the Bucs. This guy probably has to sit with his stomach turning having to listen to these types of press conferences. It’s not good.

  27. WesTampa Says:

    WesTampa thinks Joe needs to get off Duemigs cock.

  28. Nick Says:

    Michael Clayton was definitely the WR we needed to lock up to a long term deal. We need a new management position. General Manager to wide receivers. If you think back two years ago we had Joey Galloway Antonio Bryant dependable Ike 3rd down Hillard and a wide receiving corp that could be feared. Now with youth we have nothing. Only Sammy Stroughter looks like a keeper and he looks like a 3rd wideout for a good team. Josh Freemnan must be unhappy. All he has is winslow and stroughter and thats going to mean he takes a pounding next year finding a guy who can get open.

  29. Vince Says:

    Joe, which part of the quote is Dominik and which part is Big Dog? Hard to imagine Diminik saying “period” and everything after. Sound more like Big Dog.

  30. FuNkYxMuNkeY Says:

    All you people complaining about the Bucs need to F off. Why would we trade for Boldin? He can’t stay healthy and just got a large contract that he is not worth. All the people in FA this year have huge question marks. Dansby is the only one who is worth the money. Their isn’t a single WR that would help our team in FA. Kevin Walter…give me a break!!! A true Bucs fan would be happy we haven’t wasted any money on these guys. Dom will make a trade for sure.

    And I hope we trade out of the 3rd pick. Even if Suh is there. McCoy is a joke. Did you see him at the combine. He was joking around and just having a grand ol’ time. Did he forget he was at the biggest interview of his life. If we were to go into a interview and not take it serious and just joke around the whole time we def. would not get the job. And 23 reps….thats pathetic for a #3 pick at DT. To get a second round pick and still a great top 10 pick. You would be stupid to not do that!!! We can draft Bryant, Benn, Thomas, Tate…and so on. This draft is loaded with excellent talent. Any two of those guys would be an instant improvement.

    And, you do not draft for immediate help. It is for down the road. That is why they are still kids compared to a 30 year old vets with 7 years of hits on his body. Quit bitching so much and have some common sense!!! If you dont’ like what the team is doing pull for one of the other 31 teams out there!!! GO BUCS and F*CK these people who can’t support our team.

    JDouble don’t leave you are one of the few people that actually know how the football business is suppossed to work. Not pipe dreams…realistic players with realistic contracts!!! The only thing I have to disagree with is trading back again to like 20ish. I would like the extra 2nd round pick. Just don’t know if anyone besides the Pats would do it.

    Most of you people are so stupid it is comical. Joe can’t you take off some of the ignorant ass comments some people choose to make!!!!

  31. Eric Says:

    Its all Gruden’s fault, just like the “big dog” said it was………………..

  32. FuNkYxMuNkeY Says:

    And all this MAN U crap…they don’t spend their money their either. Have you seen their team this year. They are setting all kinds of records in loses to teams. Like losing to Burnley…first time since like the 60’s. They didn’t spend the money this past off season to brings back the top two players they had. But they are smart…why over pay for someone when you can get several other solid players cheaper than you can get for that one guy. Learn how business works. Companies do not succeed by throwing their money down the drain. You try to make money not spend it all!!! You people are ignorant. I don’t like resorting to name calling but I feel it is needed at this time!!! You may have a few down years, but lets see we won the superbowl 8 years ago. How many teams can say that? Not all of them!

  33. FuNkYxMuNkeY Says:

    Eric you are so correct. Gruden ruined this team trying to fix the gap for a year and not worring about the next year!!! Thats why I’m glad we did get rid of all his crap and start over. I would be ok if we only win 3 games again this year. In two or three years we will be right back to where we were 5-10 years ago!!

  34. Vince Says:

    Funky — you must be talking about a different ManU. They just won the Carking Cup and are at the top of the table. All season tickets sold and revenue and profits up including a new sponsorship package. You might want to find a new source for your ManU info.

  35. Buuuccscsallday Says:

    We have the best wr’s in da NFL…… Sorry I mean the worst wr’s in da NFL

  36. Louie Says:

    @FuNkYxMuNkeY: “Why would we trade for Boldin?” Because we are desperate for a veteran #1 receiver. Remember, they let AB walk? All they had to do is keep AB and draft another WR and we would have been OK at that position. They have turned that position into a huge need — especially with a young QB.

    I suspect you and JDouble are pretty young. I remember when I was young, I foolishly defended Culverhouse unconditionally. It wasn’t until I matured some to realize the error of my ways. The current owners are taking the Bucs down that same road to disaster with no hope in sight.

  37. Eric S Says:

    Finerdetailz-I am in the same boat as you are in regards to Duemig. There are some days where the show is entertaining, while other days he’s an idiot. There are just some people who he goes after relentlessly until they are fired or leave town. Gruden was of course a part of this group. He attacked him constantly for several years until JDouble’s favorite owners fired him. He did the same thing with Dungy and Dilfer before that. Joe Maddon is a new whipping boy for him as well. He also is not a fan of Phil Mickelson or anyone who beats Tiger. I remember one major where Tiger choked in the end and Duemig implied that the winner may have cheated. That is the type of character Duemig has. Other people he will defend no matter what they do. These people include Bobby Knight, John T., Alstott, Keyshawn, Tiger and it seems the duo of Rah/Dominik. If Gruden/Allen would have done the same exact things that this duo has done, you just know that Duemig would have been all over them. Hopefully this is a learning experience for new listeners of his show. Don’t criticize one of his sacred cows and agree with everything he says and you will be right with him. If you disagree, he will call you a dumb ass or various other names.

    The fans have every right to bitch and moan about the Bucs JDouble. They pay their good money to see this team 10 times a year. We as fans have every right to criticize or bash the Glazers, Dom and Rah. I just don’t see what the positive is when he said he is not pursuing any unrestricted free agents.

    Ok. I will write now in JDouble talk. Be warned people. Ok. Here goes.
    I love that Mark D. is showing such restraint in not going after any free agents. This is awesome. I am looking after the Glazers and their well being. I am very glad that the Bucs have been consistently 10 or more mil under the cap the last few years. That is awesome. This draft will solve all our problems. You know what I am actually predicting 6 or 7 starters from this group. And not some future world, but this next season! I am also predicting 3 or 4 of them will be Pro Bowlers. Sure the Saints won with several key free agents, but that was just hocus pocus. Draft draft draft draft. I know. Let’s trade D. Ward for a #1 draft pick. I am sure 15-20 teams will surely be interested in a 30-year-old RB. This is pure genius. Hopefully the Bucs will trade completely out of the first round and maybe get 6 or 7 2nd round picks. That would be awesome. The Glazers are great owners who care about this team. Go Bucs. Wait a minute. Let me start that old Bucs song. Hey hey Tampa Bay, the Bucs know how to shine. Hey hey Tampa Bay, the Bucs know how to shine.

    Ok. This is Eric back again. That was tiring to get into that mindset.

  38. Mr. Glazer Says:

    I’m sorry but there are no free agents available at this time who are worth their asking price.

    Do you all realize how expensive it is to pay all these players? They won’t take IOU’s like my kickball boys.

  39. Finerdetailz Says:

    Funky ass your stupid and obviously have no idea how the NFL works. You must be a Dom fan. So all the teams that made moves in fa have no idea what their doing and we have the smartest gm and coach around.. Ok.. I can at least understand if the owners aren’t spending money but to think their doing this on purpose as part of some master plan that the other NFL teams are unaware if just stupid. We won a superbowl because of gruden and we used fa to solidfy key positions. Go and sell positive somewhere else. This website, many fans, writers, radio show hosts are all telling it how it is but you think you know more than everyone. Wow..

  40. adam Says:



  41. Louie Says:

    Good one Adam! Their mother must have dressed them again.

  42. classiefreddieblassie Says:

    funkymunkey, you can drink all the Marky D Kool-Aid you want, but that doesn’t change the fact that, as of right now, Michael Clayton is our #1WR! This guy’s hands are about as hard as his hitting ability, and hitting ability don’t score pts! I just see guys like Boldin and Marshall out there and available, guys who have proven their worth. And you can talk all you want about attitude, but who hasn’t had to work with an asshole before? The fact of the matter is its quite obvious the decision-makers are content putting a bad team on the field and hoping it turns out. That was my hope last year and I don’t have to remind anyone about how that turned out. Definitely draft for the future, but you need the veteran presence to lead.

  43. tampa2 Says:

    funkyxmunkey, I think you should slow down on that funkytobacky. it has done fried your brain! While ManU is winning, the biggest thing that have going for them is their fans hatred of the Glazers. While the Daddy was committed to winning, these “Three Stooges” up in that pic are committed to lining their pockets with “your” gold. Dominik & Radio are nothing more than Patsy’s that will take the blame. As Huey, Dewey, & Louie Duck Glazer are pocketing 100 Million this year in TV Revenue money while fielding a team of never will be’s, think about your season ticket money while those Glazers laugh all the way to the bank. You are right, funky, they are smart. Smart enough to find someone like you to eat their crap while they tell you it’s Filet Mignon.

  44. SCBucsFan Says:

    Just because you think you can rebuild thru the draft doesn’t mean you can’t sign some FAs to be competitive during that process. After the misery that the front office put the fans thru last year you’d think they’d want to show some goodwill; on a bright note, you’ll easily be able to get good seats next year to see this team get pounded week after week. Raheem must be so excited he gets another year of this before he gets canned.

  45. FuNkYxMuNkeY Says:

    There is NO ufa’s that are worth the money. Kampman will cost too much, resign wilkerson. I would love Marshall, I’ve said that many times. Boldin on the other hand is not worth the risk. I know he is better than what we have but not worth that money. We are rebuilding. That means we will not be good for a couple to few years. I’m not saying what they are doing isn’t wrong its just not worth it this year unless they make a trade. Either getting a top WR through trade or draft is our only option this off-season. It sucks but no one is good at that position this year. I would’ve loved Steve Breaston but he is now a RFA and not worth the draft pick. The owners shouldn’t waste their money this year on these guys. Last year we tried to get several FA’s but none of them would come here because we were rebuilding. Not the owners fault!!! I just hate seeing all these stories about the Bucs being so negative. Teams go through up’s and down’s. It is going to happen. We will be better again just don’t throw them under the bus. Your boy Gruden got us in this position by losing 4 straight games to cause all of this. And ManU is in the middle of the premier league. By their standards that is terrible. They lost already in the Euro. So last time I checked that wouldn’t cut it for one of the top teams in the world. I wish they never would’ve bought ManU but if you could afford to buy one of the top 5 teams ever its a smart investment and if you penny crunch you make money. Not what fans want to see but thats what happens. Do you want Daniel Snyder as our owner or Jerry Jones??? They spend all the money and have no success.

  46. adam Says:


    every time joe puts a pic up of them lately they all are wearing the same matching tie…..im not sure if joe is doing this on purpose or if they really are a bunch of goofballs…..these are grown men…..could they be all wearing matching underoos superman t-shirt and underwear sets as undergarments as well??….the matching ties repeating in more than 1 photo is beginning to really urk me…as if they really are lil’ mama’s boys who don’t have an executive decision in them anyway…..adam from ny

  47. Eric S Says:

    No first sentence can be more truer SCBucsfan. That is exactly what fans want. Give us a bone for crying out loud. I seem to recall that the Bucs D turned the proverbial corner when they signed Hardy Nickerson in free agency. That is what’s needed here. Instead I see just tumbleweed flying around One Buc Place.

    I just noticed that the Cards got S Kerry Rhodes for a 4th this year and a 7th next year. That is another player that I believe would have helped the Bucs. He is a good player and any help with T. Jackson at the safety position is warranted. Oh well. This draft better be littered with players carrying gold bars.

  48. Eric S Says:

    I didn’t notice that before Adam. Good eye. Kinda eerie.

  49. Finerdetailz Says:

    I totally disagree were in this position because of Gruden. The owners gave up two number ones and other draft choices to get him and knowing they forced him to draft defense and Gaines Adams his last year wasn’t his fault. Regardless I wouldn’t change anything because we would have not won a Superbowl without Gruden. All you boneheads including Duemig and Beckles wanting a change are idiots. How do you like those changes now?

  50. Louie Says:

    History is going to show that letting Gruden go was one of the all-time dumbest moves made by this team. At some point, he’s going to get another head coaching job, be successful and he’ll most likely win more Superbowls. And now the Bucs are reduced to bottom feeders. God, it’s sad.

  51. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    Yes , we ran a superbowl winning coach out of town , because he wasn’t “nice” enough. Only in Tampa.

    COngrats you f*ckin morons …. and next time be careful what you wish for.

  52. drdneast Says:

    (Radio Mushmouth) You hit it. But arent’ you glad he isn’t around anymore so we don’t have to go after crummy free agents like Bret Farve who would only hurt the feelings of a backup QB like Jeff Garcia. I always worry about hurting the feelings of millionaire professional athletes. They are so sensitive. Remember how jubliant the “Dean” of TB sports hosts was when they fired him. Remember how the “Dean” thought Jim Bates and his scheme was the answer for the defense. remember how most of the hacks who cover the Bucs thought it was a good move, too. All because Gruden was constantly trying to improve the team and wasn’t worried about hurting professional athletes “feelings.”

  53. drdneast Says:

    Sam Wyche acquired Hardy Nickerson in FA. Wyche also selected Sapp, Brooks and Lynch. That idiot Wyche. Remember how the hacks in this town ganged up on Wyche. Tony Dungy’s team my A$$.

  54. Finerdetailz Says:

    I totally agree with you drdneast. It amazes how much credit Dungy gets and I do think he deserves credit for SOME of the turnaround here but without Wyche and the players we had in place it would have never happened. And then to have people constantly say Gruden won with Dungy’s team is so ridiculous. And then Dungy falls into the best offense in the NFL wins one Superbowl and seems to get all the credit. IMO Dungy is a great man but Is the Phil Jackson of the NFL.

  55. tampa2 Says:

    Gruden brought in “old-timers” because the Glazer “boyz” would not give him any money to go after good young talent. And he won with them too!
    While I agree with drdneast statement, Monte Kiffin made the Tampa 2 what it was. Not Dungy! And, how many years did it take Dungy to win a Super Bowl with the most potent offense in the NFL? Bryant was one of Grudens “problem” steals. Maybe that is why Huey, Dewey, & Louie Duck Glazer got rid of him.