Michael Clayton Could Get Cut After All

March 6th, 2010

Joe has been of the belief that Bucs general manager Mark Dominik will keep blocking icon and sometimes wide receiver Michael Clayton at least for the 2010 season.

No special insight, just an educated hunch. Joe vividly remembers Dominik telling Pat Kirwan and Tim Ryan when the duo broadcast their solid “Movin’ the Chains” show last summer from One Buc Palace, which was heard exclusively over the airwaves on Sirius NFL Radio, that he took a gamble on Clayton.

It was an expensive gamble and, as Bucs fans and likely Dominik know all too well, a gamble that has not (yet) paid off.

It’s for this reason and this reason alone that Joe believes Clayton will return this year.

Vacation Man, writing for the Soviet bloc institution, BSPN.com, isn’t as sold as Joe. He thinks there’s still a good chance Clayton will be coming off the bench to throw a key block for some other naive team.

Kevin (Scranton, PA)
[H]ow did Clayton survive the “purge” (AKA cutting special team players) that took place at 1 Buc Place?

Vacation Man
Maybe it’s not over yet.

Now Joe’s not saying flat out Clayton will be with the Bucs this season, Joe is just reading the tea leaves.

27 Responses to “Michael Clayton Could Get Cut After All”

  1. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    WHo are we going to replace him with ?? We only have 3 WR’s on the roster . If we cut Clayton we have 2. We’ve already said we aren’t getting any free agents . SO what the hell are we gonna do , start 3 rookie WR’s ???

    Might as well keep Clayton if this is the stupid plan…

  2. Jeff Says:

    He needs to be cut, but we are so dangerously thin, he just might stick around. I love my Bucs, but we have the worst WR corp in the league.
    Joe, how bad was Stroughter’s injury? You said serious..??

  3. Tommy Boy Says:

    I have no clue what to say about the current situation with this organization. It seems as though we are just going to waste this upcoming season in preparation for the lockout. This will be a walk through year. Go through the motions as if we are trying to build a winner but don’t actually make moves to improve the team. Yes, I know the draft is how you build in the long run. I’m not asking for the Bucs to spend like the Bears either. But there are players that could have helped this team out and we are just watching. No unrestricted free agents for us. Also, not going after Boldin, to me, was a huge mistake.

    The sad part is if Clayton is cut we will actually be in even poorer shape. I want this team to succeed but maybe that will require the GM to dig his own grave first.

  4. Tommy Boy Says:

    That picture of Clayton is symbolic of what Dominik is doing.

  5. thomas Says:

    we do not have just 3 receivers w/ clayton. they view there top3 as mark bradley, stovall and stroughter. clayton is not a nfl quality pass catcher. 1 wr through draft plus trade, ufa gives u 5 cheap wrs. this is a cheap org. hence, rah as tbhe h.c.

  6. SCBucsFan Says:

    Doesn’t matter if we have a good blocking WR because we don’t run the ball. Cut him and save the $. On the NFLs cheapest team you’d think this decision is a no brainer; if he stays, I look forward to his enthusiastic response when he catches his one pass for a first down next year. Highlight real stuff.

  7. adam Says:

    i saw clayton on dale mabry after a game once a couple years back…and he gave me that look like “i’m on my way to the bank son!”……adam from ny

  8. adam Says:

    i hear michelle clayhands is going to grab 77 balls for 1,100 yards this year……i can certainly see him grabbing 77 balls this year…im not so sure about the 1,100 yards though…..all he has to do is walk around the locker room after the game and do the ole “reach and squeeze”…..you folks must be saying 77?…hmmm….there are 2 keesters in a sack…..dont forget we have a guy on the team nicknamed peanut…and there is a reason for that……can anyone say “1 nut”………adam from ny

  9. adam Says:

    anyone know where ron diaz from the “ron and ian show” went…he seems to have dissapeared?…was he fired for something he said??

    adam from ny

  10. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    Mark Bradley ?? Come on , he’s a garbage can.

  11. Eric Says:

    WHo the hell is Mark Bradley?

    Hey the Seahawks are discussing trade with the Broncos for Marshall, for less that a First Round pic.

    Time for our GM to get in there and offer our number 2, which is a better pic than Seattle’s.

  12. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    @ adam:

    Maybe they finally realized that ROn Diaz doesn’t know shit about sports ??

  13. Greg Says:

    I thought I read last week that Bradley was released…any truth to that?

  14. Tj Tillman Says:

    He need s to be cut but agree with alot of you what then. It is serisoly time to question what Domnick is doing

  15. JJ Says:


  16. JDouble Says:

    As bad as Clayton is, he is better than nothing. I think he is an insurance policy. A back up plan if they don’t get the two recievers they want in the draft. In the end, I don’t think he’ll be on the roster come week one.

  17. Thomas Says:

    Whoa… I was just saying that rah rah and dumminick like mark bradley b/c of upside vs. cost. Bradley’s salary is glazer approved.

    They also have terrance nunn, mario uruttia and mike spurlock on the roster at minimum salaries. THERE IS NO WAY that any of those guys could be worse or less productive than Clayton – impossible.

    Clayton is not better than nothing b/c he occupies a roster spot!!! If he stays it will only be so Rah and dummy can save some face.

  18. Louie Says:

    I tell ya, Clayton has pictures of the Glazers. That’s the only way to explain why he got that big contract and is still on the team. Hell, Clayton might even be a Glazer half-brother.

  19. Tj Tillman Says:

    Micheal Clayton almost has more excuses than he has catches. He blames his weight, injuries, and Gruden. Saw on Buccaneers.com he was a watuer at a charity event supraise he did not drop a plate

  20. bigrattler73 Says:


  21. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    I actually like Mario Urritia .

    If we really are gonna march out a parade of bums next season , I’d like to see him get a shot.

  22. drdneast Says:

    Watching Rah Rah and Dummynick run this team is like watching Jeff Daniels and Jim Carrey in the move ” Dumb and Dumber.” Just when you think they can’t do anything more stupid, they overachieve and attain another height of stupidity. They keep rasing the bar. Not only that, but the things they blurt out of thier mouth proves they are either moronic or delusional. Every day thier is another train wreck. Of course “The Dean of Tampa Bay’s Sports Talk Host” Steve DUImig will never give up on Clayhands either. Haven’t you guys figured it out yet, Clayton is the locker room rat for management, sportwriters and talk show hosts.

  23. Eric Says:

    The fact that the Bucs fail to recognize that Michael Clayton asolutely, unequivically, and irrevocably sucks is beyond the comprehension of the normal human mind.

  24. Kirk Says:

    Adam, I want to know where Ron Diaz went as well. I would to see Justin and Derek and Ron do a show. Ian needs to go on home. He is toast without Ron.

  25. WesTampa Says:

    We should can him on principle alone.

  26. Brandon Marshall Says:

    Man I WANTED to come to Tampa but you darn cheapskates wouldn’t even OFFER my old team a deal.

    It could’ve been sweet but hey it is what it is…

  27. Fatsacks Says:

    ok so im guessing were looking at drafting a much needed WR. Easily to say that Dez Bryant and possiably Golden Tate are gone for sure by 42 second round. Are we looking at Arrelious Benn which may not be horriablebut from what i can see and tell he’s the next Braylon Edwards, he can get open but drops the big passes….maybe even Williams from USC would be nice..get some speed and a deep threat which i dont see us having right now besides sammie….but again its no help that there coming in brand new and setting the team behind once again…Hope caddys wheels are beening replaced…have a feeling were going to be traveling down that route alot….