Mark Dominik “Battling For His Professional Life”

March 28th, 2010

Mark Dominik0325

The Bucs stunk last year. So, in part due to several misfirings, on face value it’s easy to say Bucs general manager Mark Dominik is on thin ice. He loosely played with Team Glazers’ checkbook and often it was wasted money.

Exhibit A is the blocking icon Michael Clayton — a move Dominik himself admitted live last fall on Sirius NFL Radio with Pat Kirwan and Tim Ryan was “a gamble.”

Because of this, many Bucs fans are wanting to throw him overboard. It seems eye-RAH! Kaufman of the Tampa Tribune believes Dominik has little wiggle room this season, based on a response he gave in a question-and-answer format concerning Dominik.

Q: Is it safe to start the “hot seat” talks for GM Mark Dominik? Last year he spent money on Angello Crowell and Derrick Ward. This year he lets Bryant go because of his knees, his age, and to avoid the big contract. Then he brings in Reggie Brown. A 29-year-old with injuries in the past. Not to mention the Bengals signed Bryant to a $28 million contract. That’s too expensive? Didn’t Michael Clayton get a similar contract a year ago?

D.J. Smith, Tampa

A: There’s little doubt Dominik is battling for his professional life in 2010. He made a flurry of mistakes in his first season calling the shots, costing ownership significant money, but he has an opportunity to right the ship with a dynamic draft. If he nails it and adds 3 or 4 new starters who can play, all will be forgiven. Any way you look at it, that’s a lot of pressure on any NFL executive.

— eye-RAH! Kaufman

Joe isn’t ready to throw Dominik to the wolves for several reasons. First, when has an NFL team bounced a general manager after two seasons? It rarely happens. Second, Dominik seems to be turning around the Bucs draft fortunes. Granted, one draft — and only a year after that draft — is too soon to give a thumbs up or a thumbs down on a draft.

However, looking back at last spring’s draft, thus far, it seems to have been a success.

Also throw in the fact Dominik conned Chicago into coughing up a high second round draft pick — in a deep draft no less — for a defensive end who couldn’t start on one of the NFL’s worst defenses, well, Dominik is a wanted man in Illinois for larceny.

While Joe greatly respects Kaufman and realizes who Kaufman’s sources are with the Bucs, Joe cannot believe Dominik will be kicked to the curb if the Bucs stink this year.

And that’s not even factoring in that Joel Glazer gave Dominik a vote of confidence last week.

26 Responses to “Mark Dominik “Battling For His Professional Life””

  1. thomas Says:


    did u intentionally select that picture of our teenage GM with a large ZIT on his forehead (please look up above at dummy).

    U may be right that he won’t be canned but he should have never been put in that job in the first place.

    How do you know “that the draft fortunes seem to be turning around”? We have 1 draft where we reached to trade up for a qb who was going to be there. We have no idea where freeman will be in 2 years, if he is average or worse – the 09 draft was poor.

    I saw very little from miller and moore but 1 of the two may contribute. and for sammy stroughter – he is a nice little 7th rounder – 4th or 5th receiver type player – these guys act like he is deshawn jackson or something.

    they are reaching for credibility but as we sit here today the 09 draft could still be the worst.

  2. Eric Says:

    IMO the only way Dom could get in serious trouble is if Josh Freeman significantly regresses.

    Which is why the current wide receiver fiasco is so puzzling.

    But, that being said, when they duplicate or worsen the 3-13 record this season the Glazer boys are gonna have to grow some pretty big pairs to just stay the course.

    Or, they might just throw Raheem Belichick under the bus after the 2010 disaster.

  3. TJ TIllman Says:

    I think he is in trouble. Dont foget he signed Mcown to a big deal then traded him. My thing with him is like the point says letting bryant go who was more productive then Clayton. Then he takes a gamble on Winslow bit wont take a gamble on Marshall or Boldin who I may mention are both from florida. I think it will be a packaged deal If morris gets canned Domminick is with him. Cause the glazers will go after someone like Cowher that will want to call all the shots. Sad thing about it I only see 5 wins next year is that improvement enough? Not for me two years ago 1 game from the playoffs

  4. Eric Says:

    @TJ TIllman

    Havent you been paying attention? One win from the playoffs is a total disgrace!

    Get with the program man.

  5. Finerdetailz Says:

    Personally I think this bum has made more mistakes in one year than gm’s do in an entire career. I think last years draft is way too early to reward a success. The only way that wil happen is if Freeman becomes an elite qb which is still two years out. The fact he let AB go and created another weekness on this team proves to me he hasn’t learned shit. I believe in the glazers and never bought into the hype about them not spending money. I believe they will when they have to or are given the opportunity. With that said, I’m shocked with such an important draft coming up we are putting it in the hands of this moron. Equally shocked they didn’t hire someone to replace Hickey. I’m sure Duemig is happy and can rechoice even if we go 3-13 again.

  6. TJ TIllman Says:

    Are you serius Eric so you would rather have a unqulified coach that belives in playing violent but finshied last in every NFL catogory , a coach that mouths runs faster then talyor mays 40 time. hell yeah one from the playoffs better than one win form winining a damn game. What program or you talking about ???????????????????/

  7. Eric Says:

    @TJ TIllman

    I am talking about the program where we all endure horrendous losing seasons until Raheem Belichicks dynasty takes hold………………and the 10-12 year reign of aove 9 win seasons takes place.

    Isn’t that the “plan”?

  8. Formerbuc Says:

    It’s all about this draft. Period! If Dominik gets four or five contributors, and a few are studs, he’s safe. This team does not have enough talent on defense to win if they signed a young clone of Jerry friggin Rice in free agency.

    There are three things this team needs right now: more talent, better fundamental coaching (especially from Todd Wash and the new receivers coach), and time (in game experience).

  9. Kyle Says:

    I really think you guys need to give him a little time when they gutted the team last year the expectations shouldn’t have been very high, mine weren’t. Let’s see how this draft turns out before we start freaking out

  10. TJ TIllman Says:

    @ Eric I understand lol. I think Morris’s and Domminick’s carreres are in jeporady who is going to hire Raheem if he gets fired ? Maybe Tomlin but the Rooneys do background checks something The glazers I doubt do since they did not interview anyone else when they fired Gruden

  11. Finerdetailz Says:

    It’s a nice plan but just saying doesn’t make it happen. Just like last year the plan was to change both the offensive system and defensive system.. How dud that work out? And Morris saying we will more violent and play like Carolina. Rah forgot one imprtant ingrediant.. You need the right players to play violent. I think the only plan is get thru this draft and next year and as soon as there is a new CBA in place it will be goodbye to both Dominik and Rah. That will be the point a real plan starts taking shape. In the meantime our season only goes as far as the draft and how successful we are in it. Regardless if we win more than 5 games it will shocking. Let’s hope that Steve Duemig is wrong in that even if we win 3 games next year this regime will stay because change will hurt Freeman. Lmao..

    (Come on Finerdetailz, play nice. — Joe) 🙂

  12. TJ TIllman Says:

    They are putting alot of stock in to draft we had what 7 picks last year how many contribute to wins I say Freeman helped with the 3. Miller was in the rotation, Kyle Moore think he shows up more in practice thatn the games. Stroughter had 33 catches but in Collage he was hurt alot that is why he was a 7 round pick. My point is to say we are going to get impact rookies this year that will save The GM and coaches job well that is a real Gamble. And @ kyle it would be diffrent if the Bucs would be consistent in what they were doing . We want to play qwuters D no we want to go to Tampa 2 , We want to have zone blocking scheme no we want to be a power running team , We want mike Nugent oops he cant make a Fg let him go, Phillips to LB oops no back to safety, fire both Cordinators. Lets play violent but the most violent teams we play beat us by more than 20 poins in the Jets gaints. @ Kyle that is why we have no confidence in these clowns

  13. BigMacAttack Says:

    Still in my mind, Dominick’s Number 1 mistake was kicking Derrick Brooks to the curb and not letting him play out his final year of his contract. Brooks gave so much to so many and he was hammered by these pricks. It was classless and alienated so may fans, on top of replacing a good coach with an Unproven(for lack of a better term) coach. Brooks earned that last year and it would not have hurt the team in any way, and surely would have helped them some by keeping Brooks. I don’t think I will ever get over this, even though I am trying to think positive about this staff and the upcoming season. Now with Ari in the picture, the Glazers/Misers/Scrooges are trying to make this all about them instead of the Bucs, and I don’t particularly care for that either. Lastly, before I go to church, I want to say that Radio Mushmouth is a real fucking asshole in dire need of a serious ass whooping. Fuck that guy, he doesn’t deserve to be here now or ever.

  14. Eric Says:

    The most recent public comments from “Rah” contained a most interesting proclamation that they do not need to surround Freeman with great players but only good ones.

    I figured when building a dynasty, great players supporting the franchise QB would be important, sorta like Aikman/Smith/Irwin and Bradshaw/Swan/ Stallworth/Harrris etc.

    Perhaps i misunderstood, but i think thats what he said. I wonder if Dom also believes that.

  15. jake Says:

    I believe both these guys will be gone once a new CBA is reached and the Glazers cash flow improves from the financial restructuring of their kickball team. Once that happens they will try to resurrect this team into something more than the laughingstock it has become. At that point they will no longer need their two puppets.

  16. thomas Says:

    the truth is:

    if this draft yields productive players which help turn this disaster around it will be complete and total luck.

    these guys have proven that they are clueless. as an example, if you research it – last pre-season rah was saying that he and dummy were believing that they were going to be competitive. that is why they put us through the leftwich, mccown fiasco – at feeman’s expense.

    it was only after the team tanked did they spin things and start saying “we are rebuilding.” yes, they cut veteran players to get younger but they never said rebuild until the team failed. very convenient.

    if you dont believe that research radio’s comments through week 1 of last season kids.

  17. thomas Says:

    BTW – I want to see dummy’s birth certificate b/c 35 y.o’s dont still get zits do they?

  18. Eric Says:


    I sooooooo hope your right.

  19. RahDomDaBest Says:

    I have a change of heart. For now on I will blindly follow the Glazers great plan and fully support AND defend Raheem Morris and look for excuses at every bump in the road. Raheem is one of top 4 coaches in the league, a coach that will get us to the NFC championship game on a regular basis… And be in the seat to win us a couple of Super Bowls. Look if Mike Tomlin can win a super bowl in his youthful coaching career, then so can Raheem!

    No come on everybody, show this prodigy your full support.

  20. Eric Says:

    Anybody got a Hot Tub Time Machine?

    I wanna go back to a time where I had never heard of these two complete idiots.

    Of course of Ms. Watson were so inclined to join me, all the better.

  21. thomas Says:


    u ever heard mike tomlin speak (he is extremely bright and well spoken)?

    u ever hear radio speak?

    radio is no mike tomlin. i would love, love, love to have mike tomlin here.

    maybe ben rothlisraper will get tomlin fired.

  22. Eric Says:

    does sarcasm and satire not register on

  23. buckeyebob Says:

    No way the move on Mark D. He has been there a long time and the owners seem to trust him with implementing their plan and spending their money. He is their guy. He is good around the league and well respected in the Tampa community. He is here for the long term and should be!

  24. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    Finerdetailz Says:
    March 28th, 2010 at 10:23 am
    “Let’s hope that Steve Duemig is wrong in that even if we win 3 games next year this regime will stay because change will hurt Freeman. Lmao..”

    Anyone else notice that Steve Dumeg likes all the coaches in the area that coach SHITTY teams ( Tochett with the Lightning and Raheem for the Bucs) and he HATES all the coaches that coach GOOD teams ( Jon Gruden when he was with Bucs , Joe Madden with the Rays) ??

    HAHA! (Play nice Radio Mushmouth. — Joe) 🙂

  25. Pruritis Ani Says:

    I was encouraged when I opened JBF today after a long work trip and seeing Rachel Watson’s photo. I was hopeful and reflecting about the good things in life and all that is right with the world.. Then of course I have to see Dominik’s photo beneath her. It is almost sacrilegious to have their photos on the same page. It’s kinda like sitting at the table eating a delicious steak when next to the steak there is a pile of steaming dog crap and the fumes are wafting up near your nose at each bite. It just ruins the whole experience.

  26. Joe Says:

    Pruritis Ani:

    I was encouraged when I opened JBF today after a long work trip and seeing Rachel Watson’s photo. I was hopeful and reflecting about the good things in life and all that is right with the world.

    Rachel Watson very much is what is right with the world. 🙂