Leaner, Meaner Stylez White In 2010

March 13th, 2010

JoeBucsFan.com had a quick chat with Bucs defensive end Stylez G. White over the weekend. And, of course, Joe’s going to share what he can. Entering his fourth season with the Bucs, White seems fit and focused for a huge season.

Joe: The Bucs seem likely to take a defensive tackle with the No. 3 overall pick in April. That kid’s going to come in making a lot of money. How might the D-line treat him? Any hazing?

Stylez White:  No difference in treatment except being a rookie. Whatever defensive tackle we’re allegedly considering is probably pretty good. And that’s good for everybody. The more the merrier. There’s no hazing. We’ll just have him take us out to dinner. A nice, very expensive dinner.

Joe: You had a long road to make it in the NFL through the Arena league, do you think the picks in the first few rounds of the NFL Draft appreciate their opportunity?

Stylez White: I’m sure they appreciate it. I believe they do. Where I came from in my life … it’s not by choice. So I’m very appreciative of what I have.

Joe: This is the first season you’re entering camp as the starter. Is that different for you?

Stylez White: I always came in believing I’d be the starter. That’s just my attitude. But now knowing I’m starting, that’s new, and I’ve changed my approach. I’ve taken up boxing classes to get lean and a little quicker.

Joe: Do you like the boxing? Or is it just a good workout.

Stylez White: No. I like it. I recommend it. It’s working for me.

Joe: When you first got to Tampa you were an inside and outside rusher. Do you miss rushing from a 3-technique?

Stylez White: No. No. I don’t miss that. I’m a defensive end. I think I only have three sacks at the 3-technique.

6 Responses to “Leaner, Meaner Stylez White In 2010”

  1. goodfella941 Says:

    hope he is better this year we need him to be

  2. adam Says:

    a lot of guys bulked up for jim bates’ system and once he got canned the guys didnt exactly lose the weight in order to maximize their talents in raheem’s quicker hybrid tampa 2 system…next year if guys like styles g. drop a few pounds they might have better years…especially down the stretch run….adam from ny

  3. chucky Says:

    Stylz White wrote” I’ve taken up boxing classes to get lean and a little quicker.”

    What Joe DIDN’T realize is the impact that helmet weilding Talib Aquib had on his teammates last year. I guess Stylz had decided to take matters into his own hands this year.

    Go get him tiger!

  4. Tj Tillman Says:

    Just wanted to know what ddo they mean that the bucs run cover 2 hybrid

  5. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    Thay guy we used to have named Greg White was a better player…

  6. JDouble Says:

    Call him Stylze, call him Greg….I’m a big fan of this guy. I think he could have been great if he had got his shot earlier. At his age, all we can really hope for is a few good years. I think if we get a true force in the middle to go along with Miller, we will get those few really good years out of White. I wouldn’t be surprised if White turns in a 10 sack season this year and/or next.

    I’d love to ssee our line look like…


    I think we’d get some real pressure with that crew.