Kampman Heads Slimy Rumor List

March 5th, 2010

Joe’s getting a laugh out of all these wacky Bucs free agency rumors floating around out there.

Jimminy Christmas!

Brad Biggs, of NationalFootballPost.com, is claiming the Bucs are hot on the trail of Aaron Kampman, the former Packers stud defensive end.

Since when are the Bucs in the market to sign a 30-year-old coming off major knee surgery? That’s part of “The Plan?” Kampman had a torn ACL repaired in November.

And those Pewter Report fellows, citing no source whatsoever, are piling on the Kampman bandwagon claiming “the Bucs are looking to find a new starting right defensive end this offseason.”


So Stylez White, who plays right end, is healthy, is the same age as Kampman and is in a contract year making peanuts. And all that adds up to White likely being good for eight sacks and the best season of his career. Yet we are to believe the Bucs think Kampman is going to rip out more sacks coming off knee surgery?

Angelo Crowell wasn’t healthy when the Bucs signed him last year, and the Bucs flushed $2.5 million on him. You’d think they would have learned a lesson there.

Joe can’t believe the Bucs are in pursuit of Kampman, and why exactly would he want to play in Tampa Bay? Would the Bucs actually win a bidding war for him? Please.

29 Responses to “Kampman Heads Slimy Rumor List”

  1. justin F Says:

    i like kampman and kevin walter idea but why are we going after willie parker is it just because raheem and tomlin are friends

  2. zech Says:

    The bucs r lookin to the draft they r not lookin at anyone in freeagency! I bet one buc place is dezerted and no one is there!

  3. gotbbucs Says:

    Kampman wouldn’t be playing on the right side, he’d be our Left DE. I don’t want to hear how that’s Kyle Moore’s position, it’s not like Moore was a 1st or 2nd round pick. I know Aaron on a personal level from playing with him in highschool and he is exactly the type of guy we need in our locker room.

  4. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    He’s hurt. And the Bucs have far greater needs and a tiny wallet. The Kampman talk should end there.

  5. zech Says:

    The bucs have no wallet and no money to spend and if they did they still won’t pay anybody and that’s y there be lookin to move into a late 1rst round to early 2nd round. Because they don’t wanna pay any 1rst round pick.

  6. BucsFanInPA Says:

    I think he would be a decent pickup even just for a defensive leadership standpoint….. What I do want to hear about the Bucs and free agency is signing Kevin Walter and then trading for Brandon Marshall or Anquan Boldin!!!

  7. Jimmy Says:

    Paging Green Bay Bob…

  8. Marc Says:

    LDE is Kyle Moors Spot.

  9. Marc Says:

    …btw Geno Hayes was our 6th round pick,

  10. sgw94 Says:

    I see gotbbucs beat me to it. If we sign Kampman, which is a move Id actually endorse if we didn’t break the bank for him, it would be for him to play left end which is the same position he played for the Packers until they switched to a 3-4. He is decidedly NOT a right end especially coming off a knee injury. And notice that the Eagles are also pursuing him to play left end so they can team him up with their pass rushing right end Trent Cole.

  11. JDouble Says:

    First time I’ve agreed with you in a week Joe. Spot on. I hope Philly signs him.

  12. acharlot5 Says:

    zech u never make any sense stop posting.. u have no idea whats goin on at one buc place so shut up.. ur the type of fan im tired of if u dnt like wats goin on in tampa dont tune in

  13. JDouble Says:

    We should be offering Atrel Rolle the 5 year/$40 million deal he is looking for, and stealing Richard MArshall away from the Panthers for a 2nd rounder. Our secondary would be set for years to come with great young players.

    Instead, we are talking about 30 year old RBs and DEs with bum knees.

  14. bucfanjeff Says:

    JDouble, agreed, though I’m not overly excited about Marshall from the Panthers, but I’m with you on the concept.
    Kampman if he’s cheap. We have WR needs out of the wazoo…

  15. Bob Fox Says:

    Aaron Kampman is a much better fit in the 4-3 defense as opposed to the 3-4. He got better in time last year when Dom Capers put in the 3-4 defensive scheme in Green Bay, but was never really comfortable in the scheme, especially in coverage. Also, Kampman thrived in the Jim Bates system of the 4-3 used in Green Bay from 2005-2008. We all know that Bates was dumped as defensive coordinator for the Bucs less than a year into his regime last year. Strike one. Plus, Kampman is looking for substantial guaranteed money, especially because of his ACL injury last year. That’s yet another reason why the Bucs don’t make sense. Strike two. I think this is just an inside rumor, similar to the bogus rumor about the Bucs trying to trade up to #1 overall in the 2010 draft. Strike 3. I think Philly will be the team that gets him, even with the ACL injury issue.

  16. WesTampa Says:

    “A report on National Football Post” that ould be the source Joe.

  17. zech Says:

    I do make sense the bucs have no money to spend and they aren’t going to get any freeagents so there focus is on the draft and how to move down because the glazers don’t wanna pay big money for anyone! We all know it!

  18. RahDomDaBest Says:

    The Bucs have settled on BAD rumors in the first 24 hiurs of free agency… so sad have times changed.

    To the Bucs defense, there really are no free agents out there when you take into account the other 31 teams competing to sign them… it’s gonna be a long, long off-season. When the draft comes, most of the fans probably won’t be too happy… then we will experience another guaranteed losing year. Then a lockout potentially. The dark days of the Bucs are back.

  19. 08tefish Says:

    He’s a very good player/pass rusher that would be a good leader and play at left end, which just so happens to be the departed Jimmy Wilkerson’s position. Would be a good mentor for all the young players on the D and wouldn’t be TOO expensive.

    Just because the focus is on the draft doesn’t mean we’re not going after a couple of free agents that can help our team in multiple ways. It makes a lot of sense. Bodden would be a nice fit, too, but that’s doubtful.

  20. zech Says:

    I’m not tryn to sound negative or anything its just I’m fustrated. With the bucs but at the same time there’s no good freeagent out there to spend anymoney on and if the glazers r cheap they want sign anyone anyway and they would move down in the draft but hey I guess will find out!

  21. 08tefish Says:

    Oh and btw, people need to stop complaining about our team being cheap. There’s a huge difference between wasting money just to use it and spending it on players that are worth it. They tried buying some players last year, but the players didn’t want in on last years’ mess of a situation. We were in transition and it takes two sides to sign a FA.

    Free agents are ALWAYS overpayed and often don’t tend to play at the same level as before for a few reasons. Some make sense and some don’t and it’s called being smart when you don’t waste money on players that don’t make sense.

  22. Joe Says:


    Make no mistake: Joe would LOVE to see Kampman lining up on the Bucs defensive line next season.

    Joe just doesn’t see it happening. Too many good teams want him as well.

  23. 08tefish Says:

    That makes sense. That’s what happened to us too many times last off-season… but thenagain, we aren’t the mess we were last season and I don’t think Morris and Dominik are as crazy as everybody thinks when they say we are “light years” ahead of last years team. I can see defensive players looking at how we played at the end of the year and like what they see.

  24. bucfanlostiniowa Says:

    So far I have only heard about the bucs and eagles, and it’s allready been said he is not going to visit the eagles.

  25. Eric S Says:

    So going after a way way way past his prime WR like Coles is a good idea, while going after this guy is a bad idea. That makes a hell of a lot of sense. I wouldn’t mind this move at all. He’s more comfortable in the 4-3 and he probably would give the Bucs 10 sacks. It is nice to have some veterans.

  26. 08tefish Says:

    Coles is a guy that would make sense, too. As long as he doesn’t cost too much. The WR group of free agents is extremely slim and the bucs are undoubtedly going to pick up one of them. They need a veteran and coles also has a little speed to stretch the field – something they really need. Someone who can help the young guys (Wr’s and Freeman), including whoever we draft, for a few years.

  27. Bob Fox Says:

    Kampman is an excellent LDE in the 4-3, plus is a quality person off the field as well. Any team that signs Kampman will be pleased, if the ACL injury is not an issue. I just don’t see the Bucs as a legitimate player for his services, based on recent history.

  28. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    Go get him Glazers , give your poor beaten down fan base something to get excited about, ya cheap bastards !!

  29. RahDomDaBest Says:

    If Coles is a good idea then why did we not cater to AB and re-sign him? He is younger, bigger, faster and better.

    Instead, the Bucs told him to pound sand. After that arrogance, why would Ab even want to re-sign with the Bucs?

    So Tampa had to cut him to make it seem like they couldn’t re-sign him, even though TB had NO chance of re-signing AB in free agency. I was a face saving move by the Bucs (cutting AB).

    Of course, imo, they SHOULD go get a couple of veteran WRs… for Freeman’s sake and to help the youngsters run routes. Then give the yound WRs every chance to beat out the vets.