Jermaine Phillips Is All But Done With The Bucs

March 2nd, 2010

It was bad enough last year that Raheem the Dream hatched a radical scheme, thinking aging safety Jermaine Phillips could actually learn to play linebacker.

That fool’s gold of a move didn’t last past the preseason and soon after — shockingly — Phillips broke his thumb and was done for the season.

Perhaps in a cruel, twisted attempt to get people to realize he was still on the squad, Phillips was embroiled in an ugly domestic dispute.

Add it all up and the sum is a ticket out of town. That’s the word from eye-RAH! Kaufman of the Tampa Tribune.

In a Bucs question and answer feature, a fan wondered what has happened to Phillips. Kaufman filled him in.

Q: I’m confused on everyone’s predictions that we will draft Eric Berry. Sure he’s good, but what happened to Jermaine Philips?
Adam Calica, Hoquiam, Wash.

A: The Bucs are moving on without Jermaine Phillips, who had a nice run in Tampa. Phillips will turn 31 in March and he has been too injury prone for the Bucs to count on. He also has a domestic violence charge to deal with.

Phillips developed a reputation as a hard hitter who offers solid run support, but his coverage skills have never been better than marginal. Look for the Bucs to draft a safety fairly high to compete with Piscitelli this fall.

As a free agent, Phillips figures to get a fresh start somewhere and he will contribute if he stays healthy and out of trouble.
— eye-RAH! Kaufman

Joe knows one thing: If the Bucs don’t draft Eric Berry or, say, Chad Jones out of LSU, they need to pick up a free safety in free agency. Look, a guy off the street could probably play strong safety as well as Sabby the Goat.

12 Responses to “Jermaine Phillips Is All But Done With The Bucs”

  1. bucfanjeff Says:

    Antrelle Rolle, Kerry Rhodes – just to name a couple.

  2. Eric Says:

    I had forgotten about this yet another brilliant idea that blew up on the Dream.

    Thanks much for reminding me.

  3. Mike J Says:

    Well, he broke things playing safety too.

  4. Tommy Boy Says:

    The sad part is Phillip’s marginal coverage was WAAAAAY better than Shabby Suckatelli’s.

  5. Nick Says:

    NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO.. worst offseason news yet by far.

  6. Eric S Says:

    He had a few decent years. But do we really need 2 players that abuse women on this team? I would love to hear the other abuser being canned as well.

  7. jlynch1340 Says:

    He sucks let him leave. Maybe he can go to Detroit

  8. LaughingCat Says:

    Finally, we actually get rid of someone who gets in trouble with the law. Dungy use to cut them before they made bail. Gruden/Allen would’ve given them an extension with guaranteed money

  9. paul Says:

    Phillips isn’t going anywhere. Not if Raheem has anything to do with it. That’s Raheem’s homeboy.

  10. Eric Says:

    Gotta Get Young
    Gotta Get Violent
    Gotta fiinish games
    Gotta “make a play”
    Gotta Get Five help

    Gotta Suck

  11. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    He should donate his body to science instead of playing football.

    After all , he is the only human being alive who’s arm bones are made out of GLASS. it’s a mordern marvel.

  12. Greg Says:

    Radio, it’s true, he’s the ONLY guy in the NFL who leads with his forearms on tackles–makes you wonder what exactly the Bad Dream saw when he thought Phillips could be a linebacker!