How Will You Respond?

March 24th, 2010

7 Responses to “How Will You Respond?”

  1. lhb26 Says:

    If I lived in Tampa i would be there every Sunday, maybe one day….

  2. big007hed Says:

    I had season tickets even though I live in northern PA and I made it down for 6 games that year but couldn’t afford to keep the tickets and air fare to come to the games…… if I lived in Tampa I would have my season tickets

  3. Marc Says:

    GO TO THE GAME!!!!!
    GO TO THE GAME!!!!!
    GO TO THE GAME!!!!!

  4. Brooks07 Says:

    As a huge Bucs fan, I find this very painful. Can’t really afford the games anymore. Had to give up my season tickets in 2008. I will try to get over there and see some games especially if that’s the only way for me to see them..

    Question: If you buy the NFL package from DirecTV would the Bucs still be blacked out or do you get it anyways?

  5. Tampa Bob Says:

    So a few times a year I might want to hang out in a wing joint on Sunday afternoon. Oh, the pain.

  6. Tampa Bob Says:

    You mean they can black out the satellite? Uh oh.

  7. Joe Says:

    Tampa Bob:

    Since Mother Tribune no longer has a sports media columnist, and Rick Harmon is too busy with his stringing duties, Joe will fill the void.

    No broadcasts — over the air, satanic cable, satalite — of Bucs games can be aired within a 75-mile radius of the CITS when a game is blacked out.

    One would have to drive to Fort Myers or perhaps Gainesville to watch the games.

    There is one caveat: Last year at roughly midnight blacked out games were available via (granted, the Bucs never had a blacked out game).