Glazers “Have Their Own Evaluation Deals”

March 25th, 2010

Hey Bryan, get Ari Fleischer on the phone. Raheems talking all wacky again.

"Hey Bryan, get Ari Fleischer on the phone. Raheem's talking again."

How involved or hands on will the Glazers be in the draft?
“The Glazers have been very supportive. They’re always going to be in there because it’s part of their business and they want to know what’s going on. They’ve been very supportive. They will definitely evaluate because they have their own evaluation deals and they have an opinion for us and they’re smart people. We’ll be in the draft and make the decisions because it’s our job. Mark Dominik is right – this is a critical draft.” —
Raheem Morris

Those Web-only Pewter Report fellows, who torpedoed their colorful print magazine last year, took the time to transcribe Raheem The Dream’s long roundtable chat with scribes at the NFL owners meetings yesterday. The above quote comes from there.

Hmmm. Who new the Glazers “have their own evaluation deals” for the NFL draft? Thanks for the enlightenment, Coach Rah.

Perhaps these evaluators, whoever they may be, might want to help guide the Bucs before the draft rather than after. Unless, of course, the “evaluation deals” are the Glazer’s secret pre-draft study, the results of which get handed to Mark Dominik in a security envelope prior to draft day.

8 Responses to “Glazers “Have Their Own Evaluation Deals””

  1. TJ Tillman Says:

    I never forget when Morris got anounoced as Coach. The media asked him what he beleives. Morris said stick to are Core beleifs, so then the reporter said and the core beleifs are ? Morris said what they always have been. From that moment on I kknew he was not ready for this job .If the Core beliefs are going to stay the same why did they fire Gruden it just proved to me Morris and this franchise had no idea what direction they were going in look it up on The video archive on Jan 2009 if you need proof

  2. Eric Says:

    Why do these guys always look like they have no red blood cells and could be staring in “Night of the Living Dead”?

    I can also picture Chucky laughing his ass off and throwing their “evaluation deals” in the trash. Rah, of course, seems to put great stock in their input.

    Im getting a warm and fuzzy feeling all over.

  3. Mike J Says:

    Worst possible news. When owners start messing in personnel decisions, unless named Halas or Brown, a franchise is on a road to ineptitude & calamity.Hire football people & let them do their jobs.

  4. RahDomDaBest Says:

    Actually… this is the BEST possible news… it measn that they aren’t blindly letting Rah and Dom ruin things as it appeared.

    Maybe thye have a secret scouting and draft committee…

    Glazers… can you tell us who this secret team is?

    There is NO WAY Rah or Dom are in any position to make any decisions… these 2 clowns are puppets… but to them, they are gaining experience at their top positions… so it’s a little trade off to be yes men at this point in their careers… looks good on the ole resume!

  5. Eric Says:

    It is probably Matt Millen pulling the strings behind the scenes.

    he had a “build it through the draft” mentality also.

    And, he had an owner that stuck with him through thick and thin. Works every time.

  6. Mike J Says:

    If you have no confidence in the people you have hired, can them. That is within the owner’s prerogatives.Otherwise, leave them alone to make the decisions.

  7. Tom Says:

    For the record I think Pewter Report was only a color magazine the past 5 or so years. Prior to that the cover was color and the content was in black and white.

  8. Joe Says:


    For the record I think Pewter Report was only a color magazine the past 5 or so years. Prior to that the cover was color and the content was in black and white.

    OK, how about “environmentally hostile magazine?”