Glazers Clamp Down On Dissenters

March 15th, 2010

The ugliness is intensifying for Team Glazer over in England, where many Glazer-loathing fans of Manchester United are so obsessed with ousting the Bucs owners that they’ve seemingly forgotten their soccer team has won three consecutive championships and is now in first place in the 20-team league.

Frankly, these fans should be kissing the feet of Team Glazer for bringing them all that glory.

But growing legions of angry Manchester United fans think Team Glazer is going to destroy the organization with massive debt and has already cut back on spending on players.

The dissenters have become so vocal and widespread that Team Glazer is employing Fidel Castro-like tactics to lessen their bite, so reports The Guardian.

In response the club have already:

• Banned players from discussing the campaign in the media.

• Forbidden the in-house TV station, MUTV, from referring to the rebellion and edited questions about it from broadcasts of Ferguson’s press conferences.

• Ejected a supporter from the audience of an MUTV show after he refused to remove a green-and-gold scarf (the official colors of the dissenters)

• Sacked a steward after 19 years’ service for attempting to return a confiscated anti-Glazer banner to its owners.

Joe wonders whether a Bucs fan could make it through a game in Tampa wearing a “Fire Glazer” shirt.

14 Responses to “Glazers Clamp Down On Dissenters”

  1. justin F Says:

    we need someone who can design a cool hate the glazers shirt for the bucs and setup a website for it those things would sell better then bucs season tickets any day

  2. big007hed Says:

    It is so sad how the Glazers have fallen out of favor with the Bucs fans

  3. RahDomDaBest Says:

    Yes it is… but all they had to do in Tampa was not hire Raheem Morris… I mean JEEZ.

    Rather make him the HC.

  4. Eric Says:

    Man the glazers better get some extra body guards if they plan on attending any Manu games. Those fans are ready to skin them alive.

    Sell the gay soccer team already and put some money in the Bucs.

    What kind of men buy a damn soccer team anyhow?

  5. YearOBucsfan Says:

    That is what you get from ungrateful European soccer fans. I am sure the money could be alluring, but those fans are a bit nuts. Probably should not have bought the team.

  6. Jake Says:

    They have already banned Dan Sileo from Ray Jay’s press box(according to Dan the man). He trashes them on a daily basis…and deservedly so.

  7. Joe Says:


    They have already banned Dan Sileo from Ray Jay’s press box(according to Dan the man). He trashes them on a daily basis…and deservedly so.

    Like anything that comes out of that guy’s mouth, Joe is dubious of that “claim.”

  8. Louie Says:

    I’d buy a Glazerhouse t-shirt!

    Instead of selling Man-U, I wish they’d instead sell the Bucs. Let them keep that gay kickball team.

  9. Eric Says:


    Your right, that is a much better solution.

  10. bucfanlostiniowa Says:

    Does the NFL allow foreign ownership? If they do those kickball fns should try to buy the Bucs then the Glazers could spend all their money on kickball.

  11. Joe Says:


    those kickball fns should try to buy the Bucs then the Glazers could spend all their money on kickball.

    One can’t buy what’s not for sale.

  12. Vince Says:

    The “gay” “kickball” team is a bigger brand and worth more than the Yankees or the Lakers or the Cowboys or the Redskins. Some of you might want to get out in the world a little bit.

    Eric — the answer to your questions is “very smart and very rich men.” The English Premier League teams are owned by very wealthy and very successful people. The Glazers probably laugh at all the fuss. They bought the biggest sport team in the world with other people’s money. They are making a fortune now and will make an even larger fortune down the road as the debt gets paid down by . . . wait for it . . . other people’s money. It is unforntunate for us because one reason the Glazers were able to buy ManU with other people’s money is the strong financial performance of the Bucs.

    As for the Manchester fans, they would not even care about the debt but for the fact that ticket prices went up. ManU still sells out and tops the league in attendance, but Machester is a working-class city and some have probably been priced out of seeing their team. This is what drives the Green and Gold, not fear the the team will go under due to debt.

  13. Eric Says:


    Yeah I am sure the Glazers are making tons of money at it. I was more directly attacking their manhood for buying one of those kickball teams, with their little danty shorts and all.

    Surely they could have just raided a hedge fund or something.

  14. Anita Says:

    So those tight NFL pants are supposed to be more manly than shorts?

    ManU is expected to do well each year. Only a handful of teams in the Premier League really has a chance to win it and it’s the same teams every year. That’s why it doesn’t matter that they have been winning championships while the Glazers have owned the team. They were winning before they came and the will continue winning afterwards. Sir Alex Ferguson, the team manager, has been around a long time and he is the one who, deservedly so, gets all the credit for their success on the field.

    Another thing worth considering is that sports teams in Europe, in any sport, are not franchises, they are clubs. They have all started out as small amateur clubs at some point and even though they have grown into big business they still have a much stronger bond to their city than any american sports franchise. And kids don’t play sports in their schools here, they play on the clubs youth teams and grow up with their team. You can’t move a European team to another city either, it just can’t be done, clubs are literally a part of their city. Sports are organised very differently in Europe and most of the world really compared to how you do it in the US. And it’s some of those differences that explain why they are protesting even though the team is winning.