For Those Of You Pining For Dez Bryant…

March 1st, 2010

When wide receiver Dez Bryant was banned from play last year by the NCAA for lying to officials about dabbling with an agent, Joe’s antennae went up.

A guy who is clean and upstanding as he claims knows better unless he is as dumb as a box of rocks.

And if he is that dumb, well, that’s another proverbial red flag.

Since Joe brought up the subject of red flags, our old friend Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports, he of the investigative journalist who dug up how the Bucs employ someone in the highest reaches of the scouting department who apparently does zero research on players, had done some more digging and has discovered that Bryant doesn’t seem to like alarm clocks.

Bryant also seems to consider time relative. He shows up for practices and games when he finds time in his packed itinerary.

“I wouldn’t draft that kid unless I had someone to wake him up in the morning to get to meetings, someone to wake him up for practice and someone to wake him up for games,” one source said.

A second source said Bryant’s reputation was earned because he was consistently late to team activities. That included showing up late for games.

“We’re not just talking about being a little late for warmups, but like being late for the actual game,” a source said with a chuckle. “When you start to hear some of the stories of there, you go, ‘He did what?’ ”

This is alarming to Joe. If a player isn’t motivated enough to show up on time to games, one can only imagine  how he places practicing and conditioning on his list of priorities.

Joe never heard anyone accuse alleged dispassionate football player Myron Rolle of being late to games much less practices.

15 Responses to “For Those Of You Pining For Dez Bryant…”

  1. zech Says:

    Wow this changes my opion on him! I might want golden tate now over this guy!

  2. Eric Says:

    Holy crap, don’t draft that dude!

  3. JDouble Says:

    Watch a few of his interviews. Its pretty obvious the guy is a mental midget. He does not come off as a self motivated guy or a leader of any sort. There are way too many recievers in the 2nd that have just as much potential, plus the smarts and character you want on your team. I think Dez’s bust potential is just way to high to even consider him.

  4. Chris Says:

    Who knows?? If this guy is no good on to the next. All this I don’t want this I want that. The Glazers built a winner before and through the draft I might add so, let watch them do it again. It is the bucs job to do what is best for the team. I did my job. I stroked a check for my seats next year now let them do their’s.

  5. Eric S Says:

    Let’s talk a look back in the past. I heard from a few people that Percy Harvin was a lot worse than Dez in college in many ways. And he turned around and became rookie of the year. Many people questioned Michael Crabtree’s attitude and he turned out to be the playmaker that he was in college. Sure Dez is a risk, but I do think he will be a great player. I don’t think the Bucs will pick him anyway. I can’t believe I am about to talk up Randy Moss, but he also had major red flags and he turned into a great player. So those are 3 good examples of receivers who had issues, but still performed when they got on the field.

  6. JDouble Says:

    Harvin and Crabtree are both bright kids. That is the difference. You can grow out of being immature, but stupid is….as stupid does. Give a dumbass $10 million and you’ll get what you deserve.

  7. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    Beggars acn’t be chosers.

    When your starting WR’s are Clayton and Stroughter, you can’t really be complaining about a guy telling a LIE in college…

  8. Eric Says:

    Radio Mushmouth,

    Just reading “Clayton and Stroughter” makes me cringe………….

  9. JDouble Says:

    We can grab two recievers with one of our 2nds and our 3rd and have a great young group of recievers. Clayton and stroughter will not be it.

    Guys like Golden Tate, Damian Williams, Jacoby Ford, Taylor Price, and Jordan Shipley all have great potential and they are good, smart young men. Why would give a huge contract too a moron with character issues?

    Who’s begging Mushmouth? I’m confident Dom plans on bringing in atleast two good young recievers this year. I’m also confident he wouldn’t be stupid enough to waste our first on this knucklehead.

  10. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    and you have all this confidence in Dominic because why ?? LOL

  11. Eric S Says:

    I wouldn’t say that Harvin and Crabtree are bright guys. Have you heard either of these guys speak? Neither of them speak all that well and Dez Bryant is a better receiver than both. As long as these players know how to run their plays, I truly don’t care if they are illiterate. Being an Auburn alum, I remember when Bo Jackson come out of college. And if you went by how well he spoke at the time, you would have passed him up. You can’t just judge a guy by his speaking ability. Especially athletes. It is a bonus if they speak well, but I wouldn’t eliminate someone just because of that.

  12. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    Eric S…speaking of Auburn players who can’t speak. Cadillac Williams anyone?

  13. paul Says:

    I don’t generally believe “unnamed sources”. In my experience the crap they come up with is way off base more often than not.

    With the draft being next month, that’s when all the speculating and rumors that are just flat out made up come out. Some team wants him to fall to them, so they drag his name through the dirt. No news here.

    Unnamed source is just the name that journalists give to their imagination.

  14. Joe Says:


    I don’t generally believe “unnamed sources”. In my experience the crap they come up with is way off base more often than not.

    Joe generally avoids using unnamed sources for a variety of reasons. The few times Joe has used unnamed sources, they are legitimate.

    In short, look to who is using the unnamed source. If the person using an unnamed source has a solid track record, then one can generally believe the information is legit.

    Also, if a writer is using an agent as an unnamed source, that’s really dangerous territory. The vast majority of those guys are frauds, little more than well-dressed used car salesmen. For example, Joe wouldn’t trust that sleazebag Drew Rosenhaus as far as Joe could throw him.

  15. Eric S Says:

    You are correct Radio Mushmouth. Cadillac is definitely not a wordsmith. But he is a very good guy and good player, so he has overcome that stereotype.