Dominik’s Fascination With Crowell Puzzling

March 30th, 2010

angelo crowellIf Joe has heard it once, he has heard it a thousand times:

After the Bucs purged their veterans last winter, including iconic linebacker Derrick Brooks, it was because the Bucs wanted to get younger and build from within.

Last year ,when Bucs general manager Mark Dominik decided his big free agent signing on defense was injury-prone linebacker Angelo Crowell, Joe scratched his head.

This made no sense: Not only wasn’t Crowell young; he had a hard time staying healthy. Guess what? He got hurt again and missed the entire season.

Joe’s head-scratching continued when Dominik again went after Crowell, signing him to yet another contract Monday. Even eye-RAH! Kaufman of the Tampa Tribune seemed puzzled as he posted the following item on the Bucs Twitter feed.

Even if Angelo Crowell is healthy, there’s no reason to believe he’ll edge younger Quincy Black as Tampa Bay’s strong-side LB in 2010.

Upon learning of Crowell’s signing (again), Joe texted a Bucs beat writer (not Kaufman) and asked, “What does Mark Dominik see in this Angelo Crowell?”

The response from the Bucs beat writer?

“Good question!”

15 Responses to “Dominik’s Fascination With Crowell Puzzling”

  1. Louie Says:

    Dominik probably just needed to sign someone (cheap) so he — and all his supporters — could say the Bucs re-sign their own FA’s.

    “See, the Bucs aren’t cheap!!!”

  2. Colby Says:

    Quincy Black did progress last year, but I think it would be beneficial to him to have competition in camp.

    It will keep him sharp and focused. He seems like the kind of player who could use somebody to push him, because he possesses the talent to be a solid starting linebacker for us.

    With that said Crowell is still 8 years younger than Derrick Brooks, and since he is slated as a strong side linebacker, he is a lot more physical than Cato June was.

    I think complaining about this signing is ignorant. Sure, he has had injury concerns the past few years, but before that he was a physical presence and the leader of his defense. For such a low price why not bring him in?

  3. Eric Says:


    Its a clear pattern. They are signing low priced guys who havent had any major contributions in recent years.

    They didnt sign AB because of injury concerns and age. This guy is the same age as AB and missed two entire NFl seasons back to back.

    Not so much that this signing is bad, hey it might work, but it exposes the hypocrisy,thats all.

    Your last line explains it.

  4. Jake Says:

    They Bucs are always trying to “catch lightning in a bottle” in their player acquistions rather than pay for proven commodities or non damaged goods. They go after guys with issues either on the field or off the field and hope that they can resurrect their careers to have them play at a high level at a bargain basement price. Then if they do resurrect their career they get rid of them instead of paying them and try to catch lightning in the bottle once again. Great system..sheesh.

  5. bucfanjeff Says:

    Provided he’s healthy (big if), it provides good competition at the LB spot. We saw what happened when there was no competition at safety with Sabby.
    Also, a 50% Crowell is better than a 100% McCoy (now with the Seahawks). It’s not a bad signing, and I’m sure the Bucs are protected (health concerns) that we could let him go with no financial impact. Thus, the upside is big with little downside.

  6. d-money Says:


    There is a big difference in taking a chance on a guy for almost no money than giving a loudmouth injury prone jack-ass 27 million dollars.

    This move is purely for depth and competition in training camp.

    I don’t know what his contract is like but I’d bet it won’t cost them a penny if he’s cut in camp.

  7. Eric Says:

    “loudmouth injury prone jack-ass 27 million dollars”

    Better than paying the same salary to a no talent drops everything backstabbing snitch cry-baby 16 catch season blocking icon, then inviting him back to camp cause you screwed up.

    By the way, check the super bowl video Bucs v. Raiders, Jerry Rice chewed out his coach several times, demanding he be thrown the ball…………..all the great ones want the ball.

  8. Jake Says:

    @Eric…in the words of Jim Rome “Rack em”. Great Take.

  9. sgw94 Says:

    The reason to resign Angelo Crowell is simple. We don’t have any 2nd team depth. Even some of the pseudo depth we had last year is gone with Matt McCoy who wasn’t exactly a world beater himself. Id think Dominik gave him a one year deal that doesn’t cost much and for that we get a guy who was around last year even if he didn’t play so he presumably knows the system and if, BIG if, he stays healthy could be a good special teamer and backup to Black. Like I said previously, people can bitch and moan about our starting linebacker corps but have you looked at the 2nd team lately? Not exactly anybody behind them who you would be happier with. And trusting that whomever we draft at linebacker which would probably be after the 2nd round, would come right in and be a viable backup and ready to play is not exactly the smartest thing in the world.

    If Crowell was getting a big deal Id be worried. The fact that he isn’t means its not that big a deal, literally. If a draft pick comes in and beats him out I am pretty sure they will send him packing. But if not at least we have some kind of insurance should Black get hurt.

  10. Mike J Says:

    12 months ago this was a fairly important acquisition. Now Crowell is a year healthier re his knee. He is no lock to make the team, but he wanted to stay & has something to prove in his own mind.He may give Black a run for his money in camp. At the very least, the signing reduces the need to draft a sam backer.
    Last time I looked, Ted Hendricks wasn’t available in free agency.

  11. Eric Says:

    So, given the fact that the skins pick one slot behind the bucs, and Bruce “horrible legacy” Allen is taking over a pretty horrible team up there in DC, would the coming couple of seasons on the actual field possibly settle the Allen v. Dom debate?

    I believe they also play each other this season.

    Then again, the dynasty may be three years away I guess.

  12. tampa2 Says:

    Dynasty in 3 years? More like Dyed-n-Nasty for 4 years! Dom isn’t a pimple on Allen’s ass! And I didn’t even like Allen! These signings are just to appease the 3 Scrooges, who aren’t a pimple on their Father’s ass either! They have taken everything from the Bucs since Their Father went into a Coma. Now they still want to squeeze the Bucs fans dry. No one should buy a ticket until these tight asses spend the money to put Professional players, Coaches, and a Pro Gm back into RJS.

  13. Eric Says:


    Awesome post man, spit my drink out while I was reading it!

    “and I don’t even like Allen!”


  14. Eric S Says:

    I don’t mind them re-signing this guy. Maybe he can contribute. Who knows. I just want the draft to be here. I want to see who the Bucs will have for this season. Right now I see a 3rd place finish since the Panthers are trying even less than the Bucs to win this season. Every time they show John Fox on the jumbotron, everyone in their stadium should yell, “Dead man walking!”

  15. Eric Says:

    A Third Place Finish in the Division?

    Lets not get carried away……………………