Did The Tebow Turnout Arouse The Glazers?

March 8th, 2010
What do you think Publix would pay for Tim Tebow to sign autographs at their stores, versus, say, Josh Johnson?

"What do you think Publix would pay for Tim Tebow to sign autographs at their stores?"

Young Tim Tebow has got to be on Team Glazers’ radar.

Got to be.

How could these competitive, seemingly cash-strapped businessmen not be intrigued by the absolute cash cow that is the former Gators quarterback?

Per the Florida Times-Union, (via Profootballtalk.com) Tebow launched a charitable foundation fundraiser Saturday at a Jacksonville-area mall where about 1,500 people showed up and paid $160 for his autograph, plus many shelled out another $75 for a picture with him.

Tebow’s a walking ATM machine, for goodness sakes.

With a turnout like that, how much cash could the Bucs make selling tickets to training camp at One Buc Place? Or just how many tens of thousands of extra preseason tickets would be sold so these Tebow groupies can watch him play the fourth quarter of two home exhibition games?

Sorry, rational Bucs fans. While drafting Tebow makes little to no sense for the Bucs’ on-field concerns, this game is a business. That can’t be argued.

So you must believe Team Glazer is crunching numbers and considering ways to get Tebow on the Bucs at the right price. As far as their wallets are concerned, Tebow is the only can’t-screwup pick in the draft.

8 Responses to “Did The Tebow Turnout Arouse The Glazers?”

  1. justin F Says:

    draft him he could be our number 1 wr this season

  2. JDouble Says:

    Don’t buy it for a second.

  3. YearOBucsfan Says:

    Not worth the roster spot. Give it to a special teamer.

  4. Eric Says:

    Makes no sense given the committment to Freeman.

    Which is precisely why it may happen.

  5. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    We are building throught the draft.

    What better way then to draft positions that aren’t of need ??

  6. bucfanjeff Says:


  7. Jonny Says:

    Getting Tebow would be an absolute disaster both for Freeman and Tebow. One bad game and these so called bandwagon Bucs fans that are here because of Tebow would be asking for Freeman’s head. Also the media/press Freeman would have to handle after a bad game, questions about his future with Bucs as a starting QB and so on. Same way you have Tebow who wants to be a QB and would need an innovative OC to develop him and design a scheme to his strengths, that won’t happen with Bucs.

  8. Jonny Says:

    If Tebow is fine with being a TE or a MLB, may be…