Bucs Turning Into Yucks (Again)

March 20th, 2010

In this FoxSports.com video, NFL columinst Alex Marvez details why he thinks the Bucs are about to become the Yucks all over again.

15 Responses to “Bucs Turning Into Yucks (Again)”

  1. Finerdetailz Says:

    No suprises here with this regime and the continued mistakes their allowed to make. No veterens on the team, no free agents. God help us if this draft is bad and/or Freeman doesn’t pan out. Well be the yucks for 10 years minimum.

  2. thomas Says:

    about to?

    our head coach is rah-rah radio morris, and gm is 16 years old and a former sports trading card magnate.

    we have the lowest payroll for players and coaches. this team is not paying for coordinators on either side of the ball. yes olsons title changed but little else.

    asst coaches are leaving for the same jobs at college programs i.e. barry.

    we are the yucks

  3. Mr. Glazer Says:


    Maybe I can have my consultant design new Tampa Yuks uniforms….?

    If fact I’ll change the team symbol from the pirate ship…

    What can I use to symbolize the Yuks?

    I know maybe I’ll pay Joe to use his website mascot?

    Joe will you sell it to me…I’ll pay you what I’m paying Greg Olson…$1,000.

  4. Eric Says:

    The current sorry state of the Bucs is very obvious to see.

    What is flabergasting to me is the number of fans in the buccaneer nation willing to sit through another horrific season or seasons in the hopes that these incompetent boob’s “plan” is going to lead to a competitive team.

  5. MTM Says:

    The real problem I see with the Bucs ownership is the fact that they can continue this train wreck without any pressure from the NFL. Train wreck franchises kill parody in the NFL. Now every game the BUC’s play on TV will have low ratings or no ratings.
    Where is Ed DeBartolo Jr when you need him. Glazers sell, sell, sell. You could sign as many kickball players you want to Man Goo.

  6. justin F Says:

    roger goodell sticks up for the glazers every chance he gets its not gonna change anytime soon i hope the glazers some how lose every penny they have and have to suffer just like the fans are suffering

  7. Jonny Says:

    His speech was precise, rarely come across well spoken guys in the media these days.

    I will reserve my judgement on “yucks” until 2011 free agency.

  8. thomas Says:


    u r the reason we will be the yucks thru 2011.

    giving them until 2011 f.a. (which will be a lockout) probabl means 2010, that gives almost 4 years to financially commit to winning.

    your job as a fan is to exercise your right to w/hold $ and speak-out. unless you speak like rah.

  9. RichyBronx Says:

    OKAY ALL. Pay attention.

    I have listened and read many sports analyst from many different avenues and I’m tired of the hate. As a very well educated former military man and avid Bucs fan, I always prefer to take time to make a judgment. I believe all true Bucs fans should do the same, so please read on. We all know that being a Bucs fan can be tuff. After all it took us 26 games to get our first franchise win … and guess who it was … the (S)Aints. Honestly, how many of you overestimated the team’s performance before last year started? If I told you there’s a team with a new young coach, new young GM, new OC, new DC, completely new offensive scheme, completely new defensive scheme, new QB, and a disgruntled/injured #1 WR. You would have to be foolish to think they would make the playoffs (many were) or even have a winning season. I have seen reasons to give them a chance. My evidence for this chance follows.

    Many have said “The Bucs are cheap.” Then begin to bash them. If you had a choice between giving a player a contract with $XX million guaranteed for X years of service, then he goes on strike and your still stuck with paying that GUARANTEED cash and losing a year of that player’s performance; OR the other choice of waiting to see if your guy will be allowed to work for you, then pay him. Anyone’s hand up for losing money; since I don’t see any, I will assume we all decided to wait a year. That leads me to free agency.

    Many ask, “Why have the Bucs done nothing in free agency?” What if you were a GM. Would you have spent millions this year on Peppers, or Dansby, or Robinson? Some would some wouldn’t, I wouldn’t, for several reasons.
    One being the same reason I listed earlier. For the other, I must give you some perspective. We all know that there is a good probability football could be on strike after next year. So why do we act like the “student” athletes don’t know this either. There were a record-tying number of juniors in this year’s draft. If there is a strike, do you expect there to be more or less talented juniors coming out of the draft next year? My money is less. There would be no incentive to come out of college.
    Next question is, if you had a choice between drafting many young players this year (that will still be young after a strike) OR drafting so-so players in a possible strike year? We can do both, but which draft class do you think will have more talent. I made my choice.
    You’re probably saying what does this have to do with free agency? Here it is. It’s no secret that this year’s free agent class was not young. Next year if you have a strike, no one’s playing, but if they (players/owners) finally agree and there is no strike. The draft class will pale in comparison to the free agency class. This is where I would go after my free agents, NOT THIS year’s terrible free agent class.
    Is there another team who’s more prepared to deal with a sudden salary cap? If you agree with this you not only agree me but you disagree with many of the Bucs haters out there.

    NO DOUBT. This is what the Bucs are doing.

    Don’t hesitate Bucs fans, let everyone know we want to have hope before we judge.

  10. Eric Says:

    I believe the data shows that the bucs have had the lowest cumulative salary payroll over the last five years.

    Are we really to believe they have been shrewdly preparing for a “strike” or “lockout” for five years?

    Given their lack of financial committment to the team, it has been and will continue to be virtually impossible to field a winning or even competitive team. (although Mr. Gruden managed to on occasion)

    This opinion, shared by many in bucdom, is not hateful but rather a sobering and sad reality. Wishing it was different does not make it so.

  11. Jonny Says:


    You sound like a bitter pessimist.

    Thanks for reminding me of my job as a fan but there are no free agents this year that are worth a look. Guys around 30 are getting over paid, there is a slight chance they will produce and within an year or two they will be on another team.

    This bad free agency situation might have coincided with Glazers not wanting to spend any money, I don’t know. But even if the Glazers did not mind spending money there are very few attractive names that are also younger. Dunta Robinson could be the only guy I wanted Dom and Rah to make a move for, but did you see how much he got paid? Like a top 3 corner in the league and he is clearly not as talented if you watched any Texans games.

    There are several restricted free agents that could become unrestricted no matter what the situation turns out to in next off season. IMO next offseason will have one of the best UFA’s. I will reserve my judgement until next free agency, let things play out and then come to a conclusion about the ownership about their commitment to win.

  12. RahDomDaBest Says:

    H mmmm… Since the hiring or Ari Flietchers services, it seems there are some paid, I mean positive fans abroad on JBF.

  13. TJ Tillman Says:

    I use to be neagative about not making any moves. But now I understand next year the Bucs will need to resing Joesph, Rudd, Jackson and Maybe Geno Hayes. It would be a gamble on Pepers he is not getting any younger two years ago he had two sacks, Dautne Robinson was good but has knee problems, but I do not agree with letting Bryant go just wish there was a way to let Clayton go and resing Bryant. Tampa needs a #1 Recevier bad

  14. thomas Says:

    First, try to keep your rambling to less than 10 chapters. I fell asleep somewhere in the middle. You should have just provided a link to Dummynicks speech on buc.com

    By the way I heard a NFL front-office person say that (ignoring the players contract) it is a myth to say that the odds of drafting a quality NFL player are better than signing one as a free agent (the odds of getting roster improvement is much better through FA but of course at higher cost). 50% of players drafted in this draft will not be considered roster-value players in 3 years. You may get 1-3 impact players from this draft.

    I guess you have chosen to ignore that: 1) Spending on players stopped when ManU was acquired via loan with crushing interest; 2)Gruden/Allen were let go and replaced within by inexperienced replacements without any job search for reportedly about 20% i.e. 1/5th of what is low average for the two positions (total less than 1 million per) b/c of the money still owed Gruden the org is riding the losing out w/ these cheap replacements (they are not in this role on merit).

    My argument will rest with atteendance this year which is expected to average about 40k per game. FYI – I haave been a season ticket holder consecutively since 1990. I like my entire group of about 24 have non-renewed (most of us have multi-seats in club level).

  15. thomas Says:

    the aforementioned also applies to you jonny.

    TJ: come one bud – you can still improve your roster and pay DJ, Ruud and TJac market value later. Here is one way to pay them all – don’t waste $ on Clayton (maybe even Ward), and Sabby made about 1 mil last year.