Bucs Deal For WR Reggie Brown

March 8th, 2010

Joe is sort of numb after hearing of the trade the Bucs made tonight.

Dealing a sixth round pick in 2011 for Eagles wide receiver Reggie Brown is a move with a lot of potential upside. And surely the Bucs needed veteran help at receiver.

However, what should Bucs fans expect from a 29-year-old who caught 27 balls over the past two seasons?

Not much.

Little gamble with this move, though. And, of course, Joe hopes the guy can re-gain his form.

Joe assumes Brown, entering his sixth season, will be an unrestricted free agent next year. If he catches 60 balls in 2010, will the Bucs pay him market value? 

UPDATE 10:21 p.m.: Brown is signed through 2014.

17 Responses to “Bucs Deal For WR Reggie Brown”

  1. bigrattler73 Says:


  2. Troxell8t8 Says:


    I do believe his contract runs for a couple of more years. Usually the Eagles like to identify young talent and sign them to extensions early in their careers. At one time, Brown was considered someone with a very bright future.

    Low risk, probably low reward, but we’ll see

  3. Eric S Says:

    Brown is signed through 2014.

  4. buccin cane Says:

    At least we know the lights are on at OBP. I Thought those guys packed it up. Well not too familiar with Brown but he has to be better than Clayton. Hope this is another one of those Dominick deals that play out like K2 did for us. IDK whether to be happy or not with this deal…. but imma stay positive and say go bucs. Oh and Dominick please give us bucs fans something to be proud of this year.

  5. Buuuccscsallday Says:

    Wow serious? Bucs need a big name WR.. Brown?? Serious
    bucs yur better then that

  6. Louie Says:

    Better than what they’ve been doing (NOTHING) and it didn’t cost too much. Brown should be better than Clark, who we lost earlier in the day to the Lions.

  7. zech Says:

    Now I like to see what the bucs do to address the reciever postion do they draft golden tate or do they hold a private workout for dez bryant! I herd that dez will hold private workouts for certain teams is that true?

  8. HiBucFan Says:

    i like this move. bottom line we need wrs. this adds depth. sure we would all like a big name guy but even a big name guy won’t solve everything. we have plenty of problems and its going to take time. so be patient. this cost us hardly anything and we will probably get that pick back in the future so it cost even less.

  9. Tommy Boy Says:

    Next, we’ll wait till after the draft to sign a beat down Javon Walker. Or, trade for the busted Deion Branch. We don’t just need bodies at WR…we need talent so Freeman actually has people who can get open.

    On a side note, I heard today that Dom’s favorite store to shop at is Big Lots.

  10. Brad Says:

    and we got rid of ab why?

  11. Eric Says:

    Gotta be kidding, Nine catches the ENTIRE YEAR, with a good QB and coach.


  12. sonny Says:

    Come go get Brandon Marshall this is gettin ridicolous

  13. FuNkYxMuNkeY Says:

    Good move. Not a big move, but he does add depth and is better than anyone besides maybe SS. He will help challenge SS and the rookies we get. And for a 6th round next year even if it doesn’t work out oh well.

  14. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    I love it when a plan starts to come together !!

    Cut all the “old” 30 year olds, and then …trade for another 30 year old !!
    Dumbinik is Genius !!

    I have one word for you all: CHaaaampionsshiiiiipp !!!!!!!

  15. Eric Says:

    Remember, this offseason is about “helping five”.

  16. acharlot5 Says:

    i dont know why you guys are bashing this guy like he sucks. The eagles are clearly going with the young guys with d jackson, maclin, jason avant…numbers dont lie and this guy has put up good numbers except last year….Brown has totaled 177 receptions for 2,574 yards and 17 touchdowns, as well as 11 career rushes for 68 yards and one touchdown.
    Brown posted a career-high 61 catches, for 780 yards and four touchdowns in 2007. He notched a career-best eight touchdown receptions and a career-high 816 receiving yards in 2006 on 46 receptions. As a rookie in 2005, Brown led all NFL rookie wide receivers in receiving yards (571), ranked second in receptions (43) and third in receiving touchdowns (4).
    Lets show some real support for our team stop bashing the moves before this guy hits the field can he get a shot to prove himself?

  17. Mike J Says:

    I agree with acharlot5. Let’s see what this guy (& Bradley) can do in practice before we badmouth them. Brown was rated a 1st-rounder by “USA Today” pre-draft 1995. He had some injury problems, got in Reid’s doghouse, & was to a degree eclipsed by younger, more talented players.That doesn’t mean he can’t help the Bucs. Sometimes a change of scenery & coaching staff can revive a career.