Buccaneers Madness: James Wilder Region

March 19th, 2010

3 Responses to “Buccaneers Madness: James Wilder Region”

  1. LaughingCat Says:

    Hey Joe, what’s with all the polls? I’m confused. Cannot figure why I have to choose between Sapp and Dungy. Post more cheerleaders and optimistic Buc insight. (Optimism about the Bucs is hard to come by these days.)

  2. Joe Says:


    As Joe has written previously, Joe was inspired by his good friend Jason McIntyre, proprietor of TheBigLead.com and his annual Culture Tournament which takes place each March in honor of the NCAA hoops tournament.

    We’re well into round two, which is why you have the choices offered today. Joe only had one vote, otherwise, fetching Kayla would have advanced.

    You goobersmooches didn’t like her!!!

    Rat bastards! 🙂

  3. Eric S Says:

    Selmon was a beast on the field and one of the nicest guys off it. It is too bad that injuries cut short his career. The guy was great. I remember one Pro Bowl where they couldn’t block him and he won the MVP.

    Kinda surprised that the Brooks-Alstott is so lopsided. Alstott was clearly a more popular player here. Brooks though was a better player.

    Had to vote for Dungy. I just don’t like Sapp. I know he was a great player, but he was such a prick off the field. People forget that there was a lot bigger uproar over Lynch leaving than Sapp. I think a huge part about that is that Lynch is a nice guy, while Sapp isn’t.

    It would have been interesting if Williams was paired against Alstott. I probably would have voted for Williams for what he meant to the team. The guy was the unquestioned leader of the offense. When Culverhouse screwed him over in the contract talks, the team lost a bit of its soul. Then they started doing stupid stuff like trading a #1 draft pick for Jack Thompson. It is amazing how that one move by Culverhouse affected the team for a decade. Even though I am not a huge Glazers fan, I don’t think they would even stoop as low as Culverhouse did in those talks. There is a good reason why Tony Dorsett, Junior Seau, Bo Jackson, etc etc did not want to come here.

    That is why Dungy does deserve a lot of credit. He established a winning attitude in TB. 14 losing seasons in a row is hard to stomach. A lot of what ifs with this franchise. What if they drafted TD instead of R. Bell. What if they re-signed Doug Williams. What if Bill Parcells would have taken the job on either occasion he was offered it. What if we would have beaten the Rams in ’99 playoffs. I have no doubt that the Bucs would have destroyed the Titans in the SB that year. What if the spaz kicker made the game winning FG against GB that would have put the Bucs in much better playoff position. I do believe that Dungy did deserve his firing because the team seemed to be stuck in neutral and needed a spark. Just like I wasn’t too against the firing of Gruden because of the huge collapse of 2008. I would have been against it if I knew they are going to hire Morris though. That is another what if. What if the Glazers hired Bill Cowher for the 2009 season. Things would have been a lot different.