Bryant A Bengal: Film Didn’t Lie

March 10th, 2010

When Joe talked to Antonio Bryant in February, Bryant was very confident there would be demand for his services in free agency. And Bryant also was certain his 2009 performance on film, and his work ethic, would land him good money in a tough 2010 market.

Seems he was right.

The Bucs’ best receiver last year has found a home with a playoff team. That would be the Cincinnati Bengals.

His deal is reported to be for four years and $28 million, per the Cincinnati Enquirer. No word yet on guaranteed money. But Joe would guess that’s in the neighborhood of $12 million, or about 20 percent more than what the Bucs gave Michael Clayton last year.

Bryant dropped the “Film don’t lie,” line on Joe. So it’s funny how the Bengals apparently didn’t agree that Bryant caused interceptions.

Joe is very happy for Bryant, who seems to be a good, intense guy who might just be a little too intense — in a good way — at this point in his career.

Should sure be fun to see Ronde Barber or Aqib Talib matched up with him in the fall. Yes, the Bucs play the Bengals this year. 

36 Responses to “Bryant A Bengal: Film Didn’t Lie”

  1. Eric Says:

    Very little consolation for the Bengals after losing out to the Bucs on the Reggie Brown sweapstakes.

  2. Louie Says:

    At least a NFC South team didn’t sign him as we’d be seeing him make amazing catches twice a year. I just hope he doesn’t kill us when we play Cincy this year.

    Smooth move Dom!

  3. JTHV Says:

    We keep Clayton for AB money but not AB… I’m done with this Front Office.

    I’m gonna spend my dollars on the Rays until the Glazers fire these clowns and deploy some of the thousands and thousands of dead presidents that my friends, family and self has stockpiled for them in their offshore accounts over these last 5 brutally cheap seasons.

  4. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    He makes a perfect bengal.

    An asswipe THUG just like the rest of them. He’ll fill the deceased Henry’s shoes perfectly.

  5. Finerdetailz Says:

    The only asswipe is Dominik. What a dumbass move. All the screwed up shit this organization did last year, you would have thought they would have learned something.

  6. Eric Says:

    If, on our first offensive play from scrimage this year, the blocking icon breaks the huddle as one of our wideouts, even if the King of Turds is in as a second tight end, thats when we will know we have the biggest idiots in the NFL running our beloved bucs.

    Not that we don’t already strongly suspect it.

    Good luck AB, be careful not to make your new QB throw interceptions.

  7. tnew Says:

    He will fit in just fine as a #2. Which is what he needs to be at best. Never understood your infatuation with this guy. When you look at the money he commands there is much better spends for us. I don’t think he is the above mentioned THUG, I just don’t think he is all that.

  8. BigMacAttack Says:

    I hate to say this because I like Antonio and believe in his work ethic. I don’t think he’ll play against the Bucs because of his knee. It plagued him all season and I believe at 29 yrs old it will be a problem for the remainder of his career. Dominick knew this and cut his losses, but he could have traded Bryant if he was a little more contract savvy like his predecessor. Bryant still has mad skills but I doubt he’ll play more than 50% of the games every year, but will deposit 100% of the checks. Teams should do more thorough physicals on free agents, like they didn’t do on Angelo Crowell.

  9. Finerdetailz Says:

    Sorry but AB was not a number 2. He was a game changer. What the tape.
    Tnew are u related to Dominik? To get rid of your number one receiver is downright stupid.

  10. Finerdetailz Says:

    Watch the tape I meant.

  11. Louie Says:

    AB was the Bucs best receiver. Replacing that void is going to be a challenge. For a team that says it’s all about #5, they didn’t do Freeman any favors by letting AB walk.

  12. Finerdetailz Says:

    Watch the tape I meant. The Bengals are not going to pay a guy 7 mil a year if the dude has a bum knee. That was just last year and Fominik might be too stupid to know people heal ovet time.

  13. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    Let’s not forget; AB didn’t even play almost all last season…and when he did, half the time he was jogging through his routes like he didn’t give a shit.

    So really aren’t missing anything from last season , just keeping the same crappy WR core we had most that year…

  14. Finerdetailz Says:

    I need to quit typing while driving. I meant Dominik is stupid

  15. Finerdetailz Says:

    Omg Steve duemig not only is sticking up for Dominik but now he’s defending Clayton as well. Throw him in the dumbass catergory. I can’t believe my ears. Clayton is a bum. And should not be given another shot to make this team. What a joke. And we wonder how we went 3-13. And of course it’s grudens fault.

  16. Tommy Boy Says:

    I tell myself, “They know something we don’t about Bryant.”

    But seeing his contract, and how similar it is to Clayton’s, I begin to question exactly what they know and how intelligent it is. JTHV said it best, kept Clayton for AB money but not AB. We need a proven playmaker, and no Big Dog, Reggie Brown is not the answer.

    I still say we are going to go after Javon Walker post draft and make a trade offer for Deion Branch for a similar draft pick like we gave up for Brown. They fit the profile perfectly…were once good but are average below average at best and still better than what we currently have.

  17. Rich Says:

    Maybe Bryant was stunting Clayton’s growth. With Gruden and now the other reason Clayton was terrible is gone how could he not have a big year.

    Here is the press release, “Clayton is now free from the shadow Antonio Bryant casted upon him. With the firing of Gruden we thought Clayton would be better, but Bryant who was signed while Gruden was still the head coach made Clayton uncomfortable last year due to his ties to the fired head coach. All his demons have been exorcised and he will be the Bucs go to guy in 2010.”

  18. Eric Says:

    Perhaps AB’s numbers went down last year because he was playing with Byron Leftwich and two rookie qb’s and a coaching staff who did not know how to use him?

    Seems like in 2008, with a good QB and coaching staff he had no problems, well see what 2010 brings.

  19. bigrattler73 Says:


  20. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    I disagree Eric. His number’s were down because he was pouting like a little girl all season . Why?? Because he didn’t get his way and get a long term deal. Anyone who couldn’t read his pathetic body language last season was blind. Good riddance to him !

    The problem is not losing the crybaby , it’s because we aren’t making any efforts to replace him with someone better. We could have gotten Boldin, and none of us would even remember who AB is right now.

  21. Tj Tillman Says:

    as far as Talib holding his ownn he can look at his almost INT’s last year he almost had 9 ints instead of 5 He can be a top 10 Corner if he stop blowing his own horn

  22. Tommy Boy Says:

    Radio Mushmouth,

    We could if got Boldin…but we didn’t, which makes losing Bryant that much more dramatic. Maybe Bryant did sandbag it last season but how could you know for sure? Were you only watching him every play? The Bengals saw something in him that made them want him for 4 years. Now he is on a playoff team, with a better QB throwing to him. My money is on him showing us (Bucs brass) exactly what they let go. It sucks, because we know from multiple interviews that he wanted to be here so if we could pay Clayton that much money why not Bryant?

    Let’s all pray Dominik has someone better in mind.

  23. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    Let’s not forget , we got Bryant off the scrap heap. He was out of football for two seasons when we finally picked him up and gave him another chance.

    No one else even WANTED this guy as a training camp body. If it wasn’t for Jon Gruden , he’d probably STILL be at home , or playing for the Florida Tuskers.

    When you take that in to consideration , Tommy Boy , the chances are better that the Bengals get the bum version that the Cleveland Browns cut , rather then the Franchise Player of the 2008 season. We shall see.

  24. Louie Says:

    I don’t buy that AB was dogging it last season. He was injured and played even when he probably shouldn’t have been playing. He could easily have milked the injury and stayed off the field. Instead, he pushed hard to play.

  25. FuNkYxMuNkeY Says:

    I’m not sad about losing him. He sealed his fate when he called out Freeman last season. Not a smart move and if he doesn’t like the Franchise qb now what should sway his thoughts about him later?? I would like us to trade for Limas Sweed from Pit. and draft Benn, and either Shipley or Gilyard. That would atleast give us some competition in that position. And I think drafting Freddy Barnes in the 6th or 7th round would help out as well.

  26. FuNkYxMuNkeY Says:

    I do hope he does well in Cinci but I am glad to see him go. One great year ever doesn’t equate to 7 mil. and 4 years. Nor does our blocking phenom Clayton deserve it as well. We seriously need to cut him and move on!! Benn can block and his work ethic is awesome. I hope we get this guy. I think he will be the best WR in this draft class. IMO Him and Free would be great for eachother!! And add either Jahvid Best or McCluster should be done as well if possible! IMO

  27. tnew Says:

    Finer needs to watch the tape and quit listening to JBF all of the time. If you think that Bryant is a bonafide one in this league you are sadly mistaken. He was the number 2 for the bucs behind Winslow. The end of the ’08 season when he was playing for a contract he had a few really great games. The Panthers game may have been one of the best efforts by a Buc receiver in the history of the team, but he is a number 2, if you think he is going to get the bulk of the passes vs ochocinco you are grossly mistaken. Thing is when you look at his body, it won’t get healthier as he ages pouring 28 mil into him would be ludicrous.

    If you think this is all Dominik’s doing you are stoned. Ever been in a job that you had to over deliver with limited resources. When we find out if Dominik or Raheem are worth a flip maybe too late. As tight as the Glazers are keeping the purse strings we will never know. Given that Bryant is a luxury we can’t afford based on the budget Dominik has been given.

  28. Finerdetailz Says:

    Get a clue TNEW.. Winslow is a Tight end.. AB was our number one receiver.. and I will bet you he will have a better season than Ocho.. really,.. that guy is just a side show.. who doesn’t take the game serious.. And being that Ocho will be the number one target meaning he will be double teamed allowing AB to catch all the passes.. I really don’t think you know anything.

  29. Eric Says:

    One thing is sure, minus AB this team is worse now than when the season ended, and Mr. Dominik has his work cut out for him. Curing the 32nd ranked run defense AND getting a good number one receiver in the same draft is going to be a nifty trick.

    Unless of course someone believe the group we have now for five will suffice.

  30. Nick Says:

    Radiomushmouth the problem is I am convinced that Dominick and Raheem will not sign anymore WR free agents and they are betting on the draft and Reggie Brown. Such a calculation would be a tragic mistake for the 2010 season. This team does NOT get it when it comes to talent. The mere fact they locked up Clayton for 5 years but did not even give AN OFFER to Bryant is ridiculous. This regime has made so many blunders in its first year we are the laughing stock of the league. If I listed their screw ups we would be here all night. The ownership has fans that hate them stretching over two continents. What the hell else do you need?

  31. bucfanjeff Says:

    AB is a talented WR and yes, he was responsible for a couple of the INT’s.
    He will be missed, but it’s over with now..let’s move on.

  32. David Says:

    Story just in. “BUCS FIRE STROUGHTER FOR STUNTING CLAYTON’S GROWTH.” Actually, I think this is a bad move for the Bengals. Bryant and (15’s) egos will definitely clash. Bryant has always wanted to be the No.1 receiver.

  33. OAR Says:

    bucfanjeff, Did you just say AB was responsible for Freeman’s INT’s? LOL!

  34. OAR Says:

    Wonder how many INT’s AB will make Palmer throw? LOL! You know he’s tired of Ocho Stinko or Mush, causing all of his INT’s!

  35. d-money Says:

    Did anyone ever consider that this is a bad signing for the Bengals? Their track record as an orginization isn’t exactly the greatest.


    Bryant may not have directly caused Freemans INT’s but his bitching about not getting the ball thrown his way was a big reason why they tried to open up the offense before Josh was ready. In that Carolina game Freeman was forcing the ball to Bryant on at least three of the INT’s

  36. OAR Says:

    I see Byrant was twisting Freeman’s arm, per-say? Well that just shows another reason, I’m not that impressed with Freeman as QB.