Brandon Marshall To The Bucs? “Maybe”

March 2nd, 2010

Since the Bucs last week cut loose their best wide receiver, Antonio Bryant, the offense is in more of a dire need for a receiver than Joe is a cold Caybrew and the caress of Rachel Watson.

Consider the Bucs top receivers on the current roster are Sammie Stroughter, Mo Stovall and noted blocking icon Michael Clayton.

Though Joe loves the prospects of Stroughter and the hustle of Stovall, with that gaggle of receivers, does anyone expect quarterback Josh Freeman to complete 50 percent of his passes?

Vacation Man of has been involved in a project that the Soviet-based site is working on, trying to find out where aggravated Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall will land.

Vacation Man believes, if Marshall is to play in the NFC South next season, the Bucs are the best shot.

That left Tampa Bay, and I threw that scenario out to Williamson as a “maybe.’’ It’s probably a long shot because of Marshall’s baggage and the Bucs don’t want to part with any of the 10 draft picks they’ve accumulated for this year. But they have a desperate need for a No. 1 wide receiver after announcing Antonio Bryant wouldn’t be back. Marshall is a better receiver than Bryant ever was, and he certainly would be a nice toy for quarterback Josh Freeman.

But would the Bucs be willing to take on Marshall’s baggage, even if the price tag is reasonable?

That’s why I threw it out there as a “maybe.’’ The Bucs traded for tight end Kellen Winslow, who had some history of trouble, last year. As far as we know, Winslow was on his best behavior last season and he played well. Maybe coach Raheem Morris thinks he can pull off something similar with Marshall.

Just maybe.

If the Bucs are not willing to part with any draft picks, that means for the Bucs to land Marshall, they would have to trade someone else in order to land a draft pick or two to compensate for the loss of a pick in acquiring Marshall.

Joe wonders who that player could be? Hey, if Mark Dominik could con the Bears into coughing up a second round pick for a guy that couldn’t start for one of the NFL’s worst defenses, Joe wonders what Dominik might to able to thieve from a team for Michael Clayton?

5 Responses to “Brandon Marshall To The Bucs? “Maybe””

  1. Jonny Says:

    Do it Dom, so many BS comments about moving up and getting Suh by giving up 2nds, getting Dez at #3 and all, why not trade two 2nds for a receiver who need not be coached to become good, but is already very good. Baggage? Every good receiver has some, even Hines Ward showed his baggage last year and it was ugly.

    Marshall was never a bad team mate, his teammates like him, QBs love him.

  2. JDouble Says:

    Remember the glory days of having a high character team that you could be proud of on and off the field, with guys like Brooks, Barber, Dunn, Alstott, ect ?
    This is not the way to get back to those glory days.

  3. Louie Says:

    Damn! VM was able to write something about the Bucs that didn’t involve defending the Glazers lack of spending.

    Bucs dumped AB because of “baggage”. It would be hypocritical for them to trade for Marshall. I think they will actually draft a WR to replace AB. I hope that works out, but the odds are against it.

  4. Eric Says:

    Nah, we can’t have an experienced receiver of proven ability. We gotta go with “Stroughter and somebody” and “grow together”. This is known as “helping five”.

  5. Tom Says:

    Much as people want to praise Dominik for the 2nd round steal from the Bears. Let’s not act like he made water into wine here. Gaines Adams was a top five pick two and a half years before he was dealt for pennies on that dollar and managed to produce mediocre sack numbers to give the illusion of potential.

    Did the Bears not do their homework and make a bad deal? Obviously. But going from the Adams trade to thinking CLAYTON and his five years of pathetic production has trade value? Are you out of your freaking mind?!

    One of the reasons Dominik is considered a joke of a GM by other NFL people is the Clayton deal he made. You think someone is going to give him a draft pick for the right to pay that turd 7 million next year?

    Hey, while we’re at it. maybe Dominik can sell the Mike Nugent contract he signed on Ebay for a good price too. I’m sure the cash-strapped Glazers would appreciate the extra income.