Adam Schein Laughs At The Bucs Receivers

March 17th, 2010

Adam Schein, of Sirius NFL Radio, has been a loud critic of the Bucs since the purge of last spring, when Derrick Brooks, Warrick Dunn and Ike Hilliard, among others, were thrown into the streets by the Bucs.

Such a vocal critic of the Bucs’ hierarchy, Schein, on a recent airing of the show he co-hosts, “The Blitz,” went so far as to call the Bucs one of the worst, if not the worst, organization in the NFL.

Tuesday, while co-hosting with Rich Gannon, Schein couldn’t contain his disdain.

In recent days, when a caller phoned in with a Bucs question, Schein would let Gannon take the heat. As Gannon fielded yet another call from yet another frustrated Bucs fan, Gannon, while breaking down the Bucs’ draft plans, said, “Right now your top two receivers you are looking at are Reggie Brown as your No. 1 receiver playing opposite of Michael Clayton.”

Schein couldn’t hold back. Upon hearing who the Bucs will start at receiver if the season began today, Schein exclaimed, “Boy… oh… boy!” It was as if Joe could hear his dad react after Joe got into trouble (again).

Joe could just picture Schein shaking his head in disbelief.

Then, Schein guffawed.

That is what the Bucs have become in the eyes of the national media, and one member working for the national flagship of the NFL no less!

The Bucs corps of receivers have become a laughingstock.

Gannon did make a very interesting, salient point. If Bucs general manager Mark Dominik sticks with this current crew of receivers (Joe cannot fathom that happening), then the Bucs better load up on offensive linemen in the draft Gannon cautioned.

“They need to help Freeman,” Gannon said. “They have to get better on the offensive line. You’ve got Donald Penn and not much else.”

Gannon added, if the Bucs don’t add any more receivers “then you’re going to have to protect your young quarterback, Freeman.”

19 Responses to “Adam Schein Laughs At The Bucs Receivers”

  1. d-money Says:

    I’m tired of Rich Gannon and Adam Schein. Rich Gannon is just pissed that his boy Gruden got fired and Adam Schein is a putz.

    While I’m not completely happy with the Bucs recievers right now I seriously doubt that there won’t be some additions the remainder of the off season.

    It’s the off season. What does it matter what the roster looks like on March 17th? And people saying that Reggie Brown was brought in to be a #1 just make themselves sound like they really don’t know what they are talking about.

  2. jfgobucs Says:

    How much ball did this Adam clown play…

    But …have we again become the Laughing stock of the NFL….Geeez

  3. Eric Says:


    Your not “completely happy” with the bucs receiving corp?

    If you were, id suggest a call to 911.

  4. LaughingCat Says:

    The atmosphere reminds my of Culverhouse. Draft Vinny the Savior but give him no weapons. Then call him a bust.

  5. Louie Says:

    Let’s just face it, we’ve gone from a proud franchise to a laughing stock in one short year. That’s pretty hard to do, but the Glazerhouse’s found a way to do it.’

    I really don’t get Dominik. He’s committing career suicide by allowing himself to be a Glazerhouse puppet.

  6. justin F Says:

    if our owners were not 1.17 billion dollars in debt imagine the wr we could get to help freeman

  7. Lakeland Bob Says:

    Somebody needs to tell this clown what the word rebuilding means.Adam the clown Schein wil be talking out of the other side of his mouth when the Bucs turn the corner and start playing good football again.(Idiot).

  8. Eric Says:

    I suppose “rebuilding” at one buc place means taking the risk that you can find a bona fide number one AND number two receiver for the franchise QB either in the draft or the secondary post draft free agent market.

    The mere act of bringing the ‘blocking icon” into camp is laughable enough.

  9. Jake Says:

    The truth hurts, doesnt it? Dont disagree with Schein or Gannon.

  10. bucfanjeff Says:

    I don’t like them either, but it’s true.

  11. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    “Jake Says:

    March 17th, 2010 at 10:49 am
    The truth hurts, doesnt it? Dont disagree with Schein or Gannon.”

    You agree what all we have on the offensive line is Donald Penn?? That is frankly a dumb ass comment.

    Jeff Faine and Davin Joseph anyone??

  12. the_buc_realist Says:

    We are picking Number 3 overall in the draft. We went 3-13. Nuff said. We deserve the criticism.

  13. Chuck Says:

    Yep, we do. Just like Miami did 2 years ago. I am not saying we will have the same results, but you never can tell this far out. This is how sports talk works, bust on the teams that performed badly and boast about the teams that did well. People then think you are smart because you have stated the obvious. The season is NOT starting today, so this is a moot point anyway. Man, more and more like TBO…I may have to take a break from Joe’s site for a while…but you know I will not Joe!

  14. Eric Says:


    Are you suggesting we all just blindly wait for two years and see if the plan works?

    As to the current receiving corp being a Moot point because it is March, I beg to differ. Decisions in March have an impact on September. For example we have, IMO, created a huge hole in our receiving corp by not signing AB. That has led a situation where we are absolutely forced to go wideout early in this draft, when we had other needs.

    Perhaps you agree with that decision, which is your right, but it surely wasnt inconsequential. Isnt that what Joebucsfan is all about? Differing points of view?

  15. Chuck Says:

    @Eric…It si what the site is about, and I did not mean people should not voice their opinion. I am just sick of people being negative just to be negative…maybe I spent too much time on the papers this morning.

    I actually agree with you about AB, and I hope we make some moves at WR. My point is you can pick out parts of any organization right now that if the season started today they would be in trouble. The fact is that the season did not start today, and while time is of the essance, we all of the teams have time to finish their teams…for better or worse.

    My post above was more about the media than the other posters…my earlier one on Jones was more to the posters.

    All teams rebuild, and it usually takes a few years. I would not get your hopes up for a turn around in 2010, but I sure do hope we get to see it. Anyway, I enjoy reading everyones posts…

    See, I told you I would be back!

  16. OAR Says:

    Hmmmm…Let’s see, we have at WR (2)5 year wanna-be’s, (1)7 year hands-of-stone, and (1)2 year 7th rounder-that-could-be. So adding another 6 year wanna-be is right on target. Now that’s a receiving corp, LOL!

  17. Eric Says:


    Were good, and I hope they get better also. Dang, i don’t think I can live through another one like last year.

  18. Chuck Says:

    @Eric…You are not kidding there! I made it through the 80’s, but never want to see that again.

  19. Mark Says:

    I’m not happy with the current WR situation. I’m sure it will be addressed come draft day with picks and maybe trades.

    Schein is a loud tool who hates everything Bucs. Always have and always will -it biases everything he says about the team.

    Dude’s barely qualified as a ‘sports analyst’.