Vacation Man Never Believed Rams Trade Rumors

February 24th, 2010
Vacation Man of suggests career back up Josh Johnson has little to no trade value.

Vacation Man suggests career back up Josh Johnson has little trade value.

A lot of Bucs fans became overly excited over the weekend and it had nothing to do with a chance encounter with Rachel Watson.

Rather, Bucs fans got worked up over rumors the Bucs were trying to flop first round draft picks with the Rams to acquire the overall No. 1 draft choice, and sending “career backup” quarterback Josh Johnson and a third round pick to the Lambs.

Vacation Man of never bought it. He explains in an NFC South mailbag.

Brian in Tampa Bay writes: There are a lot of rumors floating around about the Bucs being in talks with the Rams to send their 3rd and 1st round picks, along Josh Johnson, to the Rams for the 1st overall pick. Is this just a load of you-know-what or is there actually some truth in these rumors?

Pat Yasinskas: Rumors are rumors and my bosses have rules against us doing too much speculating in this turf. But let me just say this: Who really thinks Josh Johnson has any trade value?

Never mind that Rams general manager Billy Devaney shot down the rumors — but confessed wanting to talk with Bucs general manager Mark Dominik.

In the hours prior to the combine, Joe is starting to become weary of all the rumors. That doesn’t mean he will not report any.

10 Responses to “Vacation Man Never Believed Rams Trade Rumors”

  1. OAR Says:

    Hey Pat, who really thought 4th round Luke McCown would have had a trade value?

  2. zech Says:

    I think beacauz jj started a number of games I think they can get a 2nd and a 3round pick for josh johnson!

  3. FlBoy84 Says:

    Exactly OAR. Josh seems to have the tools that could help him succeed in the league with proper coaching and reps. I think his trade value may be higher than expected.

  4. jvato24 Says:

    Hey Mr. Expert Yakinsas … Ill bet you he has trade value

  5. Eric Says:

    It appears that the only player anybody even might possibly want from the Bucs is the back up QB.

    Whats that tell ya?

  6. OAR Says:

    Had Raheem not drafted Freeman, I would have loved to watch Josh develop through last year. I thought he looked like he was improving with the little time he did start.

  7. d-money Says:

    My question is tis,

    Why would the Bucs trade JJ when they have no other QB’s on the roster besides Freeman? That would be ridiculous.

    They’re not going to trade the only backup they have before they have an idea who they can get to replace him.

  8. zech Says:

    Who can the bucs get to replace jj a better veteran like pennington. And then they can sign some rookie as third string!

  9. d-money Says:

    That’s true Zech. But there is no guarantee that they can sign Pennington. Thay had better be sure before they go cutting loose the only backup they have.

  10. RustyRhino Says:

    Oar, I totally agree with your statement about Josh Johnson, I hope we keep him. Get him more reps and give him QUALITY reps in our OTA’s and Mini Camp.. Something he has not really ever had. If for nothing else than to be able to keep our Offence the same, in reguards to Roll Outs and the occasional Qb sweep. I think both Josh’s run very very well! a nice weapons to have.
    But then again i wanted this and we had another very good running QB no not Grandpa Garcia, McCown is a very good running QB and with our line it sometimes looks like they need that. But that is history. Good luck Luke.

    what did we end up with again instead of Luke? Oh yeah Leadfoot Leftwich….