Sears Lifting, But Not Talking

February 13th, 2010

Pat “Vacation Man” Yasinskas, of, who Joe was pleased to chat with at the Super Bowl, is offering an update on Arron Sears.

In November, Sears returned to the Bucs out of shape after about six months in mysterious isolation. Raheem The Dream explained back then that Sears was working out to get into preseason football shape and that he was far from that fitness level. 

Per Vacation Man, Mark Dominik said Sears is regularly working out at One Buc Palace and is on track for participating in the mandatory May OTA sessions, the first of the offseason.  

Guard Arron Sears, who missed all of last season due to what the team has repeatedly referred to as a private matter, has been working out at One Buccaneer Place. That’s a positive sign because Sears is working out on his own, long before the rest of the team begins offseason conditioning. Dominik said the goal is for Sears to be in football shape for mandatory workouts in May and June and have him at 100 percent for the start of training camp.

Joe is happy for Sears. Surely, if there were serious problem, Dominik wouldn’t have made such a positive comment.

However, Joe remains skeptical because Sears has yet to talk to the media and the Bucs have yet to release the slightest peep about what happened to him.

Joe understands the Bucs have labeled Sears’ issues a “private matter.” But at some point Sears has to address it. He plays in the NFL, and he’s not the last guy on the bench. He won’t be hidden for long.

Joe just thinks Sears might be best served by addressing what happened sooner rather than later.  And Joe hopes the fact that there is still mystery surrounding him doesn’t mean he’s still battling whatever drove him to leave the team.

24 Responses to “Sears Lifting, But Not Talking”

  1. RastaMon Says:

    Trade is azz….

  2. Kirk Says:

    I don’t think the man owes anyone other than his employer an explanation. Just because fans buy tickets and support the team doea not mean we have the right to demand answers about private matters. I don’t care what happened. Just hope Mr. Sears comes back healthy and in shape ready to play. If not well, send him home.

  3. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    Kirk, he doesn’t owe anyone. But given the media coverage, Sears can’t avoid this until he talks about it, even in a very small scale. The worry here is about the secrecy. It’ll be a big stress off his back, I imagine, once he addresses it. No matter how small the scale. Or the Bucs could do the talking for him.

  4. RastaMon Says:

    trade his azz…..
    I wish him well otherwise….
    this ain’t the team for him

  5. Kirk Says:

    Anytime a public figure refuses to share his or her problems openly, there will always be a stress factors, because the press just won’t leave it alone. I would imagine Mr. Sears will have his say when he is ready.

  6. RastaMon Says:

    “. I would imagine Mr. Sears will have his say when he is ready.”
    I’m a phat phuck and blew the biggest opportunity of my life….and blew the biggest opportunity of my life….and blew the biggest opportunity of my life….and blew the biggest opportunity of my life….
    go away !

  7. Kirk Says:

    MY guess is the rastamon lives a perfect life and figures all the rest of us must also. Dude, you need to pull your head out of your azz and live and let live. Leave the guy alone. He is young and may or may not recover, but he didn’t blow anything. Mr. Sears will play again and play well, either here or somewhere else.

  8. RastaMon Says:

    I am far from perfect…it is time for Aaron to move on
    this is strictly Buccaneer related…..
    I have the utmost compassion for life struggles which can and do present themselves in life when least expecting…..
    there are 31 other teams and this ship don’t need any more barnacles..
    Lord have mercy….

  9. BigMacAttack Says:

    Who gives a shit where Aaron was? Water under the bridge. If he’s back, great, be positive and move on. Much bigger fish to catch and fry in F-Agency & the Draft. Bon appetite

  10. RastaMon Says:

    the guy dropped out of the march …..another time another team…..
    but this TEAM is forming and ….
    is starting at the bottom of the mountain and has no room for guys that can’t carry their weight
    from 2 years ago….
    the guy had a baggage rap when drafted…..
    gear up
    move out
    troops !

  11. mpmalloy Says:

    This is good.

    We need all the quality linemen we can get for our buddy Freeman.

    Sears is a quality lineman.

  12. buckeyebob Says:

    If Tiger does not choose to address the public why should
    Sears. He owes us nothing in the way of an explnation. His reason for being out of football is not something fans (ha) need to know. If he got hurt playing ball then fine we might need some info. As this is a personal matter then it should be left alone. Hope he can get back into football shape and help us….if not then my guess he is gone and all of you will not have to concern youselfs with his private matter.

  13. Tommy Boy Says:

    Given the fact that he is back and ge Bucs have welcomed him back shows that the coaches and front office hasn’t “geared up and moved out” on Sears. So neither should us fans. He was on his way to Pro Bowl type play before the personal matter derailed him. I’m glad he is back and is putting in the hard work to get in shape in time for OTAs. Good luck Sears we surely missed you.

  14. Joe Says:


    If Tiger does not choose to address the public why should

    Taxpayers don’t cough up hundreds of millions of dollars to finance playpens for golfers.

    Those same playpens indirectly help pay for Sears and his teammates to enjoy their seven- and six-figure salaries, not to mention their place of employment.

    Simply put, people who crave privacy shouldn’t work in the public eye.

  15. Mike J Says:

    You put yourself by your career choice in the public eye, you are going to get publicity; comes with the territory, along with the money & benefits you get. If you don’t like it, retire & drive a truck.
    Having said that, this could be good news if Sears is serious about returning to play. In a worst-case scenario, the Bucs would still be at status quo ante with Zuttah. Takes some pressure off in the draft.

  16. drdneast Says:

    (Kirk) displays good insight in regards to this problem. Anyone who thinks Sears owes anyone an explanation other than his employer or the NFL is a pompous jerk. Tell me you clowns, when your wife cracks you over the head and KO’s you with an empty Old Forrester bottle because you made a pass at her sister, do you just call in sick to your roofing job the next day, or do you tell your boss and all your freinds the entire story. What a pack of hayseeds.

  17. buckeyebob Says:

    DRD is spot on. Just because you voted to fund a stadium does not mean you have a God given right to look into a mans life problem. He did not take a single dime from your pocket just the owners. He owes only mgmt the truth not you bottom feeders.

  18. Joe Says:


    You can’t be more wrong. Where you do think the Glazers get money to pay salaries? Money from the luxury boxes and seats in the stadium and the $8 beers paid for by both taxpayers and fans.

    Sears can have a nice quiet, private life any time he chooses. But if he’s going to play hide-and-seek in a very public position, he has at least come forward to explain why he wasn’t around yet still being paid.


    When said roofer is paid indirectly by taxpayers and millions of people pay to watch him work, then yes, that’s when his private life is affecting his public job.

    A roofer is a private job. An NFL player is very much a public job when his place of employment is bankrolled by the public and much of the same public pays (heavily) to watch him work.

    Guys like Aqib Talib and Tanard Jackson had to face the music, even though they showed up for work every day. If Joe was those two players, he’d be pissed that Sears doesn’t even show up for work, yet gets paid and the team covers for him.

  19. BigMacAttack Says:

    who drinks Old Forrester?

  20. Cody Says:

    It’s time he addresses this. If he’s got some sort of mental illness, that’s fine, they have medication to help deal with it, but there are alot of Bucs fans out here that would love to show some support if only we knew what the problem was.

  21. Kirk Says:

    Joe, Mr. Sears as far as we know, broke no law. The only thing that was put in print was that he had a personal problem. If he broke the law, we would know it. If Mr. Sears had a problem with depression or some other emotional problem, then why in the world would anyone find that interesting. The man is back to work. Joe, there are lots of roofers in this town taking tax payer money repairing roof systems on schools and other public buildings. Mr Sears owes me nothing. I wish him well.

  22. Kirk Says:

    Cody, why can’t you just show support regardless. The man broke no law as far we know. I work for a local government agency. My personal problems are none of your business. If I break the law, I get what I get. This town and it’s so called fans just want something to bitch about. If Mr. Sears was to talk about his problem, the roaches will come out of the woodwork to hammer him. Leave the dude alone.

  23. Cody Says:

    Kirk, I do support him 100% regardless. I’ve got some friends that have some mental illnesses and they have a really tough time every now and then. The biggest thing is for them to good people to lean on in those times. I wish Aaron Sears all the best and am looking forward to seeing him in our starting lineup again next year.

  24. BigMacAttack Says:

    Take a roofer to lunch.

    If your roofer has mental illness, make sure he doesn’t jump off the roof into the shallow end of the pool.

    Roofers and Budweiser, an American tradition.