Report: Weed And Alcohol In Gaines’ System

February 13th, 2010

A local newspaper in South Carolina requested the toxicology test results done on Gaines Adams by the local coroner. And those results show Adams had marijuana and trace trace amounts of alcohol in his system when he died, per a breaking Associated Press report this evening.

The coroner says these facts have nothing to do with Adams’ death resulting from a heart attack caused by an enlarged heart.

Before being drafted No. 4 overall by the Bucs in 2007, Adams admitted to smoking weed during his college days at Clemson. And apparently he continued to enjoy a casual toke.

Joe’s not going to sit here and blast him.

It would be nice to think NFL players would be smarter than that, but Joe suspects a healthy percentage of them are getting high tonight.

18 Responses to “Report: Weed And Alcohol In Gaines’ System”

  1. RastaMon Says:

    why are you posting this……

  2. Jerrjenn2 Says:

    Nice Pic!

  3. Dub Says:

    Usually love every post, but this is a pointless article…

  4. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    It’s all over the national sports sites. It’s being posted here because we closely covered Adams’ death and the Bucs attending his funeral.

    That about sums it up. So it’s really not completely pointless.

  5. George C. Costanza Says:

    i thought he was the 4th pick.

    also, i don’t have a problem w/ the post; Gaines was a public figure and the result of the toxicology test is of interest to some football fans.

  6. buckeyebob Says:

    The man is dead…let the dead rest. He was not on our team for most of the year. Not of interest to us.

  7. PEDRO SILVA Says:


  8. JOSH P Says:

    the post was fine… its not like Joe was trying to slander the guy… i read it and my thoughts on Gaines Adams didn’t change, i already assume that about 30% to 40% of NFL players are smoking(so what) and last i checked he was over 21..

  9. JoeMurgia Says:

    You’re not going to blast him? That’s very noble of you.

    Nice photo of marijuana. Very classy.

  10. Fred Says:

    Did you take that picture on the center console of your car or is that on your coffee table? Looks like some of Vancouver’s finest. Enjoy it!

  11. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    **JoeMurgia — Thanks for the compliments. …Whether you like it or not, Adams having marijuana in his system, for some, will spur discussion of NFL players and marijuana.

    **Fred — It’s just a picture from Google images.

  12. Jorge Says:

    That’s nice…Thanks for letting us Know…I don’t know how i would have slept tonight if I didn’t know an NFL player smoked pot…Next your going to tell me NBA guys partake…

    Just got this off of Reuters: Tiger Woods sleeps around!

    This must be the TMZ portion of the site…

    I didn’t even like Gaines, but DAMN…

    Next posting is going to be about Ed Werder poking around his trash cans…

  13. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    WHy is he posting this ???

    ummm…. because it’s the truth.

    Why are you , as a fan , trying to hide it??

    It’s tragic that he died, but it’s also a fact he was a lazy pothead. Deal with it.

  14. Matt Says:

    why are people getting so bent out of shape about this article? Joe is not tarnishing adams name in any way he is just stating the facts. Anyone that is famous and dies these reports eventually come out. If anyone tarnished gaines name, it was gaines for using a illegal drug. Quite frankly ive got no problem with marijuana at all and think it should be legalized…but if your a NFL star getting paid millions of dollars a year to perform on the football field maybe you shouldnt being using a drug that makes you lazy and uncoordinated. After saying all that this article makes me think nothing less of gaines…ill always remember him as great guy and a great team mate who was a underachiever on the football field. RIP GAINES

  15. JK Says:

    I don’t think pot effects your performance as much as pain pills do. I would venture to say a portion of players in the league take some form of medication for pain.

  16. BigMacAttack Says:

    Smoke em if you got em…

  17. Dave Says:

    This page is better than porn,I swear. Carmella,Cheereaders,and now this pic. Can you put up a pics only version?

  18. ADAM Says:

    i always wondered why gaines adams favorite band was the grateful dead….it never made sense…but now its all coming together….he was a 60’s child caught in another era….didnt he have long hair and all….the kid was blunted out and simply couldnt get to the qb because of it…always huffin and puffin from them big bong hits……he was good at hittin the bong not the qb….rip gaines… what if you loved weed more than pigskin…that was your choice brother of another….adam from ny