Rams Like Josh Johnson

February 20th, 2010

As the quarterback-strapped Rams sniff around to overhaul their offense, it seems they like what they smell in 23-year-old. Josh Johnson, Raheem The Dream’s “career backup.”

Chris Steuber, of Scout.com/FOXSports.com, is reporting the Bucs and Rams have discussed the Rams trading the No. 1 pick for the Bucs’ No. 3 overall pick plus the Bucs’ third round pick and Josh Johnson.

Again, these discussions have been exploratory, as the Rams continue to investigate all of their options, but the deal involving the Rams and Bucs first round picks and Tampa Bay’s third round pick, not one of their second-round picks, is where it gets interesting.

A source close to the situation in St. Louis told me that if a deal with the Eagles can’t be consummated prior to the draft, they may take the Bucs third round pick over one of their second round picks, because they’re “very high” on third-year quarterback Josh Johnson, who they would insist being in a potential trade with Tampa Bay.

Joe sincerely hopes Mark Dominik laughed — at least on the inside — at the Rams executive who pitched him this deal. The Bucs are in no position to give up a third round pick, and Johnson definitely has value as a backup quarterback.

Plus, Johnson may be one of the Bucs’ answers at wide receiver. Remember? Johnson was a secret receiver weapon in training last season before the braintrust decided to make him the starting QB.

Joe suspects Johnson could catch at least 16 balls like Michael Clayton did last year, for about 90 percent less money.

30 Responses to “Rams Like Josh Johnson”

  1. adam Says:

    snag the freaky tebow in the 2nd or 3rd round…..after jj is gone…..he is a project anyway…and sign pennington……….do some trades and get more seconds and 3rds….to draft an lb…..a wr…..and so on….but if you grab suh and tebow in the draft the hoopla surrounding the bucs would be off the hook…….there is a good chance the glazers would have giant pictures of them streamlining down the sides of the stadium on the dale mabry side as the bucs season ticket waiting list would begin to grow deep again……we would suddenly have buccaneer fever hitting an all time pitch again……this draft could get very interseting…..adam from ny

    ps let them have jj…..he had a chance to secure the qb spot and proved he is “rah’s” career back up…….they watched him every day….and im pretty sure the rams are just willing to take the gamble and hope to develop him…….that might mean the rams arent really interested in the qb’s offered in this years draft……also i see jj at best as another arron brooks type….and thats not bad because brooks had a few pretty good seasons.

  2. adam Says:

    joe the deal is good….as long as domink pulls some trades for extra picks….swap out ward, clayton, possibly ruud for picks….ruud and ward might get 2nds and 3rd in trade value to teams needing their services badly……so then you are just sort of swapping jj and the 3rd pick for the 1st….i think its ok if like i said, dominik creates more 2nd and 3rd rounders as well…otherwise yes we are giving just a bit much to the rams…..adam from ny

  3. adam Says:

    joe we need star power…….we have many picks and if the scouts do their jobs correctly we can draft star power in suh and tebow as well as fill many holes…thus bolstering the team as well as getting some young leaders in here as well as a huge buzz around the team……who knows what you do with tebow once you get him…but hes a winner and a leader…..if necessary you hire extra coaches to get the boy more nfl ready…..and if necessary create a tweener position for the kid…..make him into a pat white/alstott hybrid…..parcells would know what to do with him….i dunno…im reaching……but i want this team to get its dynamic vibe back like it had around 2002………adam from ny

  4. bucfanlostiniowa Says:

    I suggested that trade on Buc-Em and Turf show times awhile back pretty funny.

  5. adam Says:

    also im not suggesting tebow eventually start and press on freebird’s job….i want him to come off the bench…create specialty plays for him for a while and work on his mechanics for a long long time…..make him into a freaky hybrid type as the nfl has gone in that direction…….expand on it…get creative……and if the more they work with him, and the less he develops as a qb, then the more you abuse the kids body and let him take hits out there doing the other things since his qb status has dropped…..the hell with gerhart at stanford….use a hybrid tebow as a part time offensive player lining up at qb….10 plays a game….it would throw defenses for a loop…it sounds crazy but on the right team with very experienced coaches it would work….im not so sure in tampa it would with a team oozing inexperience from the players all the way to the coaches……….adam from ny

    imagine tebow lines up at qb……then they switch to the wildcat…..dexter mccluster takes the snap……tebow in motion making a double tight end set……..while mccluster runs behind them with graham blocking as well as the o line….lil mccluster zigs through a hole for a gain of 18

  6. YearOBucsfan Says:

    I have been a supporter of Morris and Dominik throughout last year, but if they draft Tebow, I will be sorely disappointed in them both. To me, a Tebow pick is just a move to sell tickets to blind Gator fans. That would surely show a lack of real commitment to a winning future.

  7. Eric S Says:

    I would take the trade in a second. A chance to get Suh for just a 3rd and a backup. Sign me up.

    Here is my dream scenario. Do that trade listed above. Draft a WR and S in the 2nd round. Sign Karlos Dansby. I have not heard anyone mention him as a possibility. The LB corps of Dansby, Ruud and Hayes would be very good and a lot more athletic. Sign or trade for another WR. This has to be done. Sign Pennington as a backup QB. Not the strongest of arms, but he can get the job done if needed.

    Hope that Aaron Sears comes back and is ready to play. That would be huge for the OL. Many considered him as our best OL before last season. I would also possibly draft a RB in the 4th round. Need some new blood in there. I don’t see the Bucs trading or releasing Ward. They paid all that money to him so the Bucs could reach the salary cellar, so why not see what he can do after another year in the system. If he is still a whiny bitch, then cut him during the season. People seem to forget that he has a large contract, so he has no trade value.

    It is interesting that I have seen 2 draft analysts now say the Bucs will select the USF DE. I get very nervous when I read a DE has freakish athletic ability, but doesn’t always bring it on game day. Thoughts of Gaines Adams and Eric Curry dance in my head. I frankly do not want another high draft pick wasted on a guy based on potential. It is tragic that Adams died, but the fact remains that he did not produce when he was here. If Eric Berry is supposed to be so good, then draft him at #3. Let’s not reach for someone just because there is a need.

  8. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    3 words :

    Pull the trigger !

  9. Louie Says:

    No! Don’t give the Rams a QB. Make them draft Bradford at #1 so McCoy will fall to us (assuming Lions pick Suh).

  10. gotbbucs Says:

    So essentially a 3rd and a 5th(J. Johnson) for the #1 pick. That’s not bad at all. The only problem is I don’t think we have anybody worth enough to get back that 3rd round pick that we don’t need to keep. None of our RB’s are worth a 3rd, Ruud probably is but I think having Suh or McCoy in front of him would get him back to possible Pro Bowl form. Either one of those DT’s would eventually make everybody on this defense better.

  11. Eric Says:

    You know Josh Johnson played pretty well considering he was put in during the time the Dream decided to start developing a back up QB in the middle of the season, a most unusual move……………but hey maybe the Dream is dumb like a fox and just wanted film on the guy for a future trade…….

  12. Eric Says:

    then again maybe this weed im smoking is a little strong………………….

  13. Tommy Boy Says:

    3 words:

    Oh hell no!

    Plus signing a number one overall pick will require garaunteed upfront money. We all know that is not something te Glazers can and/or are willing to do. Trade down if anything and pick up more picks. This team has too many needs to be trading away high draft picks.

  14. wayne Says:

    Eric, enjoy your posts. But for you to say that Morris is dumb like a fox is just a bit much. If the Rams want to trade, then give them JJ and keep the 3rd round pick. I think they will take the QB no matter where they pick. If they get our 3rd pick it will be the same as them picking #1 because they know who Detroit & the Bucs are going to pick already. And their QB will still be sitting there for them. And they get a good back-up to boot! Don’t give up any of our picks!

  15. Eric Says:


    But wouldnt they have to worry about the Skins trading up with Detroit and snatching Bradford?

  16. RastaMon Says:

    seems to me like a swap and JJ….is an even deal…..
    no way tossing in a 3 pick….

  17. Buuuccscsallday Says:

    If yu want jj to be a wr Joe might As while draft another wr. Instead of taking a chance from a qb changing a poistion which he might not be good another At wr spot. Sammy did great! Trade jj

  18. Gatorgod Says:

    Think Joe was kidding about the whole receiver thing.

  19. Eric S Says:

    There is no way the Rams give up the #1 pick for Josh Johnson. You people are crazy. Just like no one will give up anything of value for Ward. Reading the rumors out there, there could be several backs for the taking. Back like Thomas Jones, Marion Barber, Lendale White, Willis McGahee and even possibiltiy DeAngelo Williams. Almost all these players are better than Ward.

    If the Bucs can go up to #1 and get Suh, they should do it. If not, then maybe going back some would be prudent. Get one of these teams who want the best QB available to trade up to get him. Seattle, Clev, Buff and Jack. all might be interested to move ahead of Wash. Then draft Dez Bryant with the #1 pick. You can then go for D the next few picks. This offseason is so huge. Any mistakes and the Bucs might be paying for it for years.

  20. jlynch1340 Says:

    As dumb as Morris is he still sees JJ as a back up qb..Cut him loose and move up for either top dt.Cut clayton get dez bryant keep AB deal Ward for somebody let EG carry the ball. Get Pennington and Will allen too

  21. Joe Says:

    Eric S:

    The Bucs and Rams would flip No. 1 picks while the Rams would also get Johnson as well as the Bucs No. 3 pick this year.

    It’s not the Rams No. 1 just for Johnson.

    If that were to happen, all 75 Rams fans in St. Louis would pelt the Rams front offices with fried ravioli.

  22. Eric Says:


    “If that were to happen, all 75 Rams fans in St. Louis would pelt the Rams front offices with fried ravioli”.

    LMAO, totally awesome post……………

  23. Joe Says:


    Thanks, but Joe made a mistake: It’s toasted ravioli, not fried.

    My bad.

    St. Louis is not a football town. One could make an argument it’s more of a hockey town. The Blues have always done well at the box office.

    Trust Joe, there’s a helluva lot more chatter going on in that town about who the No. 5 pitcher is going to be than what the Rams will do with the No. 1 overall pick.

  24. Eric S Says:

    I was responding to RastaMon’s and Wayne’s posts Joe in my second post. They said that we should just swap the picks and give them JJ.

    My first post had my thoughts on the swapping of picks, JJ and 3rd round pick.

  25. Buc Fan South Tampa Says:

    Remember Rams GM Demoff used to be part of the Bucs organization for years. Think he and his golfing buddy Dominik have already sealed it. Dont see a down side to it. Maybe we can offload Clayton at the same time.

  26. wayne Says:

    Joe, Eric didn’t suggest that. He is innocent. But I still say that we all know that St. Louis wants That QB, so why give up a 3rd round pick as well as JJ. Even if they don’t get a 3rd round pick from us they still get the QB they want, plus a back-up just for shuffling the 1st & 3rd pick. If they don’t want to go for that, then just stay at #3 because either Suh or McCoy will still be there. Is it a Gamble? Sure. But the odds are very good in Tampa’s favor. The only downside is letting Detroit pick before us and having to take the “other” DT. At least this senerio allows the Rams to get 2 QB’s for trading. And that should make them look good at home.

  27. wayne Says:

    Eric, Whether the skins trade-up or not is irrelevant to us, I’d say. Who is it the Rams want? Bradford or Colt McCoy? The Rams still come off looking like winners if they already know that we and Detroit are going to pick DT’s. And they get a 2 for 1 deal by trading with us. The bottom line, for us, is “don’t” give up anything more than JJ if they want to trade. We need all the picks we can get. Personally, I think we’re sitting in a great spot. What are we going to lose? If Detroit takes Suh, we are “stuck” with McCoy. I’ll take that “stuck” any day! The same if Detroit takes McCoy instead of Suh. Bottom line! Keep out 3rd Round pick!

  28. wayne Says:

    Eric, I just realized what you thought I said! You are confusing the 3rd “round” pick with the 3rd “overall” pick. The Rams want to trade their 1st overall pick to get our 3rd overall pick, Plus JJ, “Plus” our 3rd round pick. I think that you thought I suggested just giving them JJ for the 1st overall pick. I guess that would be nuts! lol But it would be nuts for us to give up JJ and our 3rd “round” pick to trade up to #1 overall pick.

  29. Eric Says:


    I didnt really think you meant that, i was just commenting on joe’s ravioli comment, which I thought was hilarious.

    As for Suh on NFL.com they have some footage of his training schedule. Man that dude is throwing around 300lbs like its nothin. He looks like the type of nasty MoFo that defense needs. I like how he is challenging the combine head on also.

  30. adam Says:

    —kong suh is our man—