Raheem Stopped That Team

February 8th, 2010

Joe is recovering from Super Bowl festivities, which included mass quantities of all sorts of food and drink.

A bit surprised by the Saints win, Joe can’t help but remember and think about the Bucs shutting out the Saints in New Orleans en route to their thrilling December win, the victory that likely ensured Raheem The Dream’s return in 2010.

Joe never got a straight answer about those Bucs when he asked Drew Brees the other day. But that really doesn’t matter.

The Bucs were a confident bunch ending the 2009 season, despite their dreadful record. Now they’ve surely grabbed a little more confidence from knowing they shut down the world champs just a handful of weeks ago.

Joe suspects Raheem The Dream will remind them of that when the team next gathers this spring.

One Response to “Raheem Stopped That Team”

  1. Sgt Mike Says:

    Yes, and the Saints beat us TWICE during our Super Bowl year. As good as we were. Any given sunday.