Quick Thoughts On Media Day

February 3rd, 2010

Yes, Joe was at Super Bowl media day yesterday and, to be honest, Joe was exhausted.

Joe will post photos later when he returns to the Tampa Bay area to download them, and of course many more stories later, as well.

Here are some thoughts on media day:

* SI.com’s noted NFL columnist Peter King sat near Joe on the shuttle bus from the media center to the stadium. He is quite an affable fellow, greeting everyone, patting people on the shoulder, and briefly discussing pressing matters of the day, always with a smile on his face.

The man can type (fast) and is a major multitasker. He was writing a column and answering questions on his Twitter feed at the same time from his laptop. He also used about half the window of his small laptop without glasses, which led Joe to believe the man truly has telescopes for eyes.

Later that day watching him on radio row, King seemed like the most wanted man in Fort Lauderdale. Whenever King finished an appearance, whether it was with Mad Dog Chris Russo or with a West Palm Beach radio station, there was someone waiting for King to finish, tap him on the shoulder and whisk him away for another interview.

It almost looked stressful.

(ProFootballTalk.com’s Mike Florio was having a similar afternoon).

* Upon arriving to the media center, Joe saw Sid Rosenberg holding court with some suits. Rosenberg was all over the place. Joe saw him, and chatted with him, several times Tuesday.

* Speaking of Joe’s friend Florio, he was looking lawyer dapper in his dark suit. Wait, that’s right, he is a lawyer.

* Now a sports radio host in Indianapolis, Dan Dakich looks like he can still play hoops. Joe wonders if Michael Jordan still wakes up in a cold sweat thinking of Dakich?

* Thankfully, fearing rain, the cattle call was held at the club level of Joe Robbie Stadium instead of on the field. Unlike last year at the CITS where one could barely walk much less breath, there was all kinds of room to meander and hover looking for stories. Plus, it was air conditioned, as it turned steamy here Tuesday afternoon.

*Everytime Joe passed Reggie Wayne’s booth he was bitching about the weather. As a son of the Midwest, Joe can assure Wayne that clouds and rain with temperatures in the 70s is far better than the one-digit wind chills of Indiana in early February.

* Not that many idiots and clowns this year. There was Vic the Brick from Fox Sports Radio who was dressed in garb that looked like a Viking. Wrong team, pal. There was this moron who plays a guy who enjoys an alternative lifestyle on the Jay Leno Show (but it’s all schtick). He pestered Drew Brees, and then just afterwards Joe was taken to task by Brees, perhaps nerves still frayed from dealing with the Elton John wannabe.

*There was some chick that asked Marques Colston if was aware that he had the name “Colts” in his last name, provided he spelled his last name differently. An unknown reporter just to Joe’s right mumbled in a very disgusted voice, “Are  you kidding me?”

* The Entertainment Tonight crowd, in conjuction with American Idol, tried to get a number of the Colts to karaoke. Joe didn’t listen.

* Maybe it’s just Joe, but the Saints seemed a bit more uptight than the Colts. Maybe that is because this is old hat for the Colts.

* The army of writers, broadcasters, photographers and cameramen surrounding Peyton Manning was impressive. Joe literally couldn’t see Manning — and didn’t — the entire time. There must have been 70 people surrounding Manning.

10 Responses to “Quick Thoughts On Media Day”

  1. ajbleedspewter Says:

    Hey Joe, is that a banana in your pants? or were you just happy to see Mr. King?

  2. Eric S Says:

    I am curious what you did to upset Brees. He seems like someone who is very laid back.

  3. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    Eric S. — I’ll explain later in a post. …Joe asks the tough questions. 🙂

  4. JW Says:


    I like your reporting and visit this site multiple times daily. Just curious why you report in the third person. Is it your alter ego, Tyler Durden?


  5. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    JW — Thanks for your support. The whole third person thing was part of the original concept for launching JoeBucsFan.com. It has worked.

    As for the reason why? Way too complicated to explain here (and few would care). But the third person thing keeps it a little more fun (for most people) and it seemlessly allows multiple writers to get the job done here for all the readers of JoeBucsFan.com.

    Also, we set out here not to become celebrities, but to present all the news and commentary like a passionate, knowledgable fan you’d want to have a beer with.

    So Joe was born.

  6. ajbleedspewter Says:

    The third person thing works… Makes it fun. I’m, er… AJ is a Joe-aholic, here 3 or 4 times a day! Does Joe ever do some chatting? What are the chances we can get Glenn Dorsey on the cheap and be able to trade down in the first and still get Eric Berry? THAT would be smooth.

    And AJ is definitely excited to see how Joe pissed Brees off!

  7. ChuckInJax Says:

    Oh DAMN, Joe, you didn’t ask Drew about that thing on the side of his face, did you?! I’ve heard he’s quite sensitive about that…

  8. JW Says:

    Holy crap, Chuck, that’s funny.

  9. JW Says:


    Just read “About Joe” and that makes total sense. Thanks


  10. Eric S Says:

    Chuck-I was thinking along those lines as well. Or he could have asked him if his career would be considered a failure without a SB title. Another possible question could deal with the NO-Miami decision from a few years ago. Like if Drew saw the horns and “666” on top of Nick Saban’s head.