Not Buying Tickets Will Oust Raheem The Dream

February 11th, 2010

Joe was fortunate to run into Gil Brandt at media day during Super Bowl week. Brandt, who currently works for Sirius NFL Radio, is known by his Sirius NFL Radio co-workers and listeners as “The Godfather,” was about to go on the air live after a commercial break when he was kind enough to give Joe a few brief thoughts on the Bucs.

For those not familar, Brandt was one of the architects of one of the NFL’s top dynasties, the Dallass Cowboys. Brandt served as the Cowboys director of player personnel from 1960-1988.

Brandt’s intelligent insight into backroom decisions of front offices, as well as breakdowns of players, is why Joe is absolutely addicted to Sirius NFL Radio. This time of the year, when national sports radio descends into the gutter of proselytizing the non-basketball association along with non-stop Yankees-Red Sox chatter for the next six months (sans all too brief sports radio oases of the NFL draft and the NCAA basketball tournament), NFL Radio is an absolute godsend for sports radio fans.

In short, Brandt has high hopes for Bucs quarterback Josh Freeman and cornerback Aqib Talib but not so much for Raheem the Dream. What are your quick thoughts, generally, about the Bucs?

Gil Brandt: I think they have a quarterback that is on the rise and that is a good thing. Whenever you have a quarterback that can make things happen, that is what it takes to be good.

The Bucs have some good young players. I think Talib and those guys are good. I think they are on the rise.

Joe: Raheem Morris has just one season left on his contract. It’s hard for a struggling team with a young quarterback to quickly turn it around. Do you think the Glazers will have the patience to keep Morris since the team is developing and likely to struggle again this year, waiting for the youngsters, including Freeman, to blossom?

Brandt: Tell me what the attendance will be. If you sell out, its a lot easier to have patience than if you don’t sell out.

11 Responses to “Not Buying Tickets Will Oust Raheem The Dream”

  1. nick Says:

    Great, knowing this town even if the Bucs do win no one will show up to the games because everyone wants Sgt. Slaughter

  2. Joe Says:

    Sgt. Slaughter

    LOL Who???

  3. Chris Says:

    I’m assuming he means Bill Cowher….he does bear quite a resemblance

  4. Jeff Says:

    Until a new CBA is agreed upon, anything can happen.
    However, I have to believe, if the Bucs show progression and continued player and coaching development (which, in turn, would probably equal more wins), I have to believe Raheem stays and the Glazers stay the course. Selling tickets is a big deal, and you only get that from consistency and winning, not coaching changes.

  5. Matt Says:

    Cowher 😛

  6. zech Says:

    Raheem will have to make the playoffs to keep his job anything else is would be considerd a failur

  7. Eric Says:

    Playoffs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t talk to me about Playoffs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Playoffs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!are you kidding me?

  8. buccin cane Says:

    ha ha ha ha LMFAO Eric ur an asshole. Good One Dude

  9. zech Says:

    8-8 won’t cut it either 7-9 . So eric if u think raheem is safe no matter the record ur wrong cuz he would have to make the playoffs to keep his job!!

  10. Eric Says:

    Then the man is dooooooooooooooooooooooooomed.

  11. James Says:

    Radio is done!!! They won’t have much of a better year coming up, 4-12 or 5-11 at best. Bring on the Chin!!! i totally agree Eric!!!! Playoffs???!!!!! I bet Radio can’t even spell playoffs.