Draft Shaking Down Better For Bucs

February 17th, 2010
A week before the NFL combine, quarterback Sam Bradford holds the key to whether the Bucs are able to land either Gerald McCoy or Ndamukong Suh.

A week before the NFL combine, quarterback Sam Bradford holds the key to whether the Bucs are able to land either Gerald McCoy or Ndamukong Suh.

There on two things on Joe’s mind when he hits the sack at night these days:

Rachel Watson and the draft; not necessarily in that order.

Like many Bucs fans, Joe frets that the Bucs won’t have the opportunity to draft a defensive tackle, whether that is Gerald McCoy or manbeast Ndamukong Suh.

To try to calm his nerves, Joe tries to believe that the St. Louis Lambs, so barren on offense and having spent wasted millions of dollars in recent years on defensive linemen selected in the first round, will actually draft quarterback Sam Bradford thereby ensuring the Bucs will land either McCoy or Suh.

Former NFL executive and current NFL Network analyst Charley Casserly helped calm Joe’s nerves by noting in this video last night on the NFL Network that five teams in the first nine slots in the draft will have to soberly discuss drafting a quarterback in the first round.

Even if the Bucs have no chance at landing McCoy or Suh, if there is a team or two so desperate for Bradford, it sets up quite nicely for the Bucs to trade down, pick up an extra player or two and maybe still draft safety Eric Berry.

If, somehow, McCoy and Suh are still there at No. 3 — currently an improbable scenario — who should the Bucs draft?

Casserly, like Bucs general manager Mark Dominik in his interview Monday with the dean of Tampa Bay sports radio, “The Big Dog,” Steve Duemig, said that the combine is basically for interviews and probing medical tests, that most scouts and NFL front offices have already made up their minds on players based on game tape and scouting.

But McCoy and Suh are so close, Casserly noted, that how the two manuver “change of direction-type drills” at next week’s NFL combine may determine which of the two tackles is drafted ahead of the other.

9 Responses to “Draft Shaking Down Better For Bucs”

  1. Matt Says:

    But the hype on Suh is so much higher that I doubt a GM would ‘get away with’ drafting McCoy over Suh. At least, not a GM that doesn’t have job security (e.g., every team in the Top 3).

  2. Jonny Says:

    Suh will be just be a run stopper for at least two seasons IMO where as McCoy looks like a pass rusher from DT position. I would not be surprised if McCoy was selected higher than Suh, especially when you consider both St. Louis and Detroit run 4-3.

    That being said, I am quite sure one of these two will land at #3. What saved Raheem’s job last year was emergence of rookie Josh Freeman, any coach that wants job security can please his bosses and crowd with a QB.

  3. Mr. Lucky Says:

    I’m 90% sure that either McCoy or Suh will be on the board when the clock starts for the overall #3 pick by the Bucs.

    In my opinion the Bucs take either McCoy or Suh.

    If the Bucs trade down with either Seattle, Browns, Bills, etc., so that one of those teams can get their QB that indicates to me that the 2010 Bucs are NOT on the right track.

    Sure it would be nice to get another 2nd round pick and choose one of these DT’s but I doubt very very much that either of these two will drop farther than #5 overall.

    Passing on either DT would really send up a red flag on cash flow problems.

  4. Mike J Says:

    The Rams bypassed Matt Ryan in 2008 to take Chris Long. They bypassed Mark Sanchez in 2009 to take Jason Smith.If they leave another starting-quality quarterback on the board in order to select a lineman, they will look like idiots.It looks better & better every day for the Bucs’ being able to take one of the DTs.
    BTW- I downloaded this video. I really like this time of year, when we start getting some input from the real professionals at player evaluation.

  5. Marc Says:

    Mr Lucky,
    Wouldn’t you feel it would be a good move to trade down if Suh and McCoy were off the board when it is our turn?

  6. nick Says:

    If the two horses in the middle are gone, we should def. trade down and get Dez Bryant.

  7. Mr. Lucky Says:


    If both DT’s are off the board when the Bucs are up that means Bradford and Claussen are still available. With the Skins, Seattle, Browns & Bills all wanting a franchise QB the Bucs would be NUTS to NOT trade down.

    IF and only IF Suh and McCoy are gone with picks 1 & 2.

    In that case you make the trade and look at either Berry or Haden – still staying on the defensive side for the Round 1 pick


  8. FuNkYxMuNkeY Says:

    Mr. Lucky I have to disagree with your logic. Even if Suh or McCoy is there we still need to trade down. There are several DT’s that can make an impact. If we trade down, my personal preference is Seattle, that means we will have the 6th pick and their 2nd round pick. We could get either Joe Haden or Dez Bryant at pick 6. In the second round we would now have three selections. Draft WR Arrellious Benn with pick 2a. Gives us either two great wr’s or a shut down corner and a guy who can be our # 1 WR. At pick 2b draft either RB Jahvid Best from Cal or Dexter McCluster from Ole Miss. We need a speedster at RB and I’m scared of Huggins because you think he would’ve gotten to play at the end of the season if the coaches like him. And at pick 2c select DT Tyson Aluha from Cal. He can be just as effective as McCoy or Suh. I would much rather has King Tyce and one of those RB’s than McCoy or Suh. And our first round pick either Haden or Bryant will help way more than Suh or McCoy. Suh doesn’t fit our system first of all, he is a 3-4 DT, and although McCoy does fit a 4-3 scheme I would much rather have Haden/Bryant, Best/McCluster, and King Tyce. Just my $.02!!

  9. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    Suh is the better player ….period.