Bucs Are Not Going To Trade Josh Freeman

February 21st, 2010

Some Bucs fan, or perhaps a Rams fan, has their quarterbacks confused and maybe their Josh’s confused.

Someone Twittered Peter King of SI.com today (Joe loathes the verb “Tweets”) asking if the rumors were true that the Bucs and Rams were going to swap first round draft picks.

any validity 2 rumor that Bucs will trade QB they drafted last yr 2 Rams?

Makes no sense… Don’t see it at all.

Joe knows that the Bucs will not trade Josh Freeman unless some team trades half their squad for him, which includes a decent quarterback. If Freeman were to be traded, Bucs general manager Mark Dominik might as well clean out his desk the moment the trade is consummated.

21 Responses to “Bucs Are Not Going To Trade Josh Freeman”

  1. Los Angeles Bucs Says:

    The Bucs will aquire the number one pick and move to L.A.

  2. Tommy Boy Says:

    That Rams fan must not follow football enough to understand how idiotic that question was.

  3. Eric Says:

    Just a matter of time till the desk is cleaned out anyhow…………….

  4. wayne Says:

    Hey Eric, any chance of us trading Morris for a milkshake, pepsi, or Okay! cup of coffee?

  5. zech Says:

    There isn’t noway the bucs will leave tampa for LA not happening we love our buccaneers!! I kinda do see the bucs movin up to take suh!

  6. Eric Says:


    We would have to throw in the number one pick, and that Cheerleader Joe is tormenting us with…………….

  7. mpmalloy Says:

    We better not trade him.

    Priority one is SMART decisions for the purpose of
    making the Bucs deeper and better.
    Priority one IS NOT payroll slashing at all costs.

    aka “The Kevin DeMoff plan”……

  8. Louie Says:

    If they trade Freeman, Morris would have to be part of the deal. Remember, they are married. 😉

  9. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    This isn’t the 1st opposing team’s fan I’ve seen that doesn’t realize that Josh Johnson and Josh Freeman are two different people…

    Freakin morons…

  10. Marc Says:

    Hey LA

    Maybe you should become a Jags fan if your banking on a team moving to LA, they would be your best bet.

  11. Eric Says:

    “This isn’t the 1st opposing team’s fan I’ve seen that doesn’t realize that Josh Johnson and Josh Freeman are two different people…”

    Actually, I can see how the confusion could arise. After all, our Head Coach is at least three different people………………..as evidenced by any of his press confrences.

  12. mpmalloy Says:

    Thanks for the observation MM.
    However, I for one am talking about the right Josh.
    Hence my reference to depth…which we will lack at QB…
    ….if we trade JJ.

  13. Mike J Says:

    The Bucs need to acquire a vet back-up, assuming Leftwich is gone.

  14. zech Says:

    A vetern QB is not going to be comin in here as the 3rd string I would rather see them trade jj and have a veteran Qb as the second string qb !!

  15. JDouble Says:

    Obviosly this guy was confusing Josh Johnson with Josh Freeman.

    It would really suck to see Josh Johnson go. I think the kid has real potential and could end up being great. However, if we can get Suh and keep both our second rounders…he’s gotta go!

  16. Marc Says:


    Im pretty sure the Bucs are going to go after Pennington in FA. JJ isnt much of a backup, and he is definatley not a mentor.

  17. JDouble Says:

    If the Rams take our 1st, 3rd, and Josh Johnson for thier 1st, I have this mock draft.

    Obviously at #1 overall we take Suh….and I might crap my pants with joy. He is not only a playmaker that will instantly make everyone else on our defense look better, but he is the leader this team needs, as well as the face of the franchise this town needs.

    With our first 2nd rounder we take WR Golden Tate or WR Damaryius Thomas. I’d prefer Golden Tate, but I think both will be legit playmakers at the next level.

    With our second 2nd rounder we take DE Corey Wooten. 6’6″ 272lbs. This manbeast gets pressure on the QB and stops running backs dead in thier tracks. He is probably the only DE that fits our needs well enough to take in the first 2 rounds.

    We lose our 3rd to get Suh, but I think we can get the Giants 3rd for Ward. They really missed him last year and they know they can plug him in with Jacobs and get immediate results. So with thier 3rd rounder (#15) we take WR Taylor Price. He didn’t have a great team or QB, but he made some great catches and was very physical. He is a bit of a project, but he has good hands, he’s 6 ft 200lbs and probably the fastest Wr in this draft. His forty time is reportedly 4.28

    With our 4th round pick we take SS Kam Chancellor…the hardest hitting safety in this draft. He silenced his critics at the senior bowl. This guy can challenge the Goat for the starting spot from day one. He is stronger against the run than he is in coverage, but our head coach is a secondary expert…so I think he’s perfect. Watch his highlights on youtube if you doubt he is the hardest hitting safety in this draft. 6’3″ 232lbs

    In the 5th we get a steal with RB LeGarretee Blount. Most people would say hell no, but if you research a little you’ll see he could be the steal of the draft. Other than the punching incident he hasn’t been in any trouble. No arrests or drug issues. He just lost his head after a loss. Some idiot smacked him on the back and said some inappropiate shit and he knocked him out. Stupid, but is it worth writing this kid off? If it wasn’t for that punch he would likely be a top 3 RB in this draft. We are talking about a 6 ft 240lbs guy that runs a 4.4 forty. He rushed for over a 1000 yards for three seasons in a row and his highlight reel shows he is the real deal. Other than Suh, this is the best pick of the draft!

    I also REALLY like CB Akwasi Owusu-Annsah if we can get another 4th round pick somehow. Same size as Talib and he is a flat out playmaker.

  18. Eric S Says:

    I would also say that they should do the trade to get Suh. Josh Johnson is a nice QB, but really what is his ceiling as a QB? I would much rather have a more experienced guy as the backup. Yes, giving up a 3rd rounder is tough, but a game changer like a Suh would help the D tremendously.

    I love the NFL draft. Still can’t believe they are moving the 1st round to Thursday night. Ridiculous. How in the world did that fan honestly think the Bucs were going to trade Freeman? Morris and Mark D. basically put their reputation on the line in drafting him. A little common sense would have saved the fan some embarrassment.

  19. Eric S Says:

    I like the way you were thinking in most of your post JDouble. There is no chance the Giants trade for Ward though when they didn’t want him last year. Now he has a big contract and he’s 30 years old. Jacobs should be healthy and Bradshaw had a great year, so they are set at RB. People are dreaming if they think the Bucs will get anything of value for Ward. If they get a bucket of chicken, they should take that deal.

    Teams looking for RBs will have better options like Chester Taylor, Marion Barber, Thomas Jones and maybe DeAngelo Williams. And you can always find a decent RB in the draft no matter what round. There are always diamonds in the rough every year of RBs taken after the 1st round who succeed in the league. Shonn Greene is a good recent example (picked in the 3rd).

  20. zech Says:

    If the bucs go after a freeagent runing back I like baber from dallas but I just don’t see them letn him go I also like tobygehart or the guy from oregon blount. I lookin forward to see what the bucs r goin to do just hope the dream and dominik can work miricles!

  21. JDouble Says:

    Keiland Williams is another late round running back we might take a look at. He was the back up for most of his college career so he doesn’t have alot of mileage. He isn’t a guy with explosive cuts and moves, but he is big and fast and a downfield runner. His size and running style reminds me of Earnest Graham, but he is alot faster and alot younger. If we could grab him and Blount with our 5th and 6th, and get Kareem Huggins involved next year….we could have a very effective young backfield.