Vacation Man Gets Defensive With Joe’s Readers

January 30th, 2010

Earlier this week, Vacation Man of all but wrote that Bucs fans should pipe down and not vent their disgust over the state of the Bucs. Joe copied the salient paragraphs word for word.

Well, one of Joe’s loyal readers, “Eric S.” — he’s also a Vacation Man stalker and can be found commenting in Vacation Man’s many chats — directly asked Vacation Man why he would even suggest a fan doesn’t have the right to voice his or her displeasure.

In a curious response, Vacation Man dodged how he wrote Bucs fans shouldn’t be angry and instead, in only a way that would infuriate Bill O’Reilly, Vacation Man tried to spin the question and fingered Bucs general manager Mark Dominik.

Eric S (Saint Petersburg)
You wrote recently that Bucs fans should not be upset if the Glazers don’t spend money in free agency. I don’t get this statement. I don’t need them to go on a wild spending spree, but it would be nice if they tried to put the best product on the field. You can’t just solely rely on the draft to build a team.

Vacation Man
I didn’t say you shouldn’t be upset. I simply was saying that Dominik said they’re not going to go crazy in free agency and just pointing out that’s the way it’s going to be — whether you like it or not.

Joe just knows even the suggestion or hint that fans should pipe down takes some cajones. After all, if it wasn’t for fans, there wouldn’t be an NFL team in this area.

15 Responses to “Vacation Man Gets Defensive With Joe’s Readers”

  1. Vince Says:

    Wow, it is sloooooooowwww news day Joe. An article that is a rehash of an article about what someone didn’t say? I love the spin that he “all but said” that fans should not be upset. What he “all but said” was that griping about it would not do any good because the Bucs were sticking to a plan. He never said that fans should be upset.

    It was a non-story when you first posted it. Second time around not much better. How about a piece analyzing whether he is right: i.e. the Bucs are sticking to their plan?

  2. Louie Says:

    That’s funny, Vacation Man has sure toned down since his first scolding. The really shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds him. Must have been a slow news day in New Orleans for him to even mention the Bucs.

    As I said before Pat Yaz-a-whats-his-face can kiss my butt.

  3. BigMacAttack Says:

    Sounds like both participants have entirely too much time on their hands.

    It is officially the off season for Buc Fans.

  4. hurricane Says:

    The Bucs will lose out on Suh and McCoy in the draft. Vince Wilfork is unrestricted, only 28 yrs. old, and wants to play in Florida. It makes sense to sign him, draft Eric Berry with our first pick and use our two second round picks on a WR and perhaps Dexter McCluster or another defensive lineman or offensive lineman. In so doing, we fix a big part of the defense and a big part of the offense.

  5. hurricane Says:

    That’s it.

  6. Scott Says:

    But I thought the Buc’s were merely carrying over the excess cap money until the time was right to spend big; whatever happened to that story?

  7. adam Says:

    i hear the glazers are slowly trying to turn the fans on the team but they are making it a slow process so to still keep the seats sort of full as to fill their own pockets…but the real plan is to get the entire tampa area disgusted on a slow growing basis with the bucs and then they plan to move the team to the west coast!!!……….adam from ny

  8. adam Says:

    i heard this from some people with the same ethnic background as the glazers at the grillsmith and said they were personally involved with them….and these people had some photos in their wallets with themselves and the glazers…i was like wooow!!…….adam from ny

  9. adam Says:

    so basically the plan is for the glazers to basically pack up and split tampa totally in a few years…but they plan to take their team with them…..adam from ny

  10. Vince Says:

    Adam for NY, you might have set some kind of record. You managed to espouse a crazy conspiracy theory and be completely anti-semitic in one (or two) posts. Congratulations!

  11. adam Says:

    i said absolutely nothing anti-semetic vince…thats all in your sick head….i just grouped the people into the same ethnic backround….the negative connotations seem to be all in your head as they are certainly not in the post vinny……….adam from ny

    ps now the conspiracy is a whole other thing…lol

  12. Vince Says:

    Adam form NY, simple question: why would their ethnic background be relevant? Particularly when you also say that they knew the Glazers?

  13. B From O-Town Says:

    I have serious doubts that Adam is really from NY.

    Adam is from the back woods of PA

  14. BigMacAttack Says:

    Adam??? Hello???

    Why would the Glazers give up what is basically a free stadium for their team and one of the best sweetheart deals in the NFL? To move to LA, a twice failed NFL market? Kidding right?

    They’ll hardly spend a few million on FA’s, but they would spend a Bazillion to move their team to LA and build a new stadium?

    Good story though…

  15. Eric S Says:

    Missed all the fun with my computer down. Vacation Man stalker. That is kinda funny. Yes I do have a lot of time on my hands between all my fun interviews going on right on.