Too Early To Assess True Value

January 29th, 2010

NFL draft guru and 620 WDAE-AM personality Justin Pawlowski is about ready to unleash his daily, all-encompassing draft coverage that rivals no other.

One day, Joe expects to be there for Pawlowski’s enshrinement in the draft analysts Hall of Fame. He’s a first ballot entry, for sure.

Pawlowski has served up a little perspective today, looking at the “True Value” of a player and a pick, and how it’s way to early to assess a guy’s value within a round. Joe advises you check it out in its entirety.

The speculation has already begun on whom the Buccaneers will and/or should draft third overall in late April. I’ve heard names like Eric Berry, Dez Bryant, Rolando McClain, and Russell Okung. I’ve heard Derrick Morgan, Joe Haden, and even Jason Pierre-Paul. The one problem I’ve heard with each of these players names is what has followed each of their names when they are mentioned as a possibility for the Bucs. I believe the line is, “I like (insert name here), but I’m just not sure he’s worth the 3rd pick in the draft.” Well, was DeMarcus Ware, Steven Jackson, DeAngelo Williams, or Patrick Willis worth the 3rd overall pick in the draft?  …I say to you, over the next few months, keep an open mind. It’s easy to say that the Bucs should trade down, but in a draft where draft picks are more valuable than ever with the influx of talent available, you might be hard pressed to find a team that’s willing to fork over what it might take to get the 3rd pick in the draft even if the Bucs were to not get what they deserve in return.

No doubt this will be the most complicated draft for the Bucs in recent history. They’ve got a mountain of holes and no real identity to guide them. Given the Bucs’ various draft misses over the years, it’s easy to think they should trade down and stockpile picks to improve their odds. 

But it might just be easier to take the nastiest, hardest-hitting talent on the board, and hope for the best.

12 Responses to “Too Early To Assess True Value”

  1. Eric S Says:

    Justin is one of my favorite radio guys. I wish he had a daily weekday show. He would be better than some people on there right now.

    I agree that hesitating on a player because it might be too high can be silly at times. But I can see it from another view. Do you want to pay big dollars for a player at that position in that draft slot. That is something Justin did not mention. There are always different layers to this argument.

  2. RastaMon Says:

    can’t wait to start getting my $10 worth…year 2

  3. Sgt Mike Says:

    Sink or Swim? Go for it! Balls on the line.

  4. Tommy Says:

    @ Eric S

    I totally agree with you about Justin. I propose 620 dump that obnoxious douche Sileo and let Justin have the early morning show. Sileo talks out of his ass all the time. Tool.

    As I stated yesterday there isn’t a position on defense that we don’t need help in. As long as we go defense with that #1 I’m ok with it.

  5. JK Says:

    The only reason Glazerhouse would trade down would be to save money.

  6. Jonny Says:

    Justin, yet QB class of this year is a complete crap class. Apart from Bradford and Clausen who themselves have mediocre arm strengths, there is not another QB that has the tools to be a QB in the league, forget the intangibles, not tools to begin with. McCoy is a poor man’s Jeff Garcia, Pike is a poor man’s Orton, Snead is a poor man’s Quinn, Tebow is a project or a trainwreck. Because this draft class has bad QBs and great defensive players, I believe Bucs must consider trading down. I would never be unsatisfied with Berry or G.McCoy though.

  7. adam Says:

    if sitting and picking at 3…you take berry….then in the upcoming rounds you grab linemen….a good savy gm, not saying we have one, can weed out a few options of proven linemen already in the league and available…..grab osi umeyiora from the giants as he is somewhat on the block….invest in the pats wilfork, i mean heck you would pay suh the money you would give wilfork if you moved up to number 1… can get linemen who already have non bust, proven nfl ability….grab berry at 3…also you have to get a linebacker somehow…..geez this team has holes…and i havent even brough up the offense….yikes….adam from ny

  8. Mike J Says:

    Justin’s point is well-made.This is basically the same idea I voiced earlier about Berry.Trading down out of the top three is never easy, and this year, as Jonny says,there really aren’t any QBs any sane GM would want to move up to grab.You sometimes have to play the hand you’re dealt, like in 2008,when Miami had to take Jake Long #1 overall.The Berry/McCoy likelihood seems a much better scenario than what the Fish faced.

  9. RastaMon Says:

    “big paw”…ain’t that big……he’s just 30 pounds overweight at 30…
    tough love bro….

  10. Keesler Says:

    He doesn’t look that fat. Just strong in a Donald Penn sort of way.

  11. RastaMon Says:

    Well… JusPaw has Terrence Cody
    in any one of his Buccaneer mock drafts….we’ll know why…

  12. Wayne Says:

    Justin, The Bucs will trade down. The Glazers do not want to spend the money the 3rd pick will demand. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them trade the 2nd round pick as well. Look at your coaching staff! The Glazers aren’t trying to go anywhere this year! It’s all about the money! Or lack thereof!