Tim Tebow To The Bucs

January 4th, 2010

The headline above that Joe wrote, well, Joe knows that will get a segment of the Bucs fanbase so excited, they will not be able to concentrate on work, sort of like if Rachel Watson showed up in Joe’s office wearing beach attire.

But before those same Bucs fans saturate their keyboards with drool, consider Peter King of SI.com, in his must-read Monday Morning Quarterback column, mockingly suggests Tebow will be a practice squad player for the Bucs.

Can we savor how great a college football player Tebow was before consigning him to the Bucs’ practice squad, please?

Now Gators fans, put down the pitchforks. King earlier in the column was very complimentary on Tebow and thinks he will be a successful NFL player.

At some position.

Having drafted a quarterback in the first round last year, the Bucs are not going to draft Tebow unless, maybe, the guy is there in the third round.

Still, that is a reach.

9 Responses to “Tim Tebow To The Bucs”

  1. Fatsacks Says:

    sign him up..we could use an extra fb!! we all know he’s not gonna be a pro qb…

  2. Jeff Says:

    BIG, BIG reach. I’m a Gator fan, and no that does not make me a QB expert, but most people can see he’s a product of the system – not a NFL QB.

  3. Paul Wiezorek Says:

    Brian Billick said this weekend that he admires him as a person and a college QB, but needs a total retooling for the NFL. I am paraphrasing. I agree. I think that would be a mistake.

  4. Slappy Says:

    The Jags might take him…They need to sell tickets. Maybe if he’s there, they can take those tarps off the empty seats.

  5. Louie Says:

    Someone will draft him initially as a wildcat QB (like Pat White). With the possible exception of Jacksonville, I think it will be a team that has the luxury of spending a draft pick on such a position. Some coach will find a way to exploit Tebow’s talent.

  6. ChuckInJax Says:

    I have a feeling it’s going to take a lot more than St. Tim to sell some seats in this town…A few weeks agao they were still in the hunt, and only about 40k bothered to show up. With the exception of a scant few, the ‘fans’ in this town have resigned themselves to the fact that they are headed to LA LA Land…Sad, really…

  7. RastaMon Says:

    The biggest waste of time and typing in the history of this joint !

  8. Tim Tebow fan Says:

    Great post! Thanks for all the good info you have posted here. I have enjoyed my stay.

  9. buc fan Says:

    Look at Tebow from a number of angles. First, there is argument as to if he can become a solid NFL QB and most of that from they who stay fixed in the systems they know. That is why many do not win but travel from team to team who repeat their ways over and over again. Decondly, in a Winged T offense the Tailback can also roll and throw or run leaving the QB as the addition double threat. Third, the Bucs claim to want to pound the Rock. They have a few really good abcks and T Bow would certaily add to that. he can also roll out of a TE position, Now where is all the creativity. I suspect Gruden is the GUY, He just loves options! Schiavo, well we will see if he sticks with a four year QB who is erratic at best. Finally, tickets, tickets, tickets. The owners must be blind to the potential of extra sales. The excitement alone would pay for this man as well as the TV base.