T.J. Rives: Gutless Mouthpiece

January 3rd, 2010

Jamie Hanna has a bigger pair than this gutless clown in the middle, and Joe's not talking about breasts.

Joe may have heard the most irresponsible thing ever from a guy who masquerades as a member of the fourth estate.

There’s a reason Joe has avoided ever using the name T.J. Rives on this blog. Joe has met the guy once. Seemed like a pretty nice fellow. But any shred of journalistic decency, integrity or credibility as a member of the fourth estate he may claim to possess was thrown down the toilet this afternoon on the Bucs radio network.

Joe understands guys like Rives and Jack Harris are employed by the Bucs. But they are also paid to inform the listening audience. Joe totally gets that there are some lines these guys cannot cross.

The absolute biggest question on the mind of every — and Joe means every — Bucs fan is the status of Raheem the Dream. With Bill Cowher rumors swirling like a tropical storm and the Bucs losing their last game of the season to fall to 3-13, Rives had Raheem the Dream for his weekly postgame interview.

Not once did Rives ask Raheem the Dream about his job status. Not once.

This is so beyond irresponsible Joe doesn’t know where to begin. Explain yourself, T.J. Rives, why you thought it was so gravely important NOT to ask Raheem the Dream about his job status, to totally ignore it. Feel free. Joe will even provide this very site an open, unedited forum for the tens or thousands of Bucs fans that visit this site each month for you to try to explain your shameful act.

Joe is confident you, T.J. Rives, will not take Joe up on this offer because you will be too ashamed, as you should be. You have no excuse. There is none.

Look, even Dave Moore talked about Raheem the Dream’s status. Like you, T.J., he is also employed by the Bucs. Wanna bet he returns?

How can you look in the mirror in the morning?

Joe remembers seeing Rives wearing a Dave Moore jersey during the Bucs throwback game against the Packers. Only the lowest radio hacks wear jerseys of the team they cover — while on the job no less!

Joe thought that was beyond low rent but kept his mouth shut. After hearing Rives whiff today with Raheem the Dream, Joe will not remain silent any longer.

Joe now knows why Rives cannot hold a job on local sports radio. He came across terribly pompous and arrogant when he did work. If he has another shot at a sports radio gig in this area, he better not ever get high and mighty again after the gutless stunt he pulled today.

Rives currently works for XM Radio on the golf channel (after getting bounced from channel to channel by that network) which is about his speed, and works for various local teams where he plays suckup-for-pay.

Hey T.J., next time the Bucs have a throwback game, why don’t you instead wear Rachel Watson’s skirt rather than Dave Moore’s jersey? She has more balls than you.

Again T.J., if you want to try to explain yourself for this disgraceful act, you can reach Joe at joe@joebucsfan.com and the floor is yours.

What you did today was slap loyal Bucs fans in the face much worse than Jim Bates’ abortion of a defense ever did.

34 Responses to “T.J. Rives: Gutless Mouthpiece”

  1. jlynch1340 Says:

    He really is a douche so is Ledge

  2. Fredrick Says:

    UPDATE: Mr. Rives was unavailable to comment on this story as he was busy detailing Coach Morris’s car.

  3. Fredrick Says:

    As Ledger just called for all coaches and players to return and predicted 9 to 10 wins next season based on the “weak” schedule!

  4. Joe Says:


    Joe suspects Ledge would have asked Rah about coming back.

  5. Slappy Says:

    Anytime Ledge or TJ speak, I cringe. They avoid anything controversial and whenever it might come up, from a caller usually, they cut him or her off. We do have freedom of speech in this country, last I heard.

  6. Joe Says:


    There’s nothing remotely controversial about asking a guy who, by any NFL standards is not on solid footing, a coach who won only three games with strong rumors a big-name coach will replace him and his owners not even giving him a vote of confidence about if he will return.

    This would be like interviewing Donald Penn after the game and not asking about his injured knee!

    This would be like interviewing Lee Harvey Oswald on the day he shot JFK and instead of asking about pulling the trigger on the president, asking him what he thought about the movie he watched after running from the book depository.

  7. Sgt Mike Says:

    Just heard him on 620 and yes he still is a Deuche Bag just like when he was on Bay News 9 when I still lived in Tampa about 6 years ago.

  8. Fredrick Says:

    Well, to be fair Joe, Oswald went home first, got a jacket and killed a Dallas Police Officer, before heading to the Texas Theater.

  9. Hubert Mizell Says:

    It is pathetic by Rives. It’s not like he had to grill Morris. Just ask the question. Even preface it by saying, “Coach, of course I have to ask you, …”

    Now back to my retirement. I always hated when Rives kissed my ass, too.

  10. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Boo Hoo he didn’t ask a question that Joe wants an answer to.

    Like you’d expect Rah to say,

    “Yeah I talked to Malcom before the game and he said if I win I’m in so since me team didn’t get it done I guess I won’t be back next year.”

    It was a DUMB QUESTION to ask. Yes I’ll repeat myself – asking a person who’s on the hot seat about their job is a DUMB QUESTION. Not responsible journalism but mud raking.

  11. Tristan Says:

    A pretty fair point. What would you expect Raheem to say?

    I always hate it when reporters ask a question where the response is so predictable but they feel they have to ask the question because it’s their ‘duty’ to ask. No need to use judgment or rational thinking, just go through the motions.

    Now, I agree, T.J. Rives is a horrible excuse for a reporter. But he has a long resume of being horrible for a host of reasons. Now, I’m sure that the reason Rives didn’t ask the question has much more to do with not wanting to embarrass Raheem and less to do with having a clue, but still… this isn’t a great example of Rives being a hack.

  12. alan Says:

    i’m sorry but what an assanine thing for you to suggest. a good question is something that results in an answer that is informing to your audience. what was he going to say? “yes t.j. i really crapped the bed this year and i only can hope the glazers do the right thing and put me out of my misery.” give me a break. so he asks the question and you get a dumb response, you’re saying this makes for compelling radio? t.j. has endured a crappy season by having to go in that locker room week after week and ask guys that just sucked it up yet again question after question. i can’t imagine how frustrating that must be and then must follow that up with monday’s coach show where he has to sit face to face with him for an hour and relive the horror that was yesterday. this guy is as professional as can be and as someone who listens to the radio every week whether at home or at the stadium let me say i very much appreciate his work. lastly, you go off like you do criticizing this guy even after he’s dealt with not only this crappy season but the last few years with gruden and his lovely attitude yet you hide behind a website and the name “joe”. really?? since you’re so professional and almighty i’ll be listening tomorrow at 12:15 when i know you’ll be at raheem’s press conference asking all the tough questions.

  13. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    Alan – Interviewing is a lot like sales. If you don’t ask the question, you don’t get an answer. If you don’t ask for the sale, nobody gives you their money. You can’t predict what a guy is going to say. That prediction is irrelevant. You serve your audience or readers by asking the question.

    Rives chickened out. Plan and simple.

    And Joe doesn’t hide. His founders are on the radio frequently using their names. And they’ve been published her on this site.

    Joe doesn’t pity Rives like you do. He’s got a great gig working for the Bucs.

  14. Dargo Says:

    Joe do I hear a little JEALOUSY? WOW!!!

  15. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    Dargo – No Jealousy. Whenever Joe plays media watchdog, perhaps a few times a month, some readers assume he’s jealous and bitter.

    Nothing could be farther from the truth. Joe wouldn’t trade JoeBucsFan.com for anything. Joe’s worked for many years in the media in this town, on many platforms.

    Joe is very happy.

  16. JoeMurgia Says:

    I think most folks realize that asking that question of Rah is a waste of time. Rives is annoying as hell but I couldn’t care less that he didn’t ask the obvious question.

  17. Jerry Says:

    He may have been under orders not to ask that question. Report from the Tampa Trib is that the Glazers bolted out of RJS before the end of the game to avoid the media asking that question to them. So its obviously something they dont want to talk about right now.

  18. Joe Says:


    He may have been under orders not to ask that question. Report from the Tampa Trib is that the Glazers bolted out of RJS before the end of the game to avoid the media asking that question to them. So its obviously something they dont want to talk about right now.

    Before Joe wrote this post, he thought the same thing then realized Dave Moore, also an employee of the Bucs/Glazers, was talking about Raheem the Dream’s status.

    Both the shameless woman Rives and Moore answer to Jeff Ryan, Broadcast Manager of the Bucs.

    If Rives would have said after the interview, “There were some subjects I was off limits in asking.” Fine. At least you’re upfront about it.

    Rives never said that.

  19. alan thomas Says:

    sorry joe but after the game was over and i got home you weren’t on the radio and as exciting as it sounds to sit around listening to 620 i felt it more appealing to spend time with the family. look i enjoy this website very much and quite frankly spend too much time focused on this team. however i don’t get your rant about t.j. he’s a good guy and does (in my opinion) a damn good job on bucs radio. i guess it also bothers me that you call steve the king or whatever of tampa radio and he has pussed out numerous times over the years with guys he has roasted on the air. i like fair and balanced but do as you do. i know you will.

  20. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    Joel – We have a marketing partnership here with 620 WDAE-AM, so Joe promotes various guests like Mike Florio and Chris Landry. When Joe picks and chooses to play media watchdog, it’s only related to issues for the Bucs and their fans. …Florio and Landry have nothing to do with the Bucs or their fans. ….Joe was very fair and direct with his criticism of Dan Sileo and linked to his troubled history, as you mentioned.

    Again, this isn’t a sports radio critique site or a mediawatchdog site, it’s a Bucs fan site. When Joe feels there’s an issue relevant for Bucs fans, he spits it out as he sees it.

  21. Joel Says:

    Quite simple Joe, if you got a problem with media types that are on the radio, please don’t use the site to air out those grievances. Why can’t you do that in private, talk to Jeff Kamis or Jeff Ryan or Killabrew or whoever and get it done that way. What you do and your actions about Sileo and in regards to Landry and Florio reek of grandstanding and getting web hits that are all important to your bottom line.

    Some of that may be a little harsh, but geez. Are there other ways for you, personally to air out those grievances and what you did in regards to Sileo was no doubt a punt on your part.

  22. Ken Silverstein Says:

    Anyone else find irony in a guy or guys hiding anonymously behind a site name “Joe Buc Fan” calling someone else in the media a gutless woman?

  23. Joe Says:

    Hi Alan:

    Famiily comes first. No question.

    Joe has met T.J. once before and he seemed like a nice guy. I just find what he did — or more importantly, what he didn’t do — to be very much a disservice to listeners and an affront to honest working people in the fourth estate. For Joe, unless Rives was ordered by management not to do that, what he didn’t do is unforgivable. It boils down to credibility.

    Even if he was ordered not to ask Raheem the Dream, Rives should have mentioned to the listening audience that there were some topics that were off limits. If he did that, Joe would have had no issue because Rives would have been upfront and forthcoming to the listeners.

    Again, Joe understands who Rives works for and knows certain lines should not be crosed. But to ignore the elephant in the room is pathetic. Besides, more than once Dave Moore spoke about this subject. It wasn’t like the issue was verbotten.

    The Big Dog is the dean of Tampa Bay sports radio. No one has been doing it longer than him locally.

  24. Joe Says:

    Nice try trying to move the goal posts Ken. Oh, if you must know, Joe uses his legal name whenever Joe is on the air. Same name that’s on Joe’s driver’s license.

    The issue is what Rives didn’t do, which was inexcusable.

    The issue is not about Joe. It’s about Rives.

    Nice of you to attempt otherwise.

    Carry on.

  25. Joel Says:

    Once again, you fail to get it, you PUSH 620 WDAE even more than you push yourself!

    And if I was critical of Ira Kaufman (who I disagree with in that instance), WOULD I DO IT HERE?!

    You push 620 WDAE like they can’t do anything wrong. Is it anyone’s fault that CBS or Entercom or any other national broadcasting entity won’t come in (or invest more) and compete and make this a great market? Bottom line, you follow the money MORE than you would follow. But of course, you have decided to put yourselves in with these guys.

    And although I agree that Big Dog is the dean of radio in this town, the fact you make that comment, you are subject to criticism, whether that is your intent or not.

  26. Joe Says:


    What’s your point? That Joe has a stranglehold on FCC licenses in the Tampa Bay market?

    Are you also suggesting the St. Petersburg Times should promote the Tampa Tribune? Or how about maybe WTSP should run free promos for WFLA programming?

    Joe spoke with many electronic media organizations and is friends with many who work for other stations. Clear Channel gave Joe the best offer.

    To meke you feel better, should Joe take lesser deals from other companies, is that what you are suggesting?

    Mind you, Rives’ interview with Raheem the Dream came over the airwaves of WDAE-AM 620.

  27. alan thomas Says:

    we will disagree on this but i do appreciate the back and forth. alan has enjoyed reading joe for some time now. from now on alan will be leaving comments for joe. alan is relieved the season is over. alan wishes joe a good nite.

  28. Joel Says:

    For once, you are making my point for me, thank you….But if you make a deal, does that mean nobody else exists? Again, I will say this, you are so over the top, the fact that your love fest with Jason, and the Florio and Landry stuff so you can get recognized. And I understand your business that is how you SELL your site. And you got Justin and Rock Riley (who I admire) behind you.

    How about Joe makes ANY deal he can get and still look in the mirror and realize I have the moral high ground? The fact that your pushes appear to not be even-handed makes you look hypocritical. And that doesn’t necessarily mean the next guy thinks you are. But your comments and attitude leave the door open for the kind of criticism I am offering to you.

    Healthy competition is NEVER a bad thing.

  29. Joe Says:

    First off Joel, Joe isn’t totally clear where you are coming from. You are blaming Joe that other sports radio stations don’t get better ratings?

    Are you saying Joe gives Clear Channel employees a pass because of Joe’s business relationship? That’s false. Just do some research on Dan Sileo and Jack Harris in Joe’s archives.

    Joe loves to push things he likes. Joe loves Florio, loves Landry, loves Rachel Watson, loves the NFL Network and loves Caybrew. Trust Joe, he is not under the employ of Rachel.

    Joe didn’t “get” Rock Riley. Rock kindly asked us if he could interview Steve White, which was very professional of him and Joe was honestly humbled.

    Rock, as most seem to, really enjoys White’s offerings for Joe. If you must know, many, many moons ago Joe wrote a feature on Rock for a now defunct local sports magaine (not Pewter Report). Joe and Rock are hardly intimates.

    Justin, who knew Joe well before this site began, reached out to Joe long before Joe had a business relationship with Clear Channel and Justin has been a good friend since.

    Besides, none of this has anything to do with, or should take away from, the stunt Rives pulled.

  30. Joel Says:

    “Are you saying Joe gives Clear Channel employees a pass because of Joe’s business relationship? That’s false. Just do some research on Dan Sileo and Jack Harris in Joe’s archives.”


    The moment Sileo was reinstated, you didn’t acknowledge his return or criticize it (or discuss the ramifications of it). So does that mean Sileo was correct in his assumptions about the Glazer family or that the Bucs intend to break their contract with Clear Channel? There are other conclusions that can be made that Sileo has since used his pulpit in an arrogant manner to project his feelings without retort.

    And as far as radio goes, I blame inept, near-sighted PD’s and corporate honks who think shocking people and not conditioning their audience to critically think or get into actual arguments is a bad thing. Talent for the most part are not prepared. And that is a bad thing. The easy decision is just go status quo and go with the same crap. In the figurative sense, you did “get” Rock Riley, so I won’t argue further on that, when he acknowledges you, you “got” him.

    And as far as TJ is concerned, well, at least he does business with Sirius/XM and is with Gary Williams, Bill Pidto, Chris Russo and Andy Gresh. He went in a different route, but obviously there is some sore wounds that are left over the past 9 years with him. Some of those old scabs are too hideous not to be picked?

  31. Joe Says:


    1) You obviously didn’t check Joe’s archives.

    2) What does any of this have to do with Rives? What Rives did was beyond irresponsible. Quit trying to move the goal posts.

    In the figurative sense, you did “get” Rock Riley, so I won’t argue further on that, when he acknowledges you, you “got” him.

    Joe’s had enough of your lies. Joe didn’t “get” anyone.

    Joe’s had enough of this bullsh*t and your lies. You can be critical of Joe all you want (and it doesn’t make what Rives did vanish). You will not lie about him.

    Take your agendas somewhere else.

  32. Hugh G. Rection Says:

    I will say one thing for Joe–he is very much cut from the print journalism cloth–that is to say the true journalists–not the type concerned with looks/voice/youth–and above all–appeasing the interviewee. Yes I am talking about what we would term “electronic media types”.

    Hugh G. finds such gutless electronic pretty face types (as did his late friend-Chris Thomas) to be lower than whale shit. Seriously–how can you call yourself a reporter when you do nothing but lob softballs at your subject?

    Did anybody besides you miss the wigged elephant in the room TJ?

    Yeah I would say Joe is the old style print type–cigar smoking-scotch drinking-true defender of the 4th estate. I would include J.P. Peterson to that local group-Kaufman-Jones-not so sure about Shelton. Most of the guys on the Lightning coverage team have the balls to call a turd a turd–I’d say Dave Moore is pretty honest-maybe the only honest guy on the Bucs crew–lost any respect for Deckerhoff when he bit his lip on the bunghole job P.T. Willis was dealt at FSU…the Rays media crew are maybe the most gutless in this market-Herrera–well I’ve said before the guy must not have a mirror in his house–he could never look himself in the eye the way he slobbers about scumbags like Navarro …and I would think Rich Herrera could share his mirror-less abode with fellow non-self-respecting/company line spewing/spineless hacks Rives and Ledger.

    Then again what we call “news” and “reporting” would have Marshall McLuhan spinning in his grave at about 15,000 RPM!

  33. gblack Says:

    I understand the public wants the question asked…but TJ works for the Buccaneer Radio Network, not a reporter for Clear channel radio or the Tribune or Times. His sole responsibility during and after each game is to report about the game and to interview players and coaches about the game. TJ also hosts the Raheem Morris show on Monday’s…I would bet that TJ does use this type of forum to question the coach about his return in 2010.
    If you don’t understand the forum to work for the Buccaneers Radio Network, ask the former reporter that did host the coaches show to see how it works…Ian Beckles…one and done Ian Beckles…Just saying Joe that TJ did his job…not yours…Get credentialed by the Bucs and ask the question yourself.

  34. Joe Says:


    Joe seems to recall during Rives’ interview with Raheem the subject of what to do in the future came up, which obviously wasn’t about the game.

    Everything he asked Raheem was of zero relevance. The season was over. No more games. The lone item of importantance was if Raheem was coming back.

    As Joe has stated above, Joe understands working for the Bucs comes with conditions. If Rives would have been upfront and said there were certain subjects he could not touch, no harm, no foul.

    He didn’t.

    Either way you slice it, it was a disservice to both the listeners and Bucs fans.