Roy Miller, Freeman Talk Winning Chemistry

January 2nd, 2010

Greg Olson says Josh Freeman is a commanding presence with a powerful 'It factor.'

Former Tampa Tribune NFL writer Carter Gaddis did a little freelance work for the Atlanta Journal Constitution and was charged with looking at the rise of the Bucs from the depths of the NFL over past few weeks.

It seems he’s found a confident young team headed by the “It factor” of Josh Freeman, as Greg Olson described.

Roy Miller says the win in New Olreans was a watershed moment for the franchise.

“Last week [against New Orleans] was one of those big factors to the future of a young program,” rookie defensive tackle Roy Miller said. “You see it happen, and it’s like, ‘Hey, we can do this again.’ It really brings all the guys together on the same page. And it’s just so encouraging, because you know that at your best, you can beat some of the best teams in the NFL.”

Joe’s about ready to buy into all this if the Bucs come out and perform mightily against the motivated Falcons.

Who could argue with three in a row? Joe wants to believe, but he needs one more game.

2 Responses to “Roy Miller, Freeman Talk Winning Chemistry”

  1. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Sorry Joe but Mr. Lucky isn’t drinking this Freeman Kool-Aid.

    Freeman didn’t do crap last week! Let’s look at the stats shall we?

    21 for 31 67.7 pct passing. 271 yards with 2 INT 3 sacks and 1 fumble.

    His QB rating was 68.1

    In fact the “it factor” was so strong that OC Olson went with 8/9 running plays in overtime – the 1 passing call turned into a nice scramble (kudos given).

    If Freeman had converted that 4th and 1 instead of throwing into the arms of the DT I MIGHT be more pro-Freeman.

    It was SPURLOCK and SPECIAL TEAMS that won that game for the Bucs. Secondly it was the DEFENSE that shut down the saints.

    When I see a team rally around their QB I think of what I saw in the Sugar Bowl last night with Tebow. Now THAT is the IT FACTOR – I don’t give a crap what the TV analysists say. You don’t set SEC records with the IT FACTOR

  2. RastaMon Says:

    So when Joe tagged Freeman “Bust in Waiting”…..was he really predicting
    a Bust in Canton…..