Ronde Barber Expects Changes

January 4th, 2010

There are few football players Joe respects more than Ronde Barber. So when the Bucs veteran cornerback speaks, Joe usually pays attention.

So when speaking with Joe Henderson of the Tampa Tribune after Sunday’s season-ending loss, Barber confessed that he expects changes to the Bucs for next season.

“I know one thing for certain – this team won’t be the same next year. It never is, but it won’t be the same. There are areas where we have to get better,” he said.

“You have all offseason to do that. You have the draft to do that, you have free agency to do that. There are certainly some areas where we can improve. We just have to find those guys.”

Barber didn’t go into detail what areas he was talking about (strong safety maybe?) but Barber did say that he will have to see how mentally motivated he can get his 34-year old body to see if he returns.

Unless the Bucs make the decision for him — which is unthinkable to Joe — Barber said he would likely decide no later than April if he will return.

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