Really Bad Timing For Antonio Bryant

January 29th, 2010

An unknown author at the Tampa Tribune, or (or, dare Joe suggest, WFLA-TV?) wrote a blog item on making a very well-known point that Antonio Bryant is not in any proper negotiation position to break the bank on a new contract.

The Unknown Author suggested Bryant’s past (baggage) and present (gimpy knee) have caught up with him at a very inopportune time (no contract and teams “paring down” with the looming labor storm).

Unless Bryant lowers his expectations, the Bucs are likely to move on without him and add a receiver in April with one of their premium draft picks.

Bryant has done a nice job in Tampa of overcoming his reputation as a disruptive force in the locker room, but a balky knee will be a concern for potential suitors and he was unable to back up his 2008 season with another outstanding year.

Bryant’s best move may be to swallow his pride, re-sign with the Bucs at a much lower wage and help Freeman grow into the kind of quarterback Coach Raheem Morris envisioned when Tampa Bay traded up to land the strong-armed passer out of Kansas State.

Bucs general manager Mark Dominik has the upper-hand in this negotiation. Joe hopes that Bryant wakes up and signs with the Bucs. Sure, Joe wants Bryant back. But a wide receiver who isn’t exactly a spring chicken with a testy knee isn’t one to unload a checkbook on.

11 Responses to “Really Bad Timing For Antonio Bryant”

  1. Mr. Lucky Says:

    2-year deal for $10 million – Take it or leave it

  2. zech Says:

    That’s y I said the bucs need to draft a playmaker of a widereciever or trade for one

  3. Tommy Says:

    Hey why not unload the checkbook on him? We overpaid for Clayton and it’s not like we are going to go out and sign any other free agents. It will be a mistake to let Bryant go. Freeman needs a reliable WR who can make plays. We all know Clayton and Stovall aren’t playmakers. Stroughter is nice but is only a second year player. Clark and Urritia are unkowns. If the Management won’t resign him to make the fans happy at least resign him to give Freeman a chance to be successful.

  4. Eric Says:

    Bryant appears to be damaged goods. How many games did he miss last year?

  5. Joe Says:


    Hey why not unload the checkbook on him? We overpaid for Clayton and it’s not like we are going to go out and sign any other free agents.

    Bryant can’t block.

  6. B From O-Town Says:

    What you guys are failing to realize, is that Bryant has 31 other options. Free Agents call the shots. If the Bucs, media or fans p— him off too much, he’ll just USE the Bucs as leverage to get a better offer somewhere else.

    Additionally, the Bucs don’t have any bargaining chips. Bryant will wait for free agency to test the market… there is so much unceratinty on the market, no one really knows the accurate appraisal of these guys. And still, Bryant wouldn’t want to come back to Tampa after last year’s debacle.

    Which is why the Bucs are planning to move on without him… BECAUSE THEY CAN’T SIGN HIM. (Unless they give him a monster deal)

  7. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    B from O-town is right. The Bucs have no leverage in this deal. Bryant will do what the postion coaches are doing and trying to do. Get out of Tampa! The only thing Dominik can do is make a show of the Bucs trying to keep talent and saying that they wanna be smart with the Money they have.

  8. Louie Says:

    Not all the teams are preparing for a potential lockout as if it’s the end of the world. There will be plenty of bidders for AB. He is the best WR free agent available this year. The Bucs are just plain STUPID to let him go. AB played well after his knee healed fully, so there’s not much downside.

  9. Eric S Says:

    I actually think that Bryant has the advantage here. Many of the top WRs who would have been unrestricted free agents are stuck at being restricted like V. Jackson or B. Marshall. No way the Chargers let Jackson get away. Marshall could be had for draft picks. Boldin will probably out there for draft picks as well. Bryant could be the top unrestricted free agent at WR. All it takes is one team to shoot the bidding for him. It is looking more and more that Bryant won’t be back.

  10. adam Says:

    if there is any way possible, get rid of clayton….via trade, cut, whatever, and if you can somehow use that money to sign bryant do it…sort of swap out the contracts on the payroll… need a real payroll wiz like bruce allen for that though….adam from ny

  11. Wayne Says:

    I guess people forget the Circus act catches Bryant made last year that made Freeman look good. It is hard to believe that the Bucs will play hardball with it’s only great receiver after giving can’t catch Clayton a 25mil contract last year. Of course, they did keep the amatuer Coach. So I guess anything goes with these clowns.