Raheem The Dream Has Limited Job Security

January 23rd, 2010

Yesterday, Joe spelled out why it would be smart of Bucs linebackers coach Joe Barry would get out of his contract with the Bucs to take the defensive coordinator gig with the University of Tennessee.

One of the reasons for that is Raheem the Dream’s job status has to be on shaky ground. As a result, Barry’s job security is even thinner.

Seems as though Vacation Man of BSPN.com is of the same mind, at least with Raheem the Dream. Vacation Man, in an NFC South chat, also noted Raheem the Dream better have a decent year in 2010 or he too might be looking for work.

Terra (Florida)

I know the Bucs have committed to Raheem for one more year, but do you think if he has close to the same kind of year, do you see him staying around? If he does this will be one really upset fan.

Vacation Man

No, he’s gotta show significant improvement next season.

Joe wonders if Raheem the Dream doubles his number of wins from 2009 — which would still result in a losing record — if he will be retained?

8 Responses to “Raheem The Dream Has Limited Job Security”

  1. phil Says:

    if they bring in better talent, the 2nd year players dont show improvement, and we still finish with an awful record then yes he should go. but if the glazers take the cheap route, they make him rely on a bunch of rookies, but the team doubles their wins, doesnt embarass themselves, and the young players show improvement then no way does he deserve to be fired. if he does, however, they better replace him with somewhat of a big name and not another rookie. i have no faith the glazers know what theyre doing, and i have no faith in dominik.

  2. JDouble Says:

    Man it’s so hard to say what will happen with the CBA and possible work stoppage and everything. If all that stuff gets worked out and isn’t a factor, I’d guess Rheem needs to win 7-8 games next year to be resigned.

  3. Eric S Says:

    The schedule next season is very very easy. If Rah can’t win 7 or 8 games against these opponents, he deserves to be shown the door.

  4. jlynch1340 Says:

    He just needs to go!!! Anyone remember him tangled up in wires and the play sheet bound to him??? That image says it all…… Just Beat It

  5. Travis Says:

    You can’t base how much wins he needs from the schedule. How do you know how good any of the teams will be or not. Look at the jets and bengals of this year. Unless your a fan of them no one had them doing as good as they did this year.

  6. Eric S Says:

    You can certainly form early assumptions on a future schedule. For instance, most pundits had Miami slipping back this season because of the schedule. And that is exactly what they did, going from 11 wins (on an easy schedule) to 7 wins (on a tougher schedule). NE struggled to 10 wins after winning 11 the previous season. Sure you can’t base everything on this, but it does give you a good idea.

    Several experts had the Jets going to the playoffs. They underachieved in the regular season and needed divine intervention to get in. I wouldn’t call them a surprise.

    Cincy was more of a surprise. Not sure why. They had a very good D in 2008. Still had Palmer, Benson and Bancofranco on offense.

    People should always assume that half the playoff teams of a particular season won’t make it the next season. Scheduling does play a big part in this.

    Let’s look at the Bucs schedule next season.

    Home-SF, Sea, Det, Clev, Pitt, Atl, Caro, NO

    Detroit and Cleveland are terrible road teams. Both teams need a lot of help. SF and Sea both have to fly all the way across country to play us. Not good odds usually. Sea frankly sucks and Pete Carroll was a mediocre pro coach the first and second time around. What makes him succeed now? Still not convinced that Mike S. is a sound head coach. They have an iffy QB. Pitt should be a tough test, but they need to upgrade their suddenly very old D.

    The Bucs showed that they can win against the division. They easily could have won both Carolina games. They should won at least 1 Atlanta and there were in the other one until the 4th. The Bucs can stack up with the Saints. For no other reason because Sean Payton seemingly does something stupid against us every season.

    The Bucs should go at least 3-1 against the gruesome foursome (SF,Sea, Det, Cle). I would expect a loss against Pitt and let’s say 2-1 against our division. 5-3 at home.

    Road-Ariz, St. Louis, Balt, Cincy, Wash, Atl, Caro, NO

    Arizona might take a giant step back if Warner retires, so that might be one break. St. Louis is truly putrid. Probably will take Suh, but they still need a QB. Good luck finding that. Would not surprise me if Cincy took a step back. Baltimore may be missing their best WR and one of their best defenders. Wash is in transition. They could go either way.

    I’m just going to give us 1 win against the division. They win 2 of the other road games. If I had to guess it would be St. Louis and one of the teams besides Balt. 3-5 road.

    8-8 overall. Sure it is folly to predict without knowing the draft picks and free agency changed the landscape. But if I had a crystal ball, this would be one of the best scenarios for the Bucs. Do I necessarily think they will do this? No because of Rah. But a good coach would easily get to 8-8 and possibly go 9-7 or even 10-6.

    The Bucs have just 1 playoff team on their home schedule. They have 4 on their road schedule. They should win 8 because a lot of nonplayoff teams I just don’t see them making next season. You never know. But looking at the schedule can be a good tool on how to handicap a team’s postseason chances.

  7. Travis Says:

    What I’m saying it is to early up base it on it. Atleast wait until after the draft so that you can see what teams did in it and in FA. I didn’t see anyone have the jets in playoffs. Most people were saying that would be our only win of the season. But I hope your right and all the teams suck so the bucs can win 🙂

  8. Travis Says:

    It all comes down to how good we are. Look at this year we had a hard schedule and went 3-13. But then again everyone in our divison had a similar schedule and all of them were .500 or better. With the saint starting 13-0