Is Raheem Really Safe?

January 5th, 2010

Joe hates to be so cynical. But so many years in journalism have made him a distrusting soul.

Joel Glazer fired off a one sentence written proclamation Monday night stating, “We are committed to the plan that  began 12 months ago with Coach Morris, and we look forward to building on the pieces that were put in place this season.”

Joe’s antennae went up right away.

The statement doesn’t say the Glazers are committed to Raheem The Dream, only the plan that began 12 months ago with him at the helm.

That plan, as stated by Joel Glazer in his 2009 state-of-the-Bucs address, was to build through the draft and resist the “dark path” of free agency.

Joel Glazer speaking at the March NFL owners meetings: We have a plan. We’re going to be disciplined and we’re going to be patient. We’re going to stick to it and do what we think is in the best interest of long-term, sustainable success. I come back to the draft. You’ve got to succeed in the draft. Free agency is not going to solve all our problems. You have to always be in the position that once we’ve identified good players, that we’re in a position not to lose those good players and that’s the key. Winning in March in free agency, very rarely do you see those teams in the headlines in January. You have to be disciplined to resist what can lead you down a dark path.

Joe’s mind just can’t shake the phrasing of Glazer’s statement yesterday. It’s hardly a public endorsement of the head coach, although that’s the apparent purpose it serves.

Why not just come right out and say Raheem The Dream is your guy for 2010 because he’s got what it takes to get the job done?

Again, maybe Joe’s too cynical. But wouldn’t Glazer’s statement be fantastic leverage with Bill Cowher if, in fact, Cowher and the Glazers were negotiating behind the scenes.

Joe wouldn’t bet his life on Raheem The Dream being the Bucs coach in two weeks. Would you?

13 Responses to “Is Raheem Really Safe?”

  1. Gary Says:

    I agree a submitted statement conveys distance rather than an actual endorsement towards Morris but what else do we have to go with outside of speculation? Bill Cowher speculation was better than a Morris reality until today.

    I wouldn’t gamble on Morris being in here in two weeks either. The Glazer’s seem to operate from position of secrecy so anything possible. They took three week to fire Jon Gruden.

    Maybe they can get Cowher to reduce his demands before the draft? Here’s hoping it happens.

    Great site by the way. I find the other media sites for Tampa Bay Bucs are a very politically correct or bunch of kiss asses.

  2. Pruritis Ani Says:

    No, it does not sound like a ringing endorsement when the coach’s name isn’t even mentioned. Maybe there is a glimmer of hope.

  3. Eric S Says:

    I would believe you Joe if they didn’t put Morris name in the release. Since they did, I would assume that they are sticking with him. I wonder if the Bucs could have had Cowher last season. Maybe Morris would have been his DC. Instead the Glazers made a knee jerk reaction and hired Morris. I personally don’t think he was ever close to being hired by the Broncos.

    That is one do over I would want. I am fine with Gruden being fired. His time had come. The team just was running in place with him. Don’t get me wrong. I think it was wise to fire Dungy before him as well. We were doomed to 9 win seasons, conservative playcalling and early playoffs exits if Dungy stayed.

    I figured they would win 6 games this seasons. Not even close. The chaos involved with all the firings and not having D. Brooks to smooth out the locker room probably cost them several wins. If Morris does not come at or near .500 next season, then he should be shown the door.

  4. Pruritis Ani Says:

    Ahh.. I missed that Eric.. Wishful thinking on my part I suppose so early in the AM. Thanks for peeing in my cornflakes 😀
    Another year of misery I suppose.

  5. lightningbuc Says:

    Joe, the reason he will be back next year is because of $$$$$$. When I read Joe Henderson’s column saying Cowher would need around $8 million/yr to coach, i knew right then the Glazers wouldn’t pay that. Do you happen to know what Morris’ salary is? I would guess less than a million. Right now, I feel the biggest weakness on this team is it’s owners. They have gone from one of the best in the league when Malcolm was around, to now one of the worst.

  6. Mark Says:

    As far as Im concerned the plan a year ago didn’t necassarily have “The Dream as head coach”

  7. justin Says:

    just cancelled my season tickets of 4 today been a season ticket holder for the past 12 years and the funny thing is when i told them i was not gonna renew my tickets the lady asked me on the phone why is that and i straight up told her the owners of this team suck and they proved it by keeping raheem and she even laughed a little

  8. thedeej3000 Says:

    Well Joe… not that it matters much… but because of this Glazer blunder… I will not spend the whole offseason obsessing about this team as I usually do. If The Glazies don’t care, why should I… I imagine I’m not the only one who feels this way. Sorry Joe.

  9. BigMacAttack Says:

    If that isn’t a Glazerly worded endorsement of Raheem, I don’t know what is. That’s as good as it gets with those guys. Raheem is the coach and will be the coach. Believe it or not, I finally think they have a pretty decent plan.

    Look at the Pittsburgh Penguins. They totally sucked for some years and through the draft landed players like Sid the Kid & Malkin and became a serious force in the NHL. The Capitals did the same thing. I believe the lightning are on this same path to greatness.

    It can work for the Bucs as well. Glazer is right about patience and discipline in sticking to your plan. If it takes another year of losing it just means that many more top draft choices. The ticket sales will suffer now, but I can see where a powerhouse could be built over time and bring back the fans in masses. The question is how much money can you afford to lose in revenue until you get there.

  10. Tye Says:


    You are NOT the only 1 who feels that way. I am also one that is a fan all year round and keeps up with the team almost daily, or at least use to, for the past several years. It was heart wrenching and extremely rough all last season watching Dominik and Morris make horrific decision after horrific decision and then CAUSE such an Atrocious Season. If they Keep Morris I don’t have any plans to go through that again. Like you said,”If The Glazies don’t care, why should I…” and they MOST definately don’t care if they keep Morris!!!

  11. buckeyebob Says:

    Dear Owners: Thank you for not being giving into the the wishes of a few to fire Coach Rah. He has taken on a difficult task and made good progress down the stretch. We will win in 2010 big time and all those folks who say they gave up on the team will miss out on all the fun.

  12. Gary Says:

    No sure if saw this Joe;

    Bucs were unwilling to pay $5-6 million range for Cowher. You’re right its no ringing endorsement, but rather accepting that they couldn’t land Cowher.

    Well if Cowher peoples tell the Glazers he’d accept $6 mill would they dump Morris? Just asking.

  13. Ian Says:

    I remember I first heard of the Glazers statement at PFT, and the title of the post was “Bucs confirm Morris will be back”. Then I read the actual statement from Joel G. and though “Um, no. They didn’t confirm anything”. What surprised me is that Florio didn’t take the critical devil’s advocate look at the statement like Joe did.