Improving Freeman = Tall Receivers?

January 28th, 2010

In Josh Freeman’s final college season, his leading receiver was 5′ 10″ Deon Murphy. Last year, Sammie Stroughter, who doesn’t stand that tall, was surely one of his favorite targets.

But now some experts believe fixing Freeman’s accuracy issues might be done by drafting taller receivers, so writes Woody Cummings, of the Tampa Tribune. Apparently, at least one coach at the Senior Bowl told Cummings the Bucs might draft and sign receivers based in part on their height.

Everyone believes that problem is correctible, but at least one coach believes the Bucs need to do more to help Freeman than just work with him on his throwing mechanics.

The coach said Giants quarterback Eli Manning had the same problem when he came into the league and that part of the correction the Giants made was to get taller receivers such as Plaxico Burress and Domenik Hixon.

It’s possible the Bucs have already started moving in that direction. They did feature 6-foot-5 Maurice Stovall more late in the season last year and 6-6 Mario Urrutia was up for the final two games as well.

Joe just can’t buy this premise. If 22-year-old Freeman is throwing high, then work on his mechanics, don’t look for taller dudes.

What if he starts throwing low?

Mark Dominik should just worry about finding guys who can catch the ball, unlike Michael Clayton, the proven 6′ 4″ ball-dropper he gifted $10 million guaranteed last offseason.

8 Responses to “Improving Freeman = Tall Receivers?”

  1. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    I’ve always found that the best way to improve a QB’s accuracy are good WR’s who actually get open and catch….period.

  2. danny cap Says:

    While I agree we should try to get a reciever with some height, its not because of Freeman’s inaccuracy. We need a big body that actually has some speed though. Im officially campaigning for Dez bryant. a 6’2 weapon with wheels to burn. Grab Dez, try to resign Bryant, Stroughter in the slot, all of a sudden we go from a pathetic group to a formitable one.

    We really need to get a QB coach who has a solid base in fundamentals here as soon as possible. I do think Freeman has his head on straight and is willing to work at his craft. We need to surrond him with what ever it takes to succeed. You dont buy a Ferrari and put regular fuel in it.

  3. Florida Girl Says:

    You must be kidding me. Freeman was more accurate than Sanchez or Stafford. Agree it would be great to get bigger receivers who can win the jump ball, but regardless of their height, we need guys that can catch the ball and who aren’t afraid to lay out to go get it. Bringing back a WR for his blocking proficiency surely isn’t the solution.

  4. JDouble Says:

    “I’ve always found that the best way to improve a QB’s accuracy are good WR’s who actually get open and catch….period.”

    Thank you. Hieght doesn’t matter. I’d prefer taller, bigger, physical recievers….but it’s not a requirement. Playmaking recievers come in all sizes.

    As far as a tall reciever helping Freeman’s accuracy, that is the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard in awhile. Like 2-5 inches is going to make some difference. Complete nonsense.

  5. sgw94 Says:

    I don’t know if DaMarrio Alexander will fall to the 2nd round (he might with his knee problems) but I would love to see him in a Bucs uniform. 6 ft 4, fast and can catch. Still this analysis as far as I can tell sounds wrong in my estimation. I know Jeff Carlson can probably weigh in too but from what I saw most of Freeman’s bad throws were behind his receivers or just thrown into traffic. I don’t really remember a lot of balls sailing on him. I like the concept of big receivers who can play because you have more options with them like fade routes, but more than height I would value physicalness (I know that’s not a word). I want a guy who will get off press coverage, who will push off coming out of his breaks, and who will go up and snatch the ball out of the air, no matter what his actual measurables are. When people focus on measurables too much and not what a guy actually does on the field enough that’s how you end up with busts IMHO

  6. JDouble Says:

    Golden Tate in round two!

    Taylor Price in round four!

    Get Kareem Huggins off the practice squad and in the game!

  7. RastaMon Says:

    “then work on his mechanics, don’t look for taller dudes.”
    right answer
    he will
    all own his own

  8. Leighroy Says:

    Will taller receivers help his decision making with the football? Because I thought WHERE he threw it was more of a problem than HOW he threw it last year imo…