Did Joel Glazer Lash Out Again?

January 19th, 2010

One of the established, seedy and entertaining British tabloids, The Sun, published a very interesting story today claiming Manchester United players were each handed a prospectus to entice them to buy the new bonds being floated by the Glazer-owned organization.

The bond issue is intended to raise about $800 million to refinance Manchster United’s debt. And apparently the minimum investment is about $80,000, per The Sun.

But what’s really interesting here is that The Sun has now removed the story from its Web site, though other sites picked up the story before the page was removed.

Hmmmm. … The implication in the sensationalized story was that the Glazers are urging their players to help pay down the team’s debt via bond purchases.

When WDAE-AM 620 personality Dan Sileo said the Glazers had lost money to scam artist Bernie Madoff, Joel Glazer issued a fierce denial and Sileo was suspended from the airwaves.

When Jason LaCanfora, of NFL.com, all but wrote that the Glazers couldn’t afford Bill Cowher and/or be players in free agency, rival insider Adam Schefter, of BSPN, soon after said he heard from a high ranking Bucs official who detailed that the Bucs never reached out to Cowher.

Perhaps publicly challenging Team Glazer’s financial dealings and capabilities is the way to lure the quiet owners from their Cone of Silence.

17 Responses to “Did Joel Glazer Lash Out Again?”

  1. JDouble Says:

    If any of these stories were true, then the Glazers would have no leg to stand on when threatening. The fact that this story was pulled shows it was a bullshit story based on nonsense instead of facts. Just like Sileo’s story was a lie and LaCanfora’s story was a lie. If the Glazers are such horrible cheapskates…why can’t anyone seem to put out a good story about them without making up lies to sell thier story?

  2. Jimmy Says:

    Dan Sileo is so fuc*ing stupid, probably a result of his steroid abuse with the rest of those animals down at Miami, that dumb sh*t probably can’t tell the difference between a lie and the truth.

    I hope when Sileo’s relative at Clear Channel loses his job due to cutbacks, that the people in Tampa catch a clue and that stupid son of a bitch is panhandling on Nebraska for fuc*ing breadcrumbs that piece of sh*t.

    The nerve of Clear Channel to have that asswipe assault our senses each day! Public airwaves my fuc*ing ass!!!

    I’d like to take a baseball bat to that motherfuc*er and the piece of sh*t that forces the Tampa crowd to keep him on the air!!!

    The guy with no mirrors in his house who shills for the Rays is light years better than this illiterate in the morning, that’s how low rung this Sileo is! The people that listen to him are no better than children who stick their hands into open fires because they don’t know any better.

  3. TMorti Says:

    I don’t know how much truth there is in The Sun’s story after all in the past it has been found out for completely making stories up (I am British).

    But the truth is Man Utd are in so much trouble at the moment. The debts are ENORMOUS, are stadiums looks like it could be getting renamed, the best players may get sold to refinance the debt (most notably Wayne Rooney, our best player) and the legendary manager, Sir Alex Ferguson, has been told to resign in protest against the Glazers and all the troubles that they have brought to the club.

    Looks like they’ll have to let go of the one of the two clubs/franchises or they’ll be in real trouble, if they are already aren’t.

    Love United. Hate Glazer.

  4. TMorti Says:

    Our stadium*

  5. Larry Says:

    was there an actual story on the Sun? I found page 3 first and forgot everything else!

  6. Joe Says:

    Is that the Sun’s version of Page 6? 🙂

  7. Chuck Says:

    They posted an article the other day that after the payments Man U still netted 78 Mil…not allot for such a club I guess but far from being in trouble. This Man U crap is all speculation and propaganda from people with an agenda.

  8. Chuck Says:

    Hey Jimmy, Sileo is a tool, but man, what did he do? Steel your Caybrew?

  9. Eric Says:

    Anyone owning a major sports franchise has to be feeling a little tight around the collar, given the economy. Owning two must be double tough. However, I do recall that many people called the Glazers idiots for paying 192 million for the Bucs. I believe they got the last laugh on that one. Don’t underestimate these folks.

  10. D-money Says:

    It’s all speculation and frankly it’s getting a bit old. Since when did we go from being sports fans to being financial analysts?

    Blah blah blah the Glazers are jerks and they’re broke and the caused the earthquake in Haiti and killed Michael Jackson….jeesh get over it people.

  11. Jake Says:

    D-money, I will get over it when my 2k annual investment in season tickets gives me a greater return than the 3-13 record recieved this past season. Until the Glazers start taking meaningful steps to improve the product, I will be all over their asses!

  12. James Says:

    message board bad asses are so underrated!

  13. George C. Costanza Says:

    The Glazers are brilliant businessmen.


  14. Eric Says:

    i wish i was broke like that!

  15. BigMacAttack Says:

    Joel Glazer suffers from an enlarged brain.

  16. D-money Says:

    Jake get a grip pal. I wasn’t saying you can’t be upset with the product. i’m saying none of us are qualified to comment on their finance’s.

    Also nobody is forcing you to pay for season tickets. If you don’t like it don’t buy them. Or were you dumb enough to think that this years result was going to be better than what we saw when you renewed last off season.

  17. D-money Says:

    Oh yeah and I’m sure you being “all over their asses” is really bothering them.