Derrick Brooks Not Giving Up

January 13th, 2010

Nearly a year has passed since the Bucs cut loose Derrick Brooks. It was a dark day in Bucs history.

Though Brooks has stated he was not retiring, no team saw fit to sign him and Brooks spent the season working for BSPN and Sirius NFL Radio.

With the regular season now closed, Joe was of the mind it was just a matter of time before Brooks held a press conference to announce he would retire and the Bucs would issue a release stating his No. 55 would be retired.

Apparently, per Anwar Richardson of the Tampa Tribune, neither is going to happen. Despite not playing at all in 2009, Richardson believes Brooks can still play for some team in 2010.

Although it is unlikely Brooks will play for Tampa Bay in 2010, do not think it’s unlikely he will ever play again.

Eagles linebacker Jeremiah Trotter sat out of football for 20 months once Tampa Bay released him after the 2007 season. Trotter did not play in 2008 and returned to Philadelphia in August 2009 after Stewart Bradley tore his ACL. Trotter appeared in 13 games this season and had 32 tackles in spot duty. The same could happen for Brooks.

Brooks is still in shape and waiting for the phone to ring, so do not expect a retirement announcement anytime soon.

Though Joe thinks the world of Brooks, Joe isn’t holding his breath. Joe would prefer Brooks just hang it up, but Joe knows Brooks knows better than anyone whether he can still harass opposing quarterbacks or not.

2 Responses to “Derrick Brooks Not Giving Up”

  1. Paul Wiezorek Says:

    It is so hard for some guys to give up the game. I would hate to see Brooks in another uniform, like Montana, Unitas, Namath, etc.. Those end of career moves rarely ever work out, and are usually just sad.

  2. Tom Says:

    Dear Anwar,

    There’s this magical thing called ‘Father Time’ you seem to have forgotten about.

    While you may have thought to yourself:

    A. Jeremiah Trotter is a veteran Linebacker who was out of football for a year before returning to the game
    B. Derrick Brooks is a veteran Linebacker who was out of football this year and COULD return to the game

    You are forgetting one silly thing. Trotter was 32 this season. Derrick Brooks will be 37 next season. There aren’t too many linebackers outside of New England running around at that age. Especially ones who’s greatest assets were their speed which has since diminished considerably.