Cowboys Win; Glazers Lose

January 10th, 2010

"Damn, I had my ten gallon hat all picked out and a commitment from Griese."

Now that the Cowboys punished the Eagles last night in the playoffs, Wade Phillips surely has locked up a return to Dallass for next season.

For Bucs fans, this means Chucky will have to wait at least another year before Jerry Jones calls him to save the Cowboys. 

Joe believed a potential Cowboys head coaching opening would have had Chucky’s agent on the phone faster than Raheem The Dream can say, “be your best self.”

Now the Glazers are no doubt doomed to pay Chucky his roughly $5 million salary for 2010, about what they paid Luke McCown and Angelo Crowell for doing nothing last season.

4 Responses to “Cowboys Win; Glazers Lose”

  1. JK Says:

    Joe, you can say what you want about Jones but you can’t question the mans desire to win championships. It’s win first, money second. Can you say the same thing about our owners? As far as the Glazers paying Chucky I really feel sorry for them. How much did they profit this season? We all know they made at least 40 million before the first snap with money unspent on the cap didn’t they.

  2. jay Says:

    us the fans are the only losers now we have to watch another off season of not spending any money these owners are on my last nerve they have taken the fun out of sundays this past season was the only season in 20 something years that i dident care if i missed the game cause i was fishing or out doing something

  3. FlBoy84 Says:

    Speaking of Crowell, I’m hoping he gets re-signed this off-season. He’s mentioned he’d like to stick around, hopefully something can be worked out. Like to see what he could do with a healthy off-season and training camp.

  4. JK Says:

    If anyone watched the Ravens rape the Pats today it should give you an idea of how far our Bucs are behind on defense especially at linebacker and a run stopper on the defensive line. If we stay with what we have from this season we are in trouble. Draft picks are part of the answer but not the entire answer. Our coaching staff is in such disarray .If we win 5 next season this web site will cheer and tell you what a great job the Glazerhouses and Morris are doing. Jay I hate to say this but the Glazers don’t care if you come to the games or not. They have plenty of transplants in the area from the northern teams so the stadium that us tax payers bought for them will always be profitable.