Could Glenn Dorsey Be The Answer?

January 20th, 2010

The Bucs are in dire need up help up front on the defensive side of the ball. So it’s not a stretch to believe the Bucs may take a stab at a young defensive tackle who hasn’t lived up to expectations.

Could Chiefs defensive tackle Glenn Dorsey be a target? eye-RAH! Kaufman of the Tampa Tribune won’t dismiss it.

In a question-and-answer column on, a reader proposed a trade for Dorsey.

Q: Draft-Ho. What are chances that Bucs might trade for Glenn Dorsey, DT. He was a highly regarded 3 technique who is now used out of position in Kansas City’s 3-4 as a DE. Perhaps a second-round pick this year and a conditional next? Also, what if Oakland wants to trade up for a QB? Would Bucs consider it? I’d love to see us do that and get their first and second and Louis Murphy, WR. Then, draft Bruce Campbell, LT, extraordinaire. What say you?

CVal, Nashville, Tenn.

A: Dorsey is a guy that could attract the attention of the Bucs. He’s been a washout in KC, but the Bucs have already shown a willingness to pick up ex-Chiefs like Ryan Sims and Jimmy Wilkinson. The Chiefs probably would like to move Dorsey at this point and the Bucs have plenty of ammo to get him. He was highly regarded coming out of LSU and Dorsey may just need a change of scenery at this point. As for trading back from the No. 3 slot, if Suh or McCoy are still on the board it will be tough for the Bucs to pass up either DT. If they’re both gone, Tampa Bay would probably be inclined to trade down and gobble up another premium pick in the process.

— eye-RAH! Kaufman 

Joe wouldn’t be opposed to such a swap, so long as the price is cheap. Wonder if the Chiefs would be interested in swapping disappointing players from LSU? Someone needs to take Michael Clayton off the Bucs hands.

15 Responses to “Could Glenn Dorsey Be The Answer?”

  1. justin F Says:

    would not mind dorsey but i doubt we do any big trades or sign any big name players after reading the glazers debt is now at 1.17 billion

  2. Tommy Says:

    Well trades may be the only option for the Glazers. Trading means no new contracts unless the player has a year left on their current deal. Then a contract would be neccesary as one would not want to give up a draft pick for a player who only stays for one year. Dorsey is still relatively young and is still early in his rookie contract so instead of signing a newly drafted player an having to give bonus money the Glazers may opt for this route. If it were me, I would wait until draft day to make this trade. If we don’t get Suh or McCoy I say go for it. However, I fully trust Dominik when it comes to trades. He did an excellent job in acquiring K2 and getting extreme value for Gaines Adams (R.I.P.). So far Dominik is batting a thousand in terms of trades. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about picking coordinators and position coaches.

  3. Dave Says:

    I would not mind them trying to grab Dorsey. He is ideal for the Tampa 2. that would also enable them to trade down and get more picks because then they definately would not have to draft a DT until round (which I think they should do anyway since the draft is so deep with them and odds are Suh will not be available)

    There is a good chance the Bucs could (and I think they SHOULD) trade down to get more picks, but not with the raiders. Al Davis is firing his coach because he wants Russel at QB. He is not trading up for another one. However, Seattle might to jump over the Redskins who might also want a QB.

  4. Thomas Gemkow Says:

    Um, Tommy, why would we draft McCoy? We have a young QB. Would make NO SENSE to take Colt McCoy at all, let alone that high in the draft.

    I wanna see us trade down, and get Eric Berry, or maybe Joe Haden. Our secondary was toast this season.

  5. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Hey Thomas – I think Tommy was talking about GERALD McCOY! You know the 6’4″ 295 DT from a small school called OKLAHOMA? The guy who’s a projected top 5 pick?

    As for our secondary being “toast” – blame that first and formost on the front 4 – NO PRESSURE on the QB. I don’t care who you’ve got in the secondary unless the D-Line begins to pressure the opposing QB the secondary WILL get burned time and time again.

    Now having said that look at the numbers the WR’s put up against Aquib H.W. (Helmet wielding) Talib. He did a good job of shutting down top rated WR’s and will a little GOOD COACHING (HINT…HINT…HINT) he could become a special player.

  6. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Thomas wrote, “Our secondary was toast this season.”

    Were you referring to the whole Piscitelli?

  7. bucsfanforlife Says:

    I think he meant Gerald McCoy from Oklahoma D.T. Our def. of secondary got burned because of the shceme we ran under Bates. It was more of a man to man and our sec. wasn’t built for that scheme. Our pass def. actually droped to 10th after Raheem went back to the Tampa 2.

  8. Tommy Says:

    Thank you Mr. Lucky. I’m glad to know there is at least one intelligent reader following Joe’s site besides me.

  9. Tommy Says:

    You too bucsfanforlife

  10. Thomas Gemkow Says:

    Had forgotten about Gerard McCoy gang, sorry about that. Would not be a bad pick up, but certainly is not a lock like Suh. So why not trade down and fill multiple needs? The Bucs do not have a terrific history of using their top ten picks well…

    As for the secondary this season, yes pass rush is a certainly important in helping the secondary, but let’s look at facts…

    Ronde Barber is not getting any younger. I would expect to see a transition to safety–ala Rod Woodson–if he want’s to continue playing. He has lost a step, but not his grit. I would like to see him around.

    Jermaine Phillips was only moved to safety because of a lack of depth. With the recent trouble this offseason, I would not be surprised to see him go.

    Sabby Piscitelli is no better than a nickel back, at best.

    Aqib Talib has tremendous talent, but is horrible off the field. He can’t keep his name out of the headlines–for all the wrong reasons.

    Tanard Jackson is strong, but even he missed the first four games due to an off the field decision, and his 5 interceptions last season may very well be his peak for his career.

    So, that said, can we REALLY say that the secondary is a strong suit going into next year? No depth, off the field trouble and age…that is tough. No matter how good your defense is, if your secondary has a hole in it…a good QB will pick it out. Think about this…the Bucs fan Drew Brees twice a year, and up and comer Matt Ryan–that could be the difference between 8-8 and 12-4 if they don’t shore that secondary up.

  11. sgw94 Says:

    I am not high on Glen Dorsey or us trading for him. Its going to be a hit or miss proposition and the one thing I didn’t see all season was our young guys really progressing. In fact the one rookie who played the most, Roy Miller, seemed to regress at the end of the year rather than progress. Now I am not saying for sure the Buc D Line coach is bad, I am just telling you what my eyes are telling me. And in that case Dorsey is a 50/50 proposition and you can’t afford to have a 50/50 proposition in just about the most important role in your defense. If we can get him for cheap like a late round pick then so be it. but anything higher than a 5th round pick is probably a major stretch. Just my opinion. There are going to be other, better options out there if a trade is the route we want to go.

  12. Joe Says:


    Could it be that Miller may have hit the proverbial rookie wall?

  13. sgw94 Says:


    Yeah it could have been the rookie wall but the thing of it is I didn’t see other guys getting better or adding to their tool box either. Crowder played well this year but he was the same guy at the end of the year as he was when we picked him up in my opinion. Same thing for Kyle Moore. Our pass rush games on the left side never really got any better. And guys who only bullrushed to begin the season were only bull rushing at the end too.

  14. Mr. Lucky Says:


    Any chance we could send these guys to study with Feeney?

  15. Thomas Gemkow Says:

    Apparently, I am not the only one who thinks the Bucs will end up with Eric Berry…