Bucs Connected To South Florida Opening

January 8th, 2010

In the wake of the disturbing report documenting the physical assault, lies and mob-like intimidation of witnesses by former South Florida football coach Jim Leavitt, it’s not very surprising to hear the names of people with connections to the Bucs being floated for the opening.

Woody Cummings, of the Tampa Tribune, reports former Bucs offensive coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski is actually held in high regard by the movers and shakers in north Tampa.

Joe also has heard Bucs special teams coach Richard Bisaccia, who is expected to be hired as a running backs coach at the University of Tennessee, is interested in the job, and not just because he has a daughter enrolled at South Florida.

Predictably, the Dungryphiles are vocal, clamoring for Father Dungy with rose-colored glasses-type zeal, despite the fact he’s never coached in college before, much less recruited high school students.

25 Responses to “Bucs Connected To South Florida Opening”

  1. Dave O Says:

    Terry Bowden in 2010!

  2. FlBoy84 Says:

    Read the findings report and thought it was very well done. What disturbed me the most was the “let’s turn a blind eye” attitude some of the coaches, players and a member of law enforcement that were witness to/aware of this incident had. For the remaining players & the school’s sake, I hope they’re able to move on quickly and succeed in the near future. Those players need to know that you don’t need a coach that berates and physically manhandles his players to win games. Maybe Leavitt can take his act to the NFL. I’d like to see the result of him grabbing a MAN by the throat and smacking him in the face.

  3. FlBoy84 Says:

    Almost reminds me of Jon Voight’s character in Varsity Blues. It’s a shame for Leavitt’s career to end on such a crappy note. He did build that program from the ground up, though I’m not sure what he did behind the scenes to get it done. Did anyone else get the feeling the Student Athlete O received a similar treatment from Leavitt, but was able to work out a deal for remaining quiet about it?

  4. CreamsiclePasties Says:

    You want a Dungy connection? How about his sons coach?

    Plant HC Robert Weiner may not be ready for a big time college HC coaching gig……but I’d sure as hell give him a look for a coordinator position….especially with 2011 #1 overall recruit, RB James Wilder Jr currently at Plant.

    Just a thought

  5. Joe Says:


    Great breakdown. Yes, it was an alarming, disburbing report that was well-documented. The Varsity Blues angle is a perfect analogy, only without the cheerleader covered in whipped cream.

    Did Joe read it wrong or did you also get the impression that Leavitt got one of those two state troopers to cover for him? That the one trooper said Leavitt never hit the kid but the second trooper, who was on vacation, said it was highly unusual for any troopers to be in the locker room as they are supposed to station themselves outside the locker room for security?

  6. FlBoy84 Says:


    I did get a similar impression, though I don’t know that Leavitt asked the officer to cover for him. Seemed liked he felt this was just a normal occurrence within the locker room and, as law enforcement is a very tight fraternity much like a football team, he chose to cover for his guy. Only he and Leavitt know for sure. I’m sure there are plenty of perks that can be gained from having an assignment like that, maybe he just wanted to maintain the status quo. Either way, it seems his supervisors may want to review his actions while on duty. Overall, just a very sad situation all around. Just hope for a quick recovery and a great 2010 for the team.

    BTW, maybe Ms. Watson can play Ali Larter if there’s ever a Varsity Blues – Part 2.

  7. Robk Says:

    Bob Weiner is more rady to coach USF than Raheem will ever be at One Buc.

  8. Robk Says:


  9. FlBoy84 Says:

    I’m sure you’re working on Photoshop as you read this. LOL

  10. Josh P Says:

    Dungy didn’t coach at University of Minnesota at all?????

  11. Josh P Says:

    just looked it up.. he was the DB’s coach at U of Minnesota for one seasn in 1980..wouldn’t call that experience

  12. Josh P Says:

    Stever Spurrier anyone??? im sure he has something in his contract that would allow him out of it.. he can’t love South Carolina that much!!

  13. CreamsiclePasties Says:

    Robk said

    Bob Weiner is more rady to coach USF than Raheem will ever be at One Buc.

    3 State Championships in 4 years…..proven track record of developing QB’s at the HS level whether it was the Godsey brothers at Jesuit, Aaron Murray, Robert Marve, or his current QB (can’t remember his name).

    You hire Robert Weiner as OC and you dominate the recruiting trail in the talent rich greater Tampa area……

  14. Robk Says:


  15. Josh P Says:

    very true!!!! if they hired Weiner as the OC the city of USF would control a lot of the big names that come out of the City of Tampa!!!

  16. Wayne Says:

    I think they aught to hire Raheem Morris as coach of USF. That way we can get rid of him at the Pro level, and he can fill a position that the President of USF probably wants to give to someone the “players love”. Everybody’s happy then! We are rid of him & USF gains a players coach.

  17. FlBoy84 Says:

    Joe, one of the more disturbing things (to me at least) is that polls on both the local fishwrap sites are showing that more people disagree with the firing than are in favor of it. I’m going to give most of the “not in favor” crowd the benefit of the doubt that they haven’t read the report. If so, all I can say is WOW.

  18. Ian Says:

    Jeff Jagodzinski was a heck of a college coach. He was 11-3 in his first (only) year at BC, and had them ranked #2 in the BCS at one point. He would be a great choice.

  19. BigMacAttack Says:

    Steve White would be my first choice as HC. Defense, defense, defense. If the Bucs won’t drag him away from the computer, USF needs to. That man is too smart and needs to get back out on the Grid Iron. The Bucs would be fools to let Rich Bissacia get away. Can Rich call plays? OC????

  20. tnew Says:

    If they could get Jags…that would be a steal for the program, and an upgrade over Leavitt. USF would smell like a rose.

  21. Greg Says:

    No BigMac, Steve needs to go to the Bucs! I’d much rather see Rich Bissacia go to USF then Tennessee!

  22. Joe Says:


    BTW, maybe Ms. Watson can play Ali Larter if there’s ever a Varsity Blues – Part 2.

    Rachel Watson covered in whipped cream?

    Joe needs another Caybrew (or more).

  23. Eric S Says:

    If the first poster went to Auburn, he would never suggest Terry Bowden. Terrible recruiter. A bit handsy and other things with people he should not be handsy and other things with. He didn’t just get forced out because of his lousy record that year.

  24. BigMacAttack Says:

    Gruden makes a lot of sense for all the reasons The big man listed, not mention double dipping in the Glazer’s pocket. When kids are playing high school footbal, fathers(especially coaches) want to be a part of that and keep them at the same school and not bounce them around the country. Gruden has an awesome house and why would he want to leave it. Hell, he could probably Coach the Bulls, Collect from the Glazers and Call Monday Night Football Games all at the same time, Triple Dipping. Too bad bad Jon isn’t still the Bucs’ Coach.

  25. Joe Says:

    Oh God. Joe’s gonna hate me. I mention Father Dungy.