Bill Cowher Willing To Wait

January 4th, 2010

Just the mere thought of Bill Cowher has a number of Bucs fans panting in anticipation.

However, the recent news from NFL insider and BSPN analyst Adam Schefter suggests Cowher will now be willing to wait.

Via, apparently seeing limited options (and his contract negotiating leverage) dwindling by the day, Cowher isn’t as anxious to jump back into coaching next year.

His best option is in Buffalo, and we’ve heard that he really doesn’t want to become the coach there.  Options in Tampa and Carolina haven’t materialized.

Though Schefter points out that Cowher likely will be at the top of the “A” list in 2011, the luster of that 2005 Super Bowl title will eventually begin to fade — and after a certain number of years he’ll face questions as to whether the game has passed him by.

The reality here is that Cowher waited a year too long to make his return.  Last season, he could have pitted the Browns against the Chiefs and driven his price to record heights.

If that’s not bad news for a segment of sports fans, consider that there likely may not be a 2011 season due to labor unrest. So if Cowher were to come to the Bucs, it may not even be until 2012, if The Chin comes at all.

16 Responses to “Bill Cowher Willing To Wait”

  1. Louie Says:

    Looking more likely Morris will return. Oh boy, I can hardly wait to see the Bucs win 5-6 games next season!!! Wow, then in 2011, the Bucs won’t even be playing due to a lockout. Why don’t the Glazers just move the damn team because by 2011, there won’t be enough season ticket holders to fill an elevator.

  2. Pruritis Ani Says:

    First day back at work after a long weekend, so I am depressed already.. Now, reading this, I am wondering how long it will take for them to put me in a padded room with crayons, a coloring book and massive doses of Ativan. 🙁

  3. BucFan South Tampa Says:

    You hit the nail on the head ref Raheem and Cowher. Rah signed a two year deal, which is up in Jan 2011. If there is a lockout in 2011 season, that would mean the Glazers dont have to pay a coach to basically do nothing. If they signed Cowher, then the coach and all of the staff would have to be paid. Dont see a coaching change this year.
    BTW, profootballktalk had an article on Jan 2d that said that Rah and staff have already been notified they would be back next year.

  4. justin Says:

    raheem said today the glazers told him nothing yet during his presser on and it sounds like bill cowher wants to come here or to the panthers if we just fire raheem and offer him a deal we could get him and fans would come back to ray jay and so will money for the owners

  5. Jake Says:

    Could just be Cowher playing a chip in his negotiations with either the Bucs and/or Bills.

  6. Jerry Says:

    How empty is that stadium going to be next year? It was less than 50,000 with all the popular teams playing here this year.

    Next year we have the Rams, Seahawks, Browns, and Lions coming to town. How many of their fans will buy tickets? Not many.

    Attendance is going to plummit.

  7. Joe Says:

    BucFan South Tampa:

    BTW, profootballktalk had an article on Jan 2d that said that Rah and staff have already been notified they would be back next year.

    Joe touched upon this around midnight on Saturday.

  8. nick Says:

    Two years ago the Bucs were 9-7, won the division, had a home playoff game and the stadium was 40% Giant fans. So this Raheem can’t fill the seats crap is well…crap. Between this and the Rays problems, I have to question the fan base in this city…unfortunately. And I’m native of Tampa.

  9. BucFan South Tampa Says:

    Thanks Joe. As fan who has been in that stadium with the good games and the bad games, I am for giving Rah another year. New coach means another rebuilding year -I’m done with that. No one thought we were going to get more than three wins anyway, so whats the issue? We have a franchise quarter back, 11 draft picks, and good salary cap for QUALITY free agents (I know, I know but bear with me). Everyone knows the recipe for success.
    1. Get Freeman some weapons..yeah work on his acccuracy, but even Randy Moss has to go up and get the ball most of the time.
    2. Build the D-line. We need the next Warren Sapp to kill the QB. I know for a fact No. 99 reads this blog, so what say you Warren?
    3. TJack and Aqib Talib need help….get them some.
    4. Strengthen the O-line to open those holes.

    Everything else is on the right track. The final thing, Rah needs to forget his buddy buddy relationship with the players. He has hard decisions to make. Be ruthless but fair..For the betterment of the team, he has to make them. I cant wait to get my tickets for next year. This will be something to watch….

  10. Jeff Says:

    Has Sapp voiced an opinion on Suh vs McCoy for the Bucs?

  11. FlBoy84 Says:

    Bucfan South, you say that we should keep Rah because he’s on a 2-year deal, and since 2011 is supposedly a lock-out year, the Glazers won’t have to pay a coach. Guess what, 2012 would be the rebuilding year with the new coach coming in instead of 2010. If Rah stays, has another below average year, and then no football in 2011, how much of a disarray would 2012 be? If the Glazers believe they can build a FO and staff like they had with McKay, Webster, Ruskell, etc. with an eye toward the long-term, then I think this is the year to do it.

  12. Travis Says:

    The bucs need to start by drafting berry. Trading one of their 2nd round picks to Denver for Marshall. Then with the other 2nd rd pick take the best dt on the board. Maybe the fat bastard from Alabama Cody if be falls(i know it is real early but in the mock drafts out he seems to be going in the 2nd round). With their 3rd take a cb to take over for barber in 2 years and play nickel next year. Elbert Mack gets beat deep to much.

  13. jason Says:

    I cant believe they are going to let Cower get away! Atleast Cower would come in and solidify this team,thats what we need. I dont trust Rah, Dominik or the entire front office for this upcoming draft. This is the most important draft in team history. If we blow this our team is gonna be introuble for along time (Detroit Lions). To turn this thing around we need a solid football guy to run the show and Rah and Dom are not the ones. So be ready bucs fans cause its gonna be along ride if they stay. Even if we go 2-14 I will still root for my bucs and read joebucsfan!

  14. zech Says:

    Adam schefter reported that raheem will meet with ownership sometime this week to learn his fait.

  15. james from dunedin Says:

    Did all you Chin fans realy think the Glazers would break open the piggy bank after after running the Bucs on the cheap for the last seven years. The Glazers are still on the hook for MU and they are going to gouge Bucs fans until its paid for.

  16. sensiblefan Says:

    While I’m not completely sold on Rah either way, you’ve got to give Dom SOME credit on the draft:
    Freeman, K2 (via 2nd rounder), Roy Miller, Kyle Moore and Sammy Stroughter all contributed positively this year.

    In hindsight, trading up to get Freeman doesn’t look so bad:
    1) The QBs coming out this year suck HARD…so glad we don’t have to draft Jimmy Clausen!
    2) The players drafted after him wouldn’t have an enough of an impact to justify not taking him (Robert Ayers, Maclin (maybe), Alex Mack, Harvin (maybe), Oher, Peria Jerry (maybe)