Warrick Dunn Was At It Again

December 25th, 2009

Joe never gets tired of seeing stories like this and he’s been saving this post specifically for today.

Joe cannot think of a better human being than former Bucs great Warrick Dunn, the new minority owner of the Falcons.

As he is wont to do, Dunn was at it again earlier this month, buying houses for needy families both in the Tampa Bay area, and in Tallahassee where he went to college at Florida State.

Kevin Smetana of the St. Petersburg Times documents how Dunn helped a Plant City family earlier this month.

Harris, a University of South Florida student, full-time worker and aspiring lawyer, is just the second dad chosen in the program’s 12 years.

“This started as flat concrete, and this is what we have now — a home for me and my daughter,” Harris said before stepping inside the Plant City house. “I still have a long way to go, but this is going to make it a lot easier.”

Once inside, Harris, saw a furnished living room, a flat-screen TV and, in the corner, a lighted Christmas tree. To his right were custom-made stockings hanging on the wall. In all, the home decor totaled $20,000.

What cool Christmas presents those families had.

Joe can’t imagine the amount of money Dunn has spent out of his own pocket over the years to buy houses for needy families. If every NFL player did just an ounce of what Dunn has done for people in need, imagine what a better community we’d all live in?

2 Responses to “Warrick Dunn Was At It Again”

  1. lightningbuc Says:

    He also recently did the same for a single mom of 3 in Pasco County. What is even more impressive is that the man is still doing it even though his career is over and the spotlight is now off him. So while we complain about the Bucs and the Glazers, we can take solace that guys like Alstott, Brooks, Dunn, Dungy, and others remain in our community and don’t just live here, but still contribute.

  2. CreamsiclePasties Says:

    It’s just sad that Dunn does this every year, and there’s nary a peep about it in the media……had he broken into those homes instead of giving them away it would be a different story…….kinda sad

    I’ve always been impressed by this charity….one home at a time. My advice to Josh Freeman….if you want to become a legend in this town call WD and DB and ask them for advice and getting involved in things like this in the community