The People Want Raheem Out… Sort Of

December 31st, 2009

About 24 hours ago, polled its intelligent readers with a simple question: Who do you want to coach the Bucs in 2010?

The results of the more than 700 votes (you couldn’t vote twice from the same computer) reveal that a majority of Bucs fans want Raheem The Dream sent packing next week. However, fans want him to remain as head coach more than they want Bill Cowher.

So Raheem The Dream sort of won the poll in Bill Clinton fashion. You remember President Clinton, the guy who scored two terms without anything close to 50 percent of the vote.

Here are the results:

Who do you want to coach the Bucs in 2010?

Bill Cowher 40%
Raheem The Dream 45%
Still Mad Gruden gone 10%
Somebody else 5%

Joe can’t say he’s surpised by the results. There have even been quality arguments about the Bucs coaching situation here at the world headquarters — great fun over ice cold Caybrew.

Joe finds the results especially interesting considering the Glazers claimed to have used fan opinion on Jon Gruden as a factor in deciding his fate after last season.

Right now it seems fans collectively don’t want Raheem The Dream or Cowher.

20 Responses to “The People Want Raheem Out… Sort Of”

  1. Mr Lucky Says:

    That’s cuz you didn’t list Steve White as an option! 🙂

  2. zech Says:

    I don’t see the bucs improving next year they might win five or six games next year but its still a losin season raheem will need a miracle to have a winin season so I expect raheem to be demoted to dc this year and if it doest happen he will be gone next year for sure!

  3. TAC Says:

    Haha, that is a fact Mr Lucky. After this season, I’m waitin’ for Steve to go in and kick the asses of all them som’ bitches.

  4. TAC Says:

    Maybe the Panthers fire Fox, he can come in with his HC experience, we keep Morris to run the D, and no scheme change, cause Fox is running the same thing in Carolina.

  5. Mr Lucky Says:

    Joe I HATE when you force me to make a serious post this early in the day but here goes:

    1. Fans, including myself, don’t like change. In the NFL rarely is it a good thing; new systems, new players, etc., take time and we of the microwave generation want to win TODAY.

    2. The change from Gruden to Morris was “sold” to the fans as a simple “re-tooling” when in essence it was a WHOLESALE overhaul – out with the old (players) and in with the new (INEXPERIENCED) players and coaches.

    3. Given the disasterous season the Bucs have had any ray of sunlight (2 wins in a row) appear like a life saver to a drowning man. The Bucs defense HAS greatly improved since Bates was given the boot and that reflects good upon Raheem.

    4. Bringing in ANOTHER coach will result in more change and upheaval and many fans don’t want ANOTHER crappy season.

    However the Glazers need to look at the long-term. Remember folks this is the NFL not the UFL, the BCS etc., The difference between an 10-6 and 6-10 season is usually only a couple of plays. This year with all the blow-outs is/was an anomoloy.

    Raheem has potential but as a fan I don’t want to wait 5+ years for him to develop and learn to call a QB sneak on a 4th and inches.

    Bite the bullet – Go for the Chin

  6. zech Says:

    Raheem has brought us dissapointment and remeber when raheem was in england he had called us buc fans as not bein real fans and I’m sorry but u talk bad about fans and u make us a laughing stock of the league and that won’t change until we have a change in Gm and headcoach

  7. Louie Says:

    Joe, if you wanted a more accurate poll, you should have left out the “still mad about Gruden” option. That’s not a valid answer for the question you asked.

  8. jvato24 Says:

    Maybe Im just confuzed .. But if Raheem got 45% of the votes and Cowher got 40% of the votes ..

    Wouldnt that mean people want Raheem to stay

    Maybe Im missing something

  9. Tye Says:


    Your leaving out the other 15%

    Still Mad Gruden gone 10%
    Somebody else 5%
    added with Bill Cowher 40%

    that is 55% against keeping morris or 55% that didn’t vote for Morris!

  10. Bob S Says:

    Why isn’t Cowher still coach of the Steelers? Did he leave on his own or did the Steelers feel a change was needed? I honestly don’t remember.

  11. Chucky Says:

    Hey jvato24 Joe just likes Raheem better than he liked me – that’s why he tossed in that last category.

    Things are always stacked against us short white guys at One Buc Place and here on Joe’s site.

    Jimminy Christmas I go 9-7 and get the heave-ho while Jolly Rogers is 3-12 and everyone in their brothers uncle wants him back.

    Thank God for Monday Night!

  12. bucfanlostiniowa Says:

    I demand a recount! How about a new poll with just Cowher and Morris?

  13. zech Says:

    I think the glazers will demote raheem to d cordinator and bring cowher in there not gonna let a big name coach slip threw their fingers and plus they want someone who sell tickets do I see them bringing in free agents I don’t see it with dominic as gm they would wanna go younger not veterans

  14. FlBoy84 Says:

    I actually don’t mind the record the Bucs will end up with this year, it’s what most (including myself) expected. When you add a young team that’s being built from the ground up with an inexperienced HC & GM, 3-13/4-12 is what you get. And if was just that, I wouldn’t have an issue if Raheem returned. BUT IT”S NOT JUST THAT. The problem I have with Raheem is the glaring lack of direction in his decision making, the constant double-talk, and the indecisiveness of his staff. The question the Glazers have to ask themselves is how long does it take Morris to grow to become a quality HC. Is it accomplished over this off-season, or does the maturation take 2, 3, or 4 years?

  15. zech Says:

    All I can say is I want the bucs to go to the superbowl and win and with youth movement by dominic and raheem only tells me in free agency that where they will look at youth not veterans and that will hurt us next year but I don’t see us drafting suh or mccoy or berry so we might get dunlap or dez bryant

  16. aldo Says:

    my feelings on all about this is, give raheem just one more year, and after that we can see what really we are, 2010 would be different, i mean, now we have a franchise QB and with work, consistency and discipline, could be preety good, we need to give him new toys, at least 2 WRs (we have K2 and sammie and they play preety well) the OL is a decent group, sears coming back and much more time working on the new scheme will be fine running and protecting, the defense is the real deal, please, the first draft pick should be a DT or Eric berry, with roy miller starting and maybe Suh or mccoy (or why not coddy from bama) we can be a strong front again!!! and please if the first one pick is not a DT eric berry still available!!!! he with Tjac and aqib are the new deal, and ronde hace at least one more season, enough to think in another CB if we need it!!

  17. Louie Says:

    The problem with Morris are the expectations he and Dominik set for themselves. Everything they did looked like they were rebuilding, but they would never say the dirty word. If they had said they were rebuilding, people would cut them some slack, but they talked about being getting young, being violent and all that crap. So, the casual fan is thinking the Bucs will be a decent team this year.

    Morris & Co set the expectations high, now they have to live with the results.

  18. zech Says:

    I like raheem but we need a change cuz fa won’t becomin to tampa unless of course there young and we need two playmakers on offence I really see us in the same position next year I don’t see it gettn better.

  19. Sgt Mike Says:

    Quote: “Bite the bullet – Go for the Chin”

    Mr. Lucky always brings clarity and reason. We are usually on the same page. Good analysis.

  20. MTM Says:

    Joe- If the Bucs keep Raheem and Dominick. They will be making the draft choices. If they blow it. Then what ? They are already blown up. Might as well try for Cowher. I would trust his picks in the draft far more than the idiots in place now. We have passed on more talent in the draft.