Extra Motivation For Bucs Defensive Ends

December 23rd, 2009

Raheem The Dream had his scheduled chat with the New Orleans media today and informed them that he doesn’t have a defensive end who can beat has man one-on-one off the edge and get to Drew Brees.

Maybe he’s right. Or maybe he was on a ramble and didn’t catch himself. Or maybe he’s trying to light a little fire under his defensive ends.

Take your pick.

Q: Is there anything you saw in the Cowboys game that you can take away and implement in this game? 

A: The Cowboys had an impressive day. They caught the Saints in uncharacteristic positions where they were able to get to the quarterback, which has never really been done since Coach (Payton) has been there and they took advantage of it that. They were able to get to Drew Brees. They got a couple of great players out there, the Cowboys as well that kind of helped with that. I don’t have a DeMarcus Ware to beat someone one on one off the edge and make those types of plays. You just have to be yourself and we have to do what we can do and try to do what we can do the best we can.

Joe’s a big fan of Stylez G. White, who leads the Bucs with 6.5 sacks. Joe thinks he has it in him to beat his man off the edge. So there, Coach Rah.

Regardless, the Bucs will surely need to reinvent their pass rush in a hurry to have a prayer against the Saints on Sunday.

(In case you missed it, former Bucs defensive end Steve White, in his regular column for JoeBucsFan.com, turned out a detailed Xs and Os look at what the Bucs need to do to rediscover their pass rush that was awfully quiet in Seattle.)

One Response to “Extra Motivation For Bucs Defensive Ends”

  1. Jdub Says:

    Our D-line deserves to be bashed. If they don’t appreciate thier coach talking bad about them, then maybe they should start kicking some ass instead of getting pushed around every Sunday. Stylez G. White is the only guy that seems to give it his all each and every game. I’m hoping Crowder steps up and earns a spot on this team for next year. Really wish Miller would have an explosive game as well, he has been our most consistant DT imo…but I’d like to see some big splash plays from him now and then.