Report: Hiring Cowher Would Be A Racist Move

December 31st, 2009

A loyal reader e-mailed Joe last night a link to an article from a publication Joe had never heard of before.

In short, a column written by Desi Cortez of the Black Athlete Sports Networks lays out a case that firing Raheem the Dream for Super Bowl-winning coach Bill Cowher would be nothing less than a racist move by Bryan and Joel.

Cortez claims — if one is to believe the rumors that the Bucs have reached out to Cowher — the Bucs would not even consider firing Raheem the Dream if he were white and the lone reason many Bucs fans have their torches lit is because Raheem the Dream doesn’t look like Chucky.

I ask the Glazer family, and the hanging-court of public opinion to pretend Morris is White . . . If they do that, then this kid gets a second season to lead the ship Tony Dungy built with his own hands, before the Glazers “gave” the ship to a young shoe-elf coach, a highly regarded Negro Whisperer, Jon Gruden.

Please Mr. Glazer, before you give the helm to Bill Cowher, consider he was afforded years, as in multiple, plural, plenty of expensive precious time to build a championship team in the Steele Town. Allow Morris the same decency, or at least make a token gesture of it, and allow him one more season.

The first time head coaches in St. Louis, K.C., and the Motorless City will all be back for another chance, another opportunity . . . please Mr. Glazer, just for a moment, pretend, make believe Morris is a young blond haired boy-wonder, anointed with the rare ability to talk to the animals, converse with the cannibals, transform and compact a brilliantly conceived complicated game-plan down to a level where Black players can execute it . . . without thinking.

Cortez makes one valid point: With the exception of Cleveland, there is no groundswell to fire other first-year coaches who are doing, arguably, worse jobs than Raheem the Dream. Yet here in the Tampa Bay area, the pitchforks have been out of the toolshed for weeks.

Personally, Joe believes this column to be outrageous. Among many hairbrained notions is, once again, someone regurgitates this nonsense that Chucky won with Father Dungy’s team. (Anyone, feel free to explain to Joe why Father Dungy couldn’t win with Father Dungy’s team. Go on!).

Cortez also strangely refers to both Bill Parcells and Barry Switzer as — these are not Joe’s words, these are Cortez’s exact words — a “Negro Whisper.” 

34 Responses to “Report: Hiring Cowher Would Be A Racist Move”

  1. Mr. Lucky Says:

    I would expect crap like this to be on the Dan Sileo show. To this racist author I have ONE thing to say:

    the Bucs record speaks louder than Raheem’s skin color

  2. lightningbuc Says:

    Joe, why even post this and give this moron publicity? This type of rubbish is the world we now live in after having elected a black president. If anyone dare say anything negative about a black person they are deemed a racist. The Glazers spend around $100 million/year for Bucs players. Last Sunday, it appeared a good majority of ’em were NOT white.

  3. Justin Says:

    Joe, I agree with lightningbuc, why give this guy the time of day?

    He’s using the race card to manipulate people.

  4. jlynch1340 Says:

    What about Cam Cameron in Miami??Almost as bad a record?The reason why Morris gets so much slack is because he is black. Pretty soon Jesse Jackson will be out if you call for Morris’ job. Get with it if you cant do your job you boss will find someone who can.

  5. Joey Says:

    I’m a person of color an I’m even offended by this guy’s claims. Racism still exists obviously and not just against blacks. Yet if the mighty Glazers secretly hate black people, then why in the world would they hire Coach Morris in the first place??

  6. The_buc_Realist Says:

    Here is the bottom line Joe,

    Everyone thinks that if Cowher comes here it is to replace Raheem. When the Truth here is that he would replace the coaching staff and Front Office. This is bigger than just a coaching change. This is a philosophy change. and to say this is racist move just means that this clown does not know the Bucs history. Remeber when we were one of the only teams to have a minority head coach long before the Rooney Rule. If this article is printed any where , I think we have a solid class action suit for wasting paper.

  7. Rev. Sharpton Says:

    Look at all the haters coming out! You just can’t give a brother a break can you? Lilly white Chucky produced some bad teams and youse wasn’t calling for his head on a platter.

    Now with brother Raheem on a 2 game winning streak you wanna lynch the man! Dr. King is probably turning in his grave seeing how you all can’t see the man just the color of his skin.

  8. John Says:

    Bucs have hired 3 head coaches since owning the team. @ have been African-American. Enough said.

  9. Jesse Says:

    joe, is Rev. Sharpton typing from the same IP address as Chucky when he frequents your blog. This guy needs to be admitted

  10. Rev. Sharpton Says:

    Jesse you are one of those haters aren’t you? I bet you want Rhonde fired as well. Heck I bet you’re even one of those Sabby lovers too! See how racists you guys are! 😉

  11. BigMacAttack Says:

    Desi Cortez of the Black Athlete Sports Networks sounds like more of a racist than anyone else I’ve heard lately. She is completely lost in her assessments of the Team, it’s players and former Coaches. Not only does She term Chucky an elf which is something she would never term a Black Coach she further demeans the Black players by inferring that they aren’t smart enough to understand all of the plays. What complete and utter nonsense this racist reporter spews from her venomous jaws. She has probably never watched the Bucs play in her entire life, yet she anoints herself the instant expert.

    Look lady, you’re an idiot, plain and simple. Your opinion matters only to yourself and not the Buc Nation. We want to win. We want to win badly. We don’t support all of the decisions the Glazers make, but they are part of our family whether we like them every day or not. You are not part of our family and like most families, we take care of our own and don’t need your hatred and outside interference.

    Personally, I would now like to see Raheem get another year, but based solely on the Team’s performance and ability to come together as one since Raheem took over the Defense. If the Glazers hire another Coach, my only concern is his competence. I couldn’t give two shits about the color of his skin. I want a coach that has wild enthusiasm, extensive knowledge of the game, a passion and desire to win, and leadership and communication skills to turn 53 men into 1 on Sundays.

    Isn’t it about time to check the race card at the door? This is Holy Ground to me and when it is invaded by the degree of ignorance this lady brings, it is the one thing that will burn this Church to the ground.

  12. oar Says:

    What I want to know is why isn’t there a White Athletes Sports Network? To find my answer is to realize the question.

    And no, I dont even think he looks like Gruden. He smiles too much, lol! .

  13. zech Says:

    Hey I’m not a racists I’m all about what have u done for me lately and what has raheem done to stay I mean 2 wins in arow I mean 2 wins to late. And I expect the bucs to lay an egg against atlanta I hope I’m wrong but raheems needs to a cordinator before he is ready to be a head coach

  14. TAC Says:

    I don’t think race is the issue, and don’t see why everyone gets so uptight about anyone throwing it out there for discussion.

    I picked white Cowher in that poll yesterday, but man, I do have some reservations about about re-building all over again. Clearly there is a difference since black Morris took over the D. Everyone is still playing, hard. He is getting better.

    Those other teams have packed it in, and I’ve heard alot of buc fans wanting black Morris to pack it in, I think you should all be fired as fans, idiots… Suh what?..I don’t give a…

    This is a tough decision for the white Glazers, and I’m sure they can deal with it, and their bottom line is going to be the real issue for them. Me as a white fan would have to commit to watching white Cowher re-build, or watching black Morris continue to grow as a head Coach, similar to white Cowhers younger years. hmmmmmmm….wishy washy like a MOFO>

    If Atlanta is a win this week, with them playing hard to get their 1st B2B winning season, I think black Morris deserves at least another year. If he is fired, he will be a good black Coach somewhere in the future, our loss again.

    White Grudens gone, hopefully he Coaches somewhere soon and takes his white chucky idolators with him. Oh yea, thanks white Jon for the Lombardi. At least he got a statue, wheres white Kiffins?

  15. zech Says:

    I voted for cowher cuz I don’t think raheem will improve this team and plus I think when raheem was hired he was hired as an interm cuz the big name coaches didn’t wanna coach last year and if they did do u think they would have hired dominic or raheem as gm or as head coach they woulda hired cowher or shannahan instead I truly believe raheem needs to be a cordinator of the defence cuz he can’t seem to handle the headcoachin duties

  16. Chucky Says:

    Hey lady this “negro whisper” is no shoe elf! You’re a height racist.

  17. oar Says:

    Dont get me wrong. Im not racist, I hate everyone equally!

  18. D-Rome Says:


    The calls for Raheem to be fired by 99% of the people have nothing to do with race. I guess Desi Cortez forgot that Tony Dungy coached the Buccaneers for many years before he was fired. He was and still is loved by our community.

    Personally, if the Buccaneers win against Atlanta I think Raheem deserves another year. Look at Raheem’s track record over this past year. The hiring and firing of Jagz, the hiring and firing of Bates, the stupid QB battle between Leftwich and McCown (which wasted valuable time in developing Freeman), Raheem’s admittance that he doesn’t like being a head coach, the handling of Derrick Brooks, five first downs against the Jets, and the list goes on…..none of these gaffes have anything to do with his skin color and these reasons (and others) are why people are calling for Raheem to be fired.

    The decisions Raheem has made during this season are mind-boggling and confusing. There is no clear direction as to where he wants to take this team. At least with Cowher you know he will build a team to look a certain way. Heck, if you fire Raheem and upgraded with Denny Green or Hermann Edwards that would be a step in the right direction. The only problem with that is the Bucs would be hiring another retread coach which Bill Cowher is not a retread.

  19. Snook Says:

    The guy who wrote this article is racist. He’s the one who views people as colors. It amazes me that often times the most racist people are black people.

  20. RIPPA Says:


  21. oneSBwin n franchisehistory Says:


  22. Tye Says:

    The issue I have with this article most is that it suggest to me that not only is the persons color not a reason to fire them but it IS the reason to keep them. That is racism in itself. If a guy sucks at his job ( and Morris CLEARELY does) then isn’t it demeaning even to a certain race to treat them special or give them a pass because of color. That is like saying, “You are horrible at your job but that’s OK because you are ____!”

    And for those you who will read this and lable me as well I just want to tell you that I believe Racism is a lie. Put your hand on a white sheet of paper and if you aren’t color blind you will see you are just a different shade of brown!!!! So we might as well argue over hair and eye color as well!!!

  23. oar Says:

    Rippa, “WE LOST SOME VERY CLOSE GAMES PEOPLE..” What? Really? Which team did you watch again? We scored 152 points in our 12 losses, while opponents scored 328. Thats an avg of 2 tds for opponents more than us. Thats not close! Out of the 12 losses only 3 games were within one score. Thats 25% that were close, LOL!

  24. Mr Lucky Says:

    Oar you gotta realize that you are using REAL statistics.

    If you use RIPPA logic and the statistics from the first 10 minutes of each game this year – yeah the Bucs lost some close games…

  25. TAC Says:


    Just have to chime in and say that racism is not a lie, it does exist, still. Things have improved, and the roaches are being stomped out slowly but surely as the light is shed on them, but to say it isn’t still a problem is denial, or just naivety on your part.

    You may not see it, or be exposed yourself, but to deny it exists, is just as bad as the people in the business of victim-enomics, of which this articles author may be a part, or may not, but definately one of the two.

    Just keep doing your part of stomping the cockroaches out as the light is shed on them, and this goes all all race directions.

    We have dealt with the first year of re-building under Morris, and Dominick who is white, is out the door if Cowher comes is hired.

    Does he deserve more time? This late season run is what I have been waiting to see, and if the bucs win this weekend, how can you not see improvement, and consider he may just be getting better?

    The Glazers have a decision to make that is damn sure gonna be hard, but it is their money on the line, so good luck Glazers, hope you get it right.

  26. Tye Says:

    I understand TAC! Really I do.

    I did not say it didn’t exist nor did I mean to say that. It is a real problem I agree BUT that doesn’t make it a “true” belief! People belive lies every day and some people even give their life for a lie but in the end it is still a lie. I know it exist in every race but here where I live it is mostly other races calling “white” people racist when their is NO such thing as a “true white” man. If a person that is labled as being “white” where to put his hand on a white sheet of paper, the TRUTH will be that he is in fact not “white” but a very light shade of brown! So there for their is no TRUE white person for we all are the shade of the same color whether we want to except it or purposely choose to believe the lie (that we are really so much different!)
    Again, I know it exist and people use it as an excuse every day but that doesn’t make it right! I hope I cleared that up!!!

  27. Justin Says:

    TAC, racism does exist, and liked Joey pointed out above, it affects people of all skin types. The problem is when people use the race card frivolously–the result is that people are less likely to appreciate REAL racism. It’s like crying wolf, and the author’s use of a racism charge here is exactly that.

    I think people in this country, largely, make decisions regardless of race, and they are tired of being called racists for disagreeing with minorities. It seems the country has become even more divided post-Obama’s election, than before!

    Also see for more false racism charges than you can count…

  28. TAC Says:

    I agree there is a huge problem Justin. Tye, I knew by your post you were not KKK, just worded strange. Morris wasn’t hired becasue he’s black, and won’t be fired cause he’s black.

    I would bet there are things Cortez knows that I don’t, and if he throws this out for discussion, why not discuss it. In fact I think Joebucs should get him/her in here to discuss this further.

  29. BigMacAttack Says:

    Justin, I think you pretty much hit the nail on the head.

    As for me, I’m just sick of hearing about it, because 95% of the time the allegations are false and misleading.

  30. zech Says:

    Let fire raheem and bring bill cowher in cuz u know we won’t have a wining season next year under raheem I bet they start 0-5.that’s if raheem isn’t fired he should be cuz the team won’t improve at all

  31. Richbucsfan Says:

    Hmm, racism?? I didn’t hear Jags or Bates cry racism. After all, it was an African American who fired them. Nuf sed.

  32. Smoke Says:

    A look at Cortez’s past postings on BASN shows who really is obsessed with race – and it ain’t the Glazers or Bucs fans.

  33. Paul Says:

    Reading his article, he’s the racist. Free speech my ass…if the founding fathers were here today and read his article, he’d be shut down.

  34. AlFromDunedin Says:

    Desi Cortez is a fool.

    Fact: Jon Gruden, a white man, was fired after a 9-7 season. The expectations UPON said firing were that the team would IMPROVE in the ’09 season. This “rebuilding” nonsense is a lame apology/excuse for a lot of bad judgments by current management, starting with the Head Coach.

    Fact: Two out of the last three Head Coaches at Tampa have been black.

    Fact: All THREE Bucs’ quarterbacks this season are black. As only about 10% of the population is black, statistically this is about a one in one thousand probability. (10 X 10 X 10 = 1000)

    Opinion: There is NO valid justification for taking a 9-7 team and making it worse. The Head Coach had a lot of say in who was drafted and hired and who was released and fired. Those decisions, as well as play calling, management style, training/practice supervision and overall applied leadership abilities led to our current roster and our win-loss ratio. At BEST Raheem should be allowed to remain as Defensive Coordinator, but only if the new Head Coach feels they can work with him. As a Bucs fan, I do not care about race, I simply want my team to WIN.